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Get Game Time Ready with DiGiorno

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The Big Game is coming and rather than stress out every year at the last minute, I am already actively planning my menu for the day along with my husband. We try to put together a good menu that everyone will like.

To me, food is one of the most important parts of the entire game day party. I spend a lot of time planning, shopping, decorating and more. When we have a party, we go all out!

I am checking out appetizers, dessert but most of all entrees. This year we are serving pizza as one of main entrees. Pizza is such a universally liked food that we thought it would be great for everyone and then we can just build our menu around that.

This is where DiGiorno comes in. With a long shopping list in hand, I headed to Walmart to get our DiGiorno Rising Crust pizzas and for everything else as well. I knew that they would have what we needed.

DiGiorno Pizza #GameTimeGoodies #shop #cbias DiGiorno #GameTimeGoodies #shop #cbias 5 DiGiorno #GameTimeGoodies #shop #cbias 4

Shopping was easy and quick. I am sure that you can tell that many other people had the same idea about pizza.

DiGiorno is at the top of my list. In fact, we are going to have some extra toppings, let people pick what they want and cook the pizzas. This way everyone can personalize it just how they want. Plus my family can never decide on one type of pizza so we always buy a variety.

This year we will have DiGiorno during our party for the big game. We will have a few other things like chicken wings, etc.


DiGiorno Rising Pizze Crust Flavors

Right now, you can purchase DiGiorno Rising Crust pizzes on Rollback price at Walmart. Our Rollback price was $4.50 per pizza. That is a great deal!

Need more inspiration for the Big Game?

Make Cocoa Krispies Football Treats:



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  1. Sonya Morris

    We love DiGiorno pizza! I do wish they made an organic pizza!

  2. Those football treats are adorable! #client

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