Fun Gifts to Send in the Mail

Fun Gifts to Send in the Mail

Fun Gifts to Send in the Mail

It’s no secret that gift shopping can be challenging, especially when you have to buy for aunts, uncles, cousins, and everyone in between. But whether you need presents for birthdays, anniversaries or holidays, you don’t have to look any further. Here are a few ideas your family will love to receive in the mail. We hope that this Fun Gifts to Send in the Mail post inspires you. 
Fun Gifts to Send in the Mail

Fun Gifts to Send in the Mail

Kid-Friendly Book Boxed Set

Do you have children in your family? If so, you should encourage them to read in a fun way. It’s always smart to foster a passion for books from a young age — and you can support a local bookstore in the process. Please take a look to see whether their favorite books come in boxed sets. Series like “Junie B. Jones,” “Percy Jackson” and more are available in collections they’ll want to display. If you have your favorite books from childhood, you could gift them instead. That’s a trick to help introduce new reads they might’ve never discovered otherwise.

Board Game Collection

There’s nothing like a board game to bring the family together. If you want to foster a little friendly competition, you can revive your crew’s game night with some board games. There are various family-friendly options to consider, from old classics like “Clue” to new choices like “Exploding Kittens.” It’ll be a present your family uses for years to come.

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Food or Drink Basket

Remember that when in doubt, you can always go with food and drink. No one can resist these gifts, so you should look into different basket ideas — especially when you’re unsure what they want. There’s something for every family member.  If you have a cousin who loves beef jerky, you can find gift boxes with multiple flavors they’ll be sure to love. Some shops sell charcuterie sets, dessert options, alcohol selections, and more all in beautifully wrapped packages. It’s truly a gift with endless possibilities. Find out their favorites so you can gift them an array they’ll enjoy.

Personalized Art Piece

If you’ve ever browsed Etsy, you know you can find endless small businesses that make custom art prints for families. Why not commission a design for your loved ones? Many sellers can even add pets to the illustration, so you can truly capture everyone in your family. This picture will be a beautiful addition to any room. These pieces can come in various art styles, so you should choose one that complements their personalities and home. For example, you might want to order a pixelated family portrait for your loved ones who enjoy video games. There are numerous options, so be sure to explore them all.

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Monogrammed Outdoor Sign

It can also be fun to help your loved ones spruce up their outdoor spaces. There’s nothing that turns a house into a home like a monogrammed sign. This present will be perfect for families who might’ve just bought their first place. It’s also a heartwarming idea for couples who recently got married. These pieces usually come in a few different metal tones, so you can pick one that complements their front porch for a little added curb appeal. Feel free to add a special date, like when they moved in or tied the knot. That’s something that can make the present even more memorable.

Local Scented Candle

Has your family moved to another city or state? There’s a chance they’re a little homesick, so you might want to send them a gift that helps them remember where they used to live. Plus, they can add a little decoration to their new space. Homesick creates special scented candles with fragrances specific to certain locations. For example, their Georgia candle smells like peaches, water lilies, and magnolias. These aromas might be the best way to help them settle into their new home.

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Custom Glassware Collection

This present might not be the most fun for kids, but you can wow the adults in your family with custom glassware. These sets are available in multiple glassware types, including mugs, flutes, and everything in between. It’s possible to personalize names, initials, and dates to create the perfect glassware set. Some sellers let you upload pictures onto the glassware. If you want to personalize a few glasses for the children in your family, you can add photos they’ll enjoy, like their pets. Either way, you can gift an elegant collection for your family’s next holiday gathering.

If your family doesn’t live nearby, you might be wondering which gifts are best to send in the mail. These days, you have endless options, ranging from art pieces to food baskets. Explore these ideas whenever you need to send the perfect gift to your family. We hope that this Fun Gifts to Send in the Mail post inspires you. Happy shopping!

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