Funny Congratulation Gifts for New Parents

Funny Congratulation Gifts for New Parents

Funny Congratulation Gifts for New Parents

Some baby gifts can be truly predictable. Packs of diapers, baby bottles and clothes are some of the most typical presents that babies receive. While there’s nothing wrong with giving a practical gift, sometimes you just need to add a little humor to it. 

If you genuinely want your present to stand out this year, give something that will make mom and dad chuckle. Here is a guide of laughter-worthy gift ideas that makes them truly unforgettable.

Booties That Look Like Tacos

One of the most adorable gifts worth giving is a pair of booties that baby can wear during a fiesta. These taco booties are cute, funny and perfect for parents who label themselves foodies.

Mom and dad will enjoy seeing their baby kick around with tacos on their feet. The booties are handcrafted and made from natural wool that will surely keep the baby’s feet warm and cozy.  

A Burrito Baby Wrap

Can’t get enough of the taco trend? Say no more! Parents can now wrap their baby up like a burrito with an actual tortilla baby wrap.

How adorable and funny is this? The cozy swaddle blanket is super soft and keeps the baby warm with comfort all night long. Babies love blankets, and the parents will genuinely appreciate an adorable gift like this. 

Funny Baby Bandana Bibs

Nothing is cuter than a baby bandana with a funny saying on it. Adorable quotes like “I just did 9 months inside” and “I drink until I pass out” are the best baby gifts of the season. These funny baby bandana bib sets are made of 100% organic cotton.

So this makes the gift even better for babies who have sensitive skin. It’s easy for mom and dad to keep clean, too, as they’re machine washable and made of high-quality material. 

Corvette Onesie With Funny Saying

Car fanatic parents will love seeing their baby wear a onesie with a funny car quote. The “When I grow up… I’m driving a Corvette. LOOK OUT!” babywear is hilariously adorable and available at Top Flight Automotive. This onesie is made of cotton material, so it’s soft, lightweight, and breathable. 

Buff Baby Rattle

How unique is this adorable toy rattle? A dumbbell baby rattle is a surefire way to get the parents and loved ones to laugh. With this hilarious baby rattle, baby can lift weights and show off his body-building skills at home. The buff baby rattle is lightweight, durable, and easy for any baby to grip. Plus, the little one can do a few reps while mom and dad can work out as a family.

Funny Decision Flip Coin

Help mom and dad decide whose turn it is to change the baby’s diaper! This funny flip coin is the perfect baby gift for first-time moms and dads. The coin is double-sided. Once they flip their fate, it will decide for them when handling new challenges.

The good thing about gifting a flip coin is that it’s long-lasting since it’s made of stainless steel. New parents will love this gift idea for sure. 

The Book of Dad Jokes

It’s never too early to start embarrassing the kids with some corny dad jokes. This humorous book includes some of the funniest dad jokes that everyone will love to hear.

The parents will enjoy a simple read, and it is a fun way to bring loved ones together for a good time. With over 500 new jokes, dads will have an endless run of topics to share.

Baby Pacifiers With Mustaches

There’s nothing more hilarious than seeing a baby with a curly mustache or a pair of big buck teeth. Parents will get a kick out of their little ones wearing kissable lips and other adorable styles. The pacifier set is perfectly safe for chewing, washing and made of high-quality silicone materials. 

Dad Diaper Duty Device

When it’s dad’s turn to change the baby’s diaper, give him a device that’s both useful and funny. The Diaper Duty Device by Big Dot Happiness is an apron tool belt that holds diapers, baby wipes and rash cream. One part that makes this gift the best is that he can use it while on the go.

So when it’s time to change the little one’s diaper, mom will trust that dad is up for the challenge. The Daddy Diaper Duty Device comes with six size-three diapers, ten-count baby wipes, diaper tongs, safety glasses and a funny poem. Dad will surely laugh at its ridiculousness. 

Matching Game-lover T-shirt Set

Matching outfits are the trending gifts parents love to wear with their babies. Moms and dads who love to play video games will treasure the “player one” and “player two” matching shirt set. They can have their little mini-me show off their love for gaming. Plus, it’s the perfect way to present their little gamer-in-training. 

Which Hilarious Gift Idea Will You Choose?

Give the gift that parents can’t get enough of with this guide of unique and humorous ideas. Which present do you think you’ll purchase this year? Either way, each concept is fun and memorable, and they’re something that parents are sure to absolutely adore.

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