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Getting Back Into a Family Routine with Walmart

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As the mother of three children and a busy working parent, I recognize the importance of establishing a good family routine. A routine keeps things much simpler and manages to keep some sort of sanity in our family. I need a routine and so do our children so we strive to keep as much of a routine as possible.

As part of getting into a routine, I purchase items at Walmart that I know that we will need throughout the year. There are things that we must always have in our medicine cabinet that are pretty much staples around here.

Walmart ZyrtecThe first item is Zyrtec. As a year round allergy sufferer, I need Zyrtec. I end up taking it several times per month. My husband and son also suffer from allergies and they use Zyrtec as well. One pill last for 24 hours and provides me the allergy relief that I so desperately need. My husband feels the same way and won’t take anything else besides Zyrtec. This gives me the confidence that I need to give it to my children as well when they suffer from allergies.

The other item that is always in our medicine cabinet is Tylenol Cold & Flu. This wonder medicine has helped my family through flu season time after time. It is essential for running our household. My husband and I both use it for relief when either one of us have the flu. This is one of my favorite products to get through flu season.

Walmart Tylenol Cold & FLu 2We shop for these items at our local Walmart. These products are easy to find in the pharmacy area and are always in stock which means I never have to worry about getting through flu season or suffering with allergies without the things that our family needs.

We get back into a healthy routine every year when school starts by stocking up on our favorite items at Walmart. These products keep us in the best shape throughout the year and they are items that are essential to our family routine.

Walmart Tylenol Cold & FLuWhat items are part of your family’s routine?

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  1. We always have Neosporin, children’s Tylenol and Pepto on hand. Those are the three things we use all the time.

  2. I cannot think of anything that is routine, but I love shopping at Walmart

  3. We always have some sort of liquid tylenol on hand, Benadryl, and NyQuil. There are many things I’m sure that I’m forgetting though.

  4. Yona Williams

    Tylenol Cold and Sinus is part of my regular routine, but when I really need something heavy duty – it’s Claritin for me.

  5. We should own stock in both… the allergies this season are crazy in this house!

  6. Rachelle J

    We always have to have Zrytec as well, as our allergies are always going crazy with the amount of pollen in the air around us!

  7. Jaime Nicole

    I definitely keep ibuprofen, bandaids and multi-vitamins/Multi-minerals on hand!

  8. I really just use vitamins – a multi for me and D for baby… I do stock advil usually though

  9. Marya

    I’ve always loved Walmart ever since I had my first child – everything you need in one stop!! Still love it!

  10. Say it ain’t so! Flu season is around the corner and Walmart is hard to beat on prices!

  11. Thanks for the post. It’s reminded me that I definitely need to stock up on a few items for our medicine cabinet!

  12. Misty Battle

    We do both around here. We all have allergies like crazy. We should just live on the aisles in Walmart lol,

  13. we have both anti-allergy and pain reliever. Routine also includes Vitamin C for immune system and iron for me.

  14. We purchase items we know we’ll need too. I have to have the cupboards stocked to feel safe, lol, esp. when it comes to cold and flu time.

  15. katrina g

    i love Tylenol products they work wonders.

  16. A stocked medicine cabinet is a must! We don’t have a Wal-Mart here in Brooklyn, but we’ve got Target and Walgreens.

  17. Ugh, this reminds me I need to restock the medicine cabinet! Summer has taken it’s toll!

  18. I always keep ibuprofen and childrens Tylenol on hand. And Wal-Mart is always our go to stop for them!

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