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Fun Spot USA in Kissimmee, Florida

Fun-Spot-Kissimmee1Fun Spot USA is an amusement park located in Kissimmee, Florida that offers free admission and free parking to guests. All of the attractions are available on a pay-as-you-go basis, or guests can purchase an armband for unlimited all day riding privileges. In addition, Fun Spot USA offers a number of seasonal specials and promotions, as well as annual passes. The park is open until midnight every day, and opening times vary from 10 AM to 2 PM dependent upon the time of year. It is conveniently situated just two miles from Interstate 4 and a short distance from the Walt Disney World Resort complex.

Fun Spot USA offers a wide variety of rides and attractions for guests of all ages, ranging from kiddie rides to the Rockstar roller coaster. However, the park is particularly well known for having a 300 foot SkyCoaster, the tallest attraction of its type in the world. On the SkyCoaster, groups of up to three guests are hoisted by a cable to the top of the tower before one lucky guest gets to pull the rip cord, sending the group swinging and screaming towards the ground.

Fun Spot USA MapThe Rockstar wild mouse style coaster features tight bends and unique spinning action that provides a different ride each time, and each car can accommodate four riders per car. Other thrill rides in the park include a traditional Flying Bobs ride that travels forwards and backwards, the Hot Seat pendulum ride, and the Screaming Eagles, where riders control their own with the use of a rudder. For family style rides, guests will enjoy the Tilt-A-Whirl, Paratrooper, Yo-Yo, Surf's Up and Bumper Kars.

Fun Spot USA is also home to some of the area's wildest go-cart tracks, ranging from the Road Course to the Vortex Track. The Road Course and Slick Track are two of Fun Spot USA's fastest tracks, and drivers must navigate multiple twists and turns while racing their friends. The Chaos Track is a multi-leveled track that has double seat go karts, so even younger children can enjoy the action as they ride along with an adult driver. Finally, the Vortex Track provides the ultimate in go kart fun, as this four story track features the world's steepest banking curve that reaches 32 degrees. The Vortex Track also features double go karts so that kids can ride along with adults.

SONY DSCOf course, Fun Spot USA offers plenty of attractions for the younger members of the family too. Children will be delighted to ride the Baron Planes, Convoy, Happy Swing, Kiddie Coaster, Fun Slide, CastleMania, Kiddie Bumper Kars and Carousel. The park also offers a large arcade and classic midway games, as well as several food venues.


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  1. Well, the name says it all, doesn’t it? LOL I’d love to take the kids there. It looks like it holds up to its name!

  2. I’d love to take the fam to Fun Spot USA. We’ve been to all the big theme parks in the area, but the really fun stuff is the smaller places like these!

  3. I can’t wait to go back to Florida there are SO many places I want to check out and this is one of them! 

  4. I like going to smaller places like this as well as the BIG parks. My kids would love Fun Spot USA.

  5. Claudia Krusch

    Fun Spot USA looks like an amazing place to take the kids for a fun day. We are hoping to be in Kissimmee this fall. I will have to see if we can work it into our schedule.

  6. Spending a day at Fun Spot would be great. I’m liking all of the different rides and activities they have!

  7. My kids would absolutely love this! We’ll have to check it out during one of our Florida visits!

  8. This looks like so much fun! I will be sure to take the kids when we are in the Kissimmee area.

  9. I live about 45 minutes from this place and have YET to go. It is something we see on the highway so I gotta get there!

  10. You have made it look really great! I love the idea of a great place to go with your family on vacation. Maybe it is time to add this to my travel bucket list.

  11. Amy

    I have never been to Florida, but Fun Spot looks beyond amazing!! I would love to visit with my entire family.

  12. Oh, wow! We could stay busy there for days. I’ve never been to Florida, but if we ever make it to that side of the world, Fun Spot will be on our to do list.

  13. I have never been to Florida. However, I have seen lots of things lately that make me want to visit. Fun Spot USA is one of them.

  14. Sinisa

    This is on our vacation bucket list. I love vacations in Florida.

  15. I like the idea that FUnSpot is free to get into. Lots of parents and grandparents like to go with their kids to parks but don’t like to do all the rides. What a great idea. The go karts sound like a blast.

  16. What a fun place to take the kids! My boys would be in love with the go karts. How fun! 

  17. This seems like a great stop for our next Florida trip! Will have to check it out!

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