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Get to Know Goji Play 2: Fitness Gaming System

Get to Know Goji Play 2: Fitness Gaming System #GetUpAndGojiPlayNow that the holidays are officially upon us, Winter Break will soon be in effect for our little ones and as tempting as it is to let them play video games or binge on Netflix for the duration of the break, we as parents should make it out goal to get them out of the house and active. Engaging with your little ones and encouraging them to partake in family activities this holiday season is a great way to bond with family and create lasting memories. Introducing your family to Blue Goji is a wonderful new way to get everyone moving in an innovative way and will transform boring old workouts into something fun that even the littlest members of your family will be able to enjoy.

Get to Know Goji Play 2: Fitness Gaming System #GetUpAndGojiPlayGET THE ENTIRE FAMILY INVOLVED

In a world that thrives on electronics and screen time it's hard to encourage our children to ditch the consoles, tablets, phones and computers in order to get them to participate in active play. When I was a kid I remember our active play was gained from being outside after school, riding bikes around the neighborhood with friends or playing cops and robbers or other like games with my school mates and neighbors. Now, it's all about leveling up on the latest games, indulging in television/movie marathons and face time with friends; outside play is limited to an hour a day at PE/Gym.

Get to Know Goji Play 2: Fitness Gaming System #GetUpAndGojiPlayWHAT IS GOJI PLAY 2?

Goji Play 2 is an iOS operated gaming system that provides your family with fun games that require each member to get up and move. Each one is played while exercising on cardio machines and are created with family in mind. With a large and steadily growing library of games to choose from that offer racing, action, trivia and puzzle fun, Goji Play delivers interactive play for every interest, age and fitness level. One of the best features about Goji Play 2 is its ability to make a 30 minute work out feel like 5 minutes, not a lot of fitness programs can boast that kind of creativity and ingenuity.

Whether you're looking for a way to get your kids active during their upcoming break(s) or searching for the perfect gift for your fitness enthusiast, Goji Play 2 is definitely the gift to give this holiday season!

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This blog post was sponsored by Blue Goji but the opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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