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Wordless Wednesday: Hair By HEXBUG

Ok so this is not exactly wordless but this made me laugh so hard. This is my 11-year old niece and she loves making videos! Here is her latest (it is only 16 seconds):

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  1. This made me laugh and just what does a Hexbug do? She is so cute and does a great video, a star is born!

  2. How funny! All I could think before I watched it was “that HEXBUG is going to get STUCK!”

  3. Diana

    Funny video! Hope she continues to shoot new ones.

  4. That’s very creative of her. LOL

  5. NCSue

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  6. Haha too funny! Hunter just told me he wants to make videos of him playing Minecraft.. diff then this, but I think your nieces is more entertaining!

  7. I used to make videos too, but they were onmy Fisher Price boom box or that Home Alone Walkman – remember that thing?

  8. Carolyn G

    That is so funny and cute

  9. So funny…and I have to admit I was terrified it was going to get tangled all in her hair.

  10. Funny! I see blogging in her future :).

  11. Too funny! Your niece is so cute!

  12. She is cute! I can see y daughter doing something like that in a few years.

  13. this kind of gave me the shivers at first. i was waiting for the hexbug to get hopelessly tangled in her hair!

  14. LOL! She’s hilarious. Future YouTube star right there!

  15. Adorable! My daughters make a ton of videos all the time and it annoys me to no end that they use my phone to do it, but I know I’ll be super glad they did when I look back on them one day!

  16. Marina

    Kids are so much fun! Vlogger in the making!!

  17. Very creative use for the HEXBUG. I was a bit worried for her, though. I’m glad it didn’t get caught in her hair – that would have been awful.

  18. Haha, that is so cool. She’s a natural, does she have her own youtube channel?

  19. Cute, and a unique way to comb!

  20. HA! so funny — really cute

  21. What a doll. She needs to do more video!

  22. She’s super cute! How fun!

  23. She is great in front of the camera and totally NOT a bit of shyness there. Awesome!

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