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Glade Expressions Collection

A few days ago, Glade and I hosted a #GladeHappiair event in my home showcasing all four of the new fragrances plus we checked out the online experience from Glade which includes home décor tools (Home Style Studio), tips from experts, etc.

I served flatbread pizzas and cool, Glade inspired beverages. It was fun to get together and talk, eat and shop the Home Style Studio courtesy of Glade.

I love home decor and decorating in general. I really feel that scent ties in the entire look and feel of a room. These tips from Giuliana Rancic share a whole new way to experience fragrance:

Add Drama to the Entryway. The entry way of a home is the first thing people see whenthey arrive so make sure it’s impactful! And did you know wallpaper is back in vogue? Updating the walls with a fun, floral or damask wallpaper or a painted chevron pattern will add visual interest and invite guests in.

Fill the Air with a Signature Scent. If a room is gorgeously put together but lacks an inviting scent, the effect may fall flat. To complete a room, add a signature scent with one of the four true-to-life fragrances from the new Glade® Expressions™ Collection. The fragrance offerings combine classic scents with an exotic twist and are available in two contemporary designs to complement the room’s decor and ambiance.

Scent is Evocative of Personality. Select a signature scent for your home and use it as inspiration to update a room’s accessories – matching fragrance to the look and style of the room. For instance, if you’re drawn to more of a warm and spicy scent like Fuji Apple & Cardamom Spice from the Glade® Expressions™ Collection, try swapping out throw pillows for ones with bold and vibrant colors in an ikat print, or adding elements from far-away – framing an old European map or display vintage travel books.

Engage All Senses. Sights, sounds, textures and scent all work together to complete the ambiance of a space. Try using soft lighting with lamps and dimmers to achieve a warm and inviting atmosphere. Mix textures in the room by adding comfortable elements like a soft throw combined with a modern, sleek sofa to add sophistication. Add dimension and keep the room warm with an understated, traditional rug. And don’t forget a good soundtrack!

Bring the Outdoors In. Displaying live plants and flowers in a room literally make the space come alive! Lemon or orange trees topiaries, or moss and herb pots – such as rosemary – have been everywhere, providing a natural pop of color and a nod to the latest trends from the natural world.

I also recently had the chance to hang out with the folks from Glade at the Atlanta Home Show where we handed out samples of the new Glade Expressions Collection.

Check out The Home Style Studio can help you discover your new, favorite scent and you can even get tips from home style experts. Enjoy!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Glade® but my review and opinions are my own.

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  1. I love Glade! I have plugins everywhere and a few of the new scents that sit on tables. Sounds like a fun party!

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