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Game Day for the Gourmet: Craft & Carnivores Big Game Party

These wings are perfect for your big game party.

As you know we have a series called Game Day for the Gourmet. The premise behind this is that if foodie's got together and hosted a Superbowl party, this is how it would be. In fact, when we host our own big game party, these are the kinds of things that we serve.

This year, we are working with Tyson® and sharing some of our favorite big game party ideas with you. Our theme is Craft & Carnivores which means our menu is all about meat and seriously good beer. Our menu includes Tyson® Fully Cooked Kung Pao Wings, Kobe Beef Sliders and Mexican Beef Taquitos along with some of our favorite, local craft beers.

How to Have a Great Big Game Party

To have a successful party, there are a few steps to take.


First, invite your guests. We opted for an electronic invitation and went with a football theme:

This snazzy big game party invitation is perfect for rallying the party troops.

Choose a Great Menu

Next, pick your menu. We chose Tyson® Fully Cooked Kung Pao Wings.

NOTE: We were fully planning to make a dipping sauce to go with these wings. However, once we baked and tried, they needed nothing else to be absolutely delicious.

The wings were meaty and well sauced. They tasted better than restaurant wings and just as good the ones my husband slaves over at home (don't tell him that). The Kung Pao flavor gave a nice taste of spice without being too overbearing. No one went running for water or said that they had to cool down. The plate was cleaned by all five of us within minutes, and I was left with a pile of bones. If you like wings and are planning to serve them at your next party, then do yourself a favor by heading to Sam's to grab a bag or two from Tyson®.

Look at how delicious they look:

Tyson® Fully Cooked Kung Pao Wings are perfect for your big game party.Tyson® Fully Cooked Kung Pao Wings are sauced just right and make the perfect big game party snack.

We also will serve Kobe Beef Sliders:

Get fancy with your big game party with these Kobe beef sliders.

and Mexican Beef Taquitos:

Homemade Mexican Beef Taquitos with Cilantro and Salsa for your big game party.


Chicken wings just got a lot more exciting. Tyson® is launching new items in Sam’s Club. Tyson® Fully cooked wings come in a variety of flavors and are available in various markets. One product is being launched nationally, while three others are being launched in exclusive regions around the country. These Tyson® offerings make the perfect compliment to your big game party.


    • Tyson® Fully Cooked Buffalo Bonless Wyngz
    • Tyson® Fully Cooked Sriracha Wings
    • Tyson® Fully cooked Tequila Lime Wings

This is the ultimate giveaway for the ultimate big game party. ENTER THE ULTIMATE BACKYARD PARTY SWEEPSTAKES FROM TYSON

Fans can now enter to win an ultimate backyard party pack (ARV $25000) from Tyson®. You can participate in three different ways throughout this promotion by utilizing the Touchdown Chicken Augmented Reality App and posting their photo to either Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and including the hashtag #winwithwings. Registration is open to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia, who are in the age of majority in the state of residence (19 in NE and AL, 21 in MS and 18 in all other states) at the time of entry.


  • The prizes in this Sweepstakes consist of a grand prize of an ultimate backyard party pack. The Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”) for the grand prize is $25,000.00.
  • There are fifty (50) second place prizes consisting of Tyson® branded dipping cups.   The ARV for each prize is $8.00.
  • There are twenty-five (25) third place prizes consisting of grilling tool kits. The ARV for each prize is $14.50.

The Ultimate Backyard Party Sweepstakes (“Sweepstakes”) begins at 12 noon CT on January 10th, 2015 and ends at 11:59 pm CT on February 3rd, 2015 (“Promotion Period”). Administrator's computer is the official time-keeping device for the Contest.


Use the Touchdown Chicken mobile app with Buddy the Chicken at the Tyson® Foods demo to upload your photos and enter for a chance to win the ultimate backyard get together.

Download the App >> Open the App >> Take a Selfie >> Customize Your Jersey Number >> Film the Marker >> Activate Augmented Reality  >>  Hit (icon) To Take a Picture >> Share On (icons)


Check out Club Tyson® on Facebook

Tweet with Club Tyson® on Twitter

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  1. You had me at chicken wings! Truthfully, we prefer a full dinner meal made up of all these appetizers! We do not need a main course, or a game!

  2. Those wings looks absolutely delicious. My Hubs always enjoys having wings during the “Big Game”

  3. Those wings are making my mouth water. Wouldn’t it be great to win the grand prize of an ultimate backyard party pack?

  4. Those wings do indeed look delicious. There’s no denying that, and they’re always a must for game day celebrations.

  5. We have enjoyed the Tyson Boneless Wingz. They area a huge hit in our family.

  6. I love Tyson! These wings look delicious!

  7. Debbie Denny

    Those wings look so delish. We are not having a party, but this works for anytime.

  8. Yum these all look so good!! now I know what I need to make soon :).

  9. I’ve never tried Tyson chicken wings or hears of them here in Canada but they look really great!

  10. I want to try the Tequila Lime Wings! I love the football party invite!

  11. All great ideas! We will surely have wings at our party tomorrow. Can’t wait!

  12. Using an app to win prizes. I like it. 🙂 Everything looks great here, these are use the kind of treats my husband likes for game day.

  13. What an awesome sweepstakes! I always get the buffalo wings, we picked some up for today!

  14. They all look delicious and ready for game day. My family loves Tyson chicken!

  15. Man those look like some delicious gourmet recipes! I love all of the finger foods on Super Bowl Sunday.

  16. That chicken looks amazing!! Yup its Super Bowl Sunday today I cant wait to see the game!

  17. those look really good. We did chicken legs this year. They turned out so good

  18. It’s 9am and now I’m hungry for wings. Great post, I’m definitely looking for these next time I’m at Sams!

  19. I am a huge fan of wings. Maybe too much. They can cause some issues in the weight department. LOL. I am loving those sliders. NOM!

  20. All I heard was “wings” – football what? Ha ha! Those wings are the star of the show!

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