Best Gifts for High Schoolers

Best Gifts for High Schoolers

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Best Gifts for High Schoolers

Microsoft has gifts that make everyone happy and the Microsoft store can help you get all of the perfect gifts into the hands of your family members this holiday season. You want to give your family gifts they’ll love, right? I know that for me, this year, I can get all of my shopping done at the Microsoft store and the Microsoft Holiday Gift Guide gives me a great place to start.

From Xbox to Surface Pro 3 to Windows Phone, the Microsoft store has what you’re looking for. You can make someone’s holiday brighter this year and get all the most sought after technology on everyone’s wishlist with Microsoft’s Holiday Gift Guide. Whether you’re shopping for busy professionals, multitasking teens, gamers, designers, social media mavens, technology newbies, or early adopters, Microsoft’s Holiday Gift Guide makes finding the perfect gift simple.


Microsoft Store Surface Pro 3 - 64GB _ Intel i3

What your teen really wants

This is a tough topic to tackle. Teens want it all, don't they? I was a teen once and that didn't stop me from asking for the moon for Christmas each year. Luckily my parents were great about managing my expectations, which is what I do with my kids today. However, today's kids are much more tech savvy, so the latest in fabulous technology would be a welcome gift for any teenager. I would have to say that the top teen (and most likely tween) gift this year has got to be the Surface Pro 3. Who doesn't want one?

Pro Tip: Mom and Dad would also like one as well. Hint. Hint.

The Surface Pro 3 will quench your teen's love for technology while allowing them a certain amount of productivity as well. If they choose! This versatile tablet/laptop eliminates the need for other gadgets. I can think of three things that I could ditch if I had the Surface Pro 3.


Microsoft Store Beats Solo HD On-Ear Headphones (Drenched in Red)Headphones are also a big gift for teens, because let's face it, who wants to hear whatever music your teen is listening to? Unless it's the ‘best of the 80's’, they need headphones.

Microsoft Store GoPro HERO3+ Silver Edition

For those teens who enjoy adventure and/or travel, the GoPro should be top on your list. The incredible durable video camera can trek with you through the desert or fly down the ski slopes capturing your every move.

Microsoft Store Beats Pill 2.0 Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth (Black)

There may be times when your teen wants to share his or her music. When that happens, first take a deep breath. Next, take another deep breath and finally, listen. Don't become your parents just yet. If you’re going to subject yourself to your teen’s favorite tunes, this is the speaker that you want to use. This Beats Pill 2.0 Wireless Speaker would pair as a perfect gift with the Beats Solo HD On-Ear Headphones.

Microsoft Store Coloud Pop Nokia Headphones (Cyan)What to get those high schoolers

For me, the Tweens are the easiest to shop for. I simply get them whatever my husband wants. He loves to play with the kid’s tech things almost as much as they do. Earbuds always top our list because these seem to get lost more than anything else.

Microsoft Jawbone MINI JAMBOX (Green Dot)

We had to throw a speaker in there for the Tweens. The fun part about this Jawbone MINI JAMBOX is they can pick their favorite color and still get a good quality sound from it. We love ours.

Microsoft Store Kinect for Xbox 360Do your kids have the Kinect for Xbox 360? If not, get it for them. The Kinect encourages team play and the kids get lots of exercise. They love it.


Microsoft Store Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Italia Racing Wheel for Xbox 360

You have to pass them the wheel someday, right? Just do what we did and make certain you get them the Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Italia Racing Wheel for Xbox 360 because they will be driving better than you in no time.

Microsoft Store Minecraft for Xbox One

My kids have Minecraft on their tablets and computers. Now we can give it to them on the Xbox One to truly make us a Minecraft family!

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