7 Tips for the Perfect BBQ
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7 Tips for the Perfect BBQ ~ Glad Black Bag Trash Crashers

7 Tips for the Perfect BBQ #TrashCrashers

We love grilling out. In fact, if it were possible my husband would make absolutely everything on his grill. He loves it that much!

We tend to entertain a lot and are always using the grill. I thought that I would share some of my tips on how we prepare and execute the perfect BBQ.


1. Decide on theme (if you are having a theme), invite your guests and shop for food. Try to get the food within a day or so of your bbq to insure that everything is fresh. Don't be afraid to ask your butcher for the best cuts of meat.

2. Make certain that you have a clean grill, all of your marinades and spices plus everything that you need for the menu you planned. We have actually started to grill before and realized that we were out of the steak seasoning that we love.

3. Let the meat sit out for a few minutes to get to room temperature. This means less char on the outside and more evenly cooked meat.

4. Pre-heat your grill and prep everything you need before grilling. Also make certain that since you are dealing with raw meat that you wash your hands and not place cooked meat on the same platter that the raw meat was on.

5. When the meat is on the grill, don't turn constantly, poke or prod and pour anything over your food. This lets vital juices out and can char the meat significantly. My husband has two zones on his grill. The zone that is directly over the wood or coals and the zone that is indirect heat. Use your vents to let out heat rather than opening and closing the grill multiple times.

6. Create amazing side dishes. We almost always have corn on the cob and a variety of vegetables which are also cooked on the grill. This creates less heat in the house and lets the cook have everything done at the same time. Of course, I always make several salads the night before including Cucumber Salad, pasta salads and a few others as well.

7. Leave plenty of Glad trash bags around. This encourages guests to throw away what they are finished with rather than leaving trash laying around. This makes it MUCH easier for cleanup in the end.


Have you heard of Glad Black Bag trash crashers program? This program is a dream for any event host. With cheerleaders, gymasts, fun music and more, a team of Glad Black Bag trash crashers cleans up your party in the most fun and interesting of ways.

Once they crash your party, they make clean up look fun. See the video below for Glad Black Bag Trash crashers in action.



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33 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. We host lots of cookouts over the summer and it’s totally the side dishes that make it LOL. I like to think people come just for my special pasta salad, but it could be my hubby’s awesome potato salad!

  2. i wish I had planned better today cause I’m totally craving a burger. We did less cookouts last summer, just so busy but I’d like to keep it low key this year.

  3. Cookouts are great during the summer! We tend to have a lot, I love being outside as much as possible.

  4. I am so excited for cook-out season again! I love how we can host so many people at once. The food is easy and the fun is abundant!

  5. glad are the best trash bags. We love to grill and need to have a bbq with neighbors soon. thanks for the tips.

  6. I really with the Glad Black Bag trash crashers program would come and do my spring cleaning for me 😉

  7. “Let your meat sit out” is the one tip we know surprises people. We do that when we grill and people tend to freak out. We have to explain that is what you’re supposed to do!

  8. I think the delicious sides are JUST as important as the food on the BBQ! My guests usually request certain side favorites that I have made before and it’s nice having those done the night before to save time.

  9. I love to grill and have friends over for parties. I hate it when my mom buys cheap trash bags and the dogs rip them open!

  10. Glad makes the best trash bags. I won’t buy the foo foo bags, they always break.

  11. Oh I hate when I start to cook something and realize I’m out of something i need. That stinks!

  12. veronica

    I don’t eat meat so I don’t grill, but that sounds like a great way to do it. Sounds like the meat comes out tender and juicy

  13. Great BBQ tips……Glad is our inside and outside bags of choice!

  14. These are great tips for a BBQ! You are right; trash bags are extremely important.

  15. teresa mccluskey

    Glad is a great brand! I use their freezers bags all the time!

  16. I never thought about leaving the meat out! Definitely will use this tip next time. We love Glad bags!

  17. We have a cookout of some sort almost every weekend between Memorial Day & Labor Day. My favorite side dish to make it a potato salad that uses champagne vinegar and mustard instead of mayo. It’s a real crowd pleaser.

  18. Angela

    I am so bad about having everything prepped ahead of time. This is perfect timing. It’s finally nice enough outside to fire up the grill.

  19. I had no idea that the meat would char less at room temp! I’m telling my husband so he knows for next time we grill.

  20. Great tips! Those burgers look absolutely delish.

  21. Awesome tips Stacie, thank you! I love GLAD bags as well! “Make certain that you have a clean grill” – yup it’s a must!

  22. alicia k (Petite Pilates Pixie)

    these are good BBQing tips. i will remember to set meat at room temp

  23. It has been such great weather here recently! I hope the bad weather is finally over. I can’t wait to get to grilling again. 🙂

  24. We grill as much as possible when the weather is nice too. Glad bags are the only ones we’ll use!

  25. I’m so happy that it’s finally cookout season again! We love leaving bags out and letting everyone pick up during the party!

  26. Great tips for hosting a bbq! We’re ready to start grilling outside again since the weather is getting nice!

  27. We love to grill, I can’t wait to start again this year! I believe we will have a family BBQ for Mother’s Day because it’s my daughter’s first!

  28. One of the most important things to have at a BBQ is adequate trash bags.

  29. I’d love those Trash Crashers to come clean up a party for me! What a fun idea.

  30. Oh I love to grill out! WE use Glad trash bags exclusively, with 4 kids in the house we have to make sure we have the best!

  31. ellen beck

    We grill out alot but it is always informal. It seems we always have extra people showing up. I think another great thing is to make sure that things are kid friendly meaning limit alcohol by the adults. Some people get too silly when alcohol is around.

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