Get Your Holiday Sparkle from Girls Dress Shop
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Get Your Holiday Sparkle from Girls Dress Shop #HolidaySparkle
My girls love dresses. They spend hours looking at dresses online and in catalogs to find just the perfect dress for the holidays each year. We take pictures with Santa. We have a Father/Daughter dance. We go out to brunch a few times. We also celebrate Christmas. They get a lot of wear out of their dresses.
As a result we might go to many different stores to try on dresses each year. They love the experience of picking out the perfect dress. This year we shopped online at the Girls Dress Shop and my daughters could not be more thrilled with their choices.

Get Your Holiday Sparkle from Girls Dress Shop #HolidaySparkle Get Your Holiday Sparkle from Girls Dress Shop #HolidaySparkleABOUT GIRLS DRESS SHOP

The Girls Dress Shop is an online boutique that produces high quality dresses for girls. They were founded on the belief that children should look like children, and that their clothing should be an expression of themselves. They provide beautiful, trend right, yet age appropriate styles for girls from newborn to age 12.
“At Girls Dress Shop, we love to make moments. We believe in sidewalk chalk masterpieces, Saturday afternoon tea parties, and epic blanket forts. We think twirling in a favorite new dress is a totally  worthwhile way to spend an afternoon, and — having a pretty new dress now and then is a girl’s right!
In her gorgeous new dress from Girls Dress Shop, she can dazzle on the dance floor, make her grandmother smile at a family dinner, amaze the audience at her choir concert, or just feel more confident on her first day back to school. We want to share in all of those moments that make your daughter extraordinary.”

Get Your Holiday Sparkle from Girls Dress Shop #HolidaySparkleMY GIRLS DRESS CHOICES

Zarah Dress – My 10 year old is wearing this dress and she said, “I feel confident and beautiful in this dress.”

A beautfiul black and white party dress with sophisticated details like the flocked print over textured knit, and illusion neckline and bottom band. The dress is fully lined with a full zipper closure, is made from polyester and spandex and is machine washable.

Get Your Holiday Sparkle from Girls Dress Shop #HolidaySparkleMona Dress – My 8 year old is wearing this dress and she said, “I love the way the dress spins like a ballerina.”

This classically elegant black and white high to low hem dress features a floral lace top and white satin waist bow, making the whole package for her classy night out. The dress is fully lined with a full zipper closure, is made from polyester, nylon and spandex and is machine washable.

I am thrilled with the beautiful dresses from Girls Dress Shop. They look amazing and they coordinate with each other. Each girl got to pick her own dress and they are just as happy. They dresses are machine washable (YAY!!) and will definitely last. These dresses are definitely something that I can keep in their memory boxes for years to come.

Get Your Holiday Sparkle from Girls Dress Shop #HolidaySparkle

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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    Awww, they look so pretty in their dresses! I Love both of them.

  2. Those dresses are adorable and the fact they they’re machine washable is amazing.
    As a boy mom, I’ll tell my friends with girls about this online store!

  3. Pam

    Those dresses are so pretty! The girls just look so cute in them!

  4. They are super cute together! I’ll have to check this place out! Following them on social media now!

  5. Kristi

    Love those black and white dresses! We needed dresses soon for our piano recital… so now I know of a good place to look. Thanks for the suggestion.

  6. My girls are 11 & 9 and would totally adore these dresses! I am sure they would also appreciate the fact that they were similar but not identical.

  7. Those dresses are so pretty and they seem high-quality! This seems like the perfect site to shop for nice dresses for special occasions!

  8. Your models are gorgeous! And I love those dresses. They look great modeling together as well!

  9. Both of the dresses they chose are very beautiful. I love the black and white theme they went with.

  10. Rachelle

    Wow those dresses are beautiful!! And your models look beautiful in them!!

  11. I love the idea of company intentionally selling only age appropriate clothing. Kids are growing up way to soon. Your girls look adorable.

  12. Ann Bacciaglia

    These dresses are adorable. I love these photos. These are perfect dresses for the holidays.

  13. I am super loving these holday dresses! Yes to the sparkly dresses and black and white colors so festive!

  14. I just love these dresses. They are feminine and a little mature without being too grown up.

  15. Rosey

    Those are beautiful dresses. I miss those days when I dressed up my daughter. 🙂

  16. Your girls look absolutely fabulous! I would’ve love to have had an option like this when my daughter was younger.

  17. I love that their dresses are age appropriate. I love your girls’ picks.

  18. I just checked out the Girls Dress Shop site. They have such fun and diverse options. Beautiful!

  19. Your girls are beautiful and they look so adorable, I can see my 6 years old daughter wearing one of those dresses! 😀

  20. I love that Mona Dress (well actually I love both of them). I wish I had a daughter that I could dress in something like this!

  21. Awww, your girls are so pretty and they look so great in their beautiful dresses. My daughter would love one!

  22. wow these dresses are absolutely gorgeous. I love how similar they are but different. Perfect for my two girls as well

  23. I wish I was a little girl again so I could wear one of these dresses. They both look beautiful!

  24. The girls looked so lovely in their dresses! The Girls Dress Shop is a great place to purchase lovely, girly stuff. My daughter is all grown up now, but I will be telling my sister about it. Her 11 year old daughter loves to dress up too.

  25. Your daughters are beautiful. Those dresses are very elegant and they look good on them.

  26. Your daughters are beautiful and their dresses are adorable. I’m going to check out Girls Dress Shop for the twins.

  27. Those are some beautiful dresses. Now I know where to go when I need dresses for my little one.

  28. These dresses are so cute! I love the design and how beautiful they look!

  29. Those dresses are so cute!! I love black and white dresses, they are so classic!!

  30. The dresses from Girls Dress Shop have a nice style. I’m sure going to check this online shop the soonest.

  31. Pretty girls with pretty dresses. I can’t help but think about my niece. She would love those dresses too.

  32. What a great collection of dresses! Beautiful dresses just in time for the holidays!

  33. CourtneyLynne

    Omg loving these dresses!!!! I have a little girl who would look just as cute in them. I will check this shop out!

  34. Bonnie Jean makes some really pretty dresses. I love that they go together but aren’t too matchy. Thats what my daughter and I do! We are doing navy and velvet this year!

  35. Really beautiful dresses, I remember getting all fancy in my cute holiday dress as a kid.

  36. This reminds me that I must find a dress for my daughter for our Christmas party! I love those cute dresses!!

  37. Bonnie G

    Those dresses are so pretty and your girls too of course. =) I know my youngest daughter would love these pretty dresses. Thanks for sharing.

  38. I love the dresses that you chose! They’re simply beautiful. I’ll definitely have to check out this company, because my 3 year old loves dressing up!

  39. Rebecca Swenor

    These dresses are all so cute. The girls look so beautiful in their dresses. I will have to show this to my nieces for their little girls.

  40. You two girls look so sweet in this email dresses. I like how the black and white theme makes them match but there completely different Kat I

  41. Stunning dresses! My daughter is obsessed with dresses, she feels like a princess in them.

  42. Both of those dresses look amazing! I always love to see kids dressed up and looking so nice in their fancy clothes.

  43. Super cute! My girls love dressing up and dresses. It’s like never ending here at our house when it comes to pretty outfits for them! These are great.

  44. Such pretty dresses. I need to buy some of these for my girls. So elegant.

  45. Those are adorable dresses! I have two boys but these would be great for my friend who has a girl.

  46. Such gorgeous dresses! I will have to get one for my niece. Your girls are beautiful!

  47. How adorable! I love how they chose the same colors but opposite styles.

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