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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids

In my opinion, tweens are often the hardest to buy because their tastes are ever-changing because of so many factors. Both teens and tweens are affected so much by their environment that something they love today could be completely forgotten by tomorrow. Choosing the right gift for a tween can be tricky, as they're at an age where they're outgrowing their childhood interests but haven't fully embraced their teenage selves yet. I want my gifts to be something that the receiver will use rather than sitting there in an unopened box so I try hard when it comes to gift-giving. We have curated the perfect list that will excite and engage any tween. We hope that you enjoy this Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids post.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids


Questions to Consider

To narrow down the options, ask yourself some questions about the tween you're shopping for. What are their interests and hobbies? Are they sporty, artistic, musical, bookish, tech-savvy, or something else entirely? Do they have any favorite colors, brands, or characters? Knowing a bit more about their personality will help me recommend gifts they'll truly love.

  • What are their interests and hobbies? Are they sporty, artistic, outdoorsy, tech-savvy, or something else entirely?
  • What's their personality like? Are they creative and expressive, introverted or outgoing, practical or adventurous?
  • Do they have any specific requests or things they've been wanting? Sometimes, they'll give you the best clues themselves!
  • What's your budget? Gifts can range from affordable stocking stuffers to more expensive experiences or gadgets.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids

Liquid Chalk Markers & Chalkboard Contact Paper

The most vibrant & opaque chalk markers on the market! Liquid chalk markers are the ideal tool for drawing or writing on chalkboards, glass, windows, and almost any imaginable surface. Bundle these chalk markers with the chalkboard contact paper for the perfect creative gift.


A drone is one of the luxury holiday gifts that will make your kid so happy when they receive it. Whether he likes taking pictures or videos, this DJI – Air 3 Fly More Combo Drone can capture all his special moments without breaking a sweat. Get him this gift when you want to celebrate his success at work or when he finally gets home after a long day.

Nail Polish Set

Many tweens love to experiment with beauty products. This nail set will let them try a rainbow. From butter london the “ALL THE JEWELS set has 30 mini colors, four treatments, 10 scrubbers, and a nail file and buffer all tucked into a keepsake tin. Spa day anyone?

Mermaid Reversible Pillow

Tweens and teens love to decorate. The Mermaid Pillow w/ Reversible Sequins Back is a great home accessory. The front features a beautiful mermaid and the back has aqua and purple sequins (which can be moved to produce endless designs), this pillow is a beautiful canvas for creativity!

Vintage Retro Bluetooth Speaker

Vintage Retro Bluetooth Speaker

Vintage Retro Bluetooth Speaker

This Baolira Vintage Retro Bluetooth Speaker is portable with customized dual drivers that produce 4.5W of huge stereo sound. A Digital Signal Processor with dynamic range control ensures high volumes are distortion-free and low levels produce rich bass. The mini Bluetooth speaker has a long playtime, which can play 4-5 hours battery life for playing music on a single charge and over 72 hours standby time with a built-in rechargeable 400mAh lithium battery. 

Subscription box

There are subscription boxes for just about everything these days, from STEM activities to beauty products to comic books.

Best Beauty Gift Sets

Instant Camera

Capture memories in a fun and retro way with an instant camera.

Best Buy DJI Air Fly More Combo Drone and RC Remote Control with Built in Screen Gray

Best Buy DJI Air Fly More Combo Drone and RC Remote Control with Built in Screen in Gray


It is best to consider gifts that he could use on different occasions. A drone is one of the luxury holiday gifts that will make your man happy when he receives it. Whether he likes taking pictures or videos, this DJI – Air 3 Fly More Combo Drone can capture all his special moments without breaking a sweat. Get him this gift when you want to celebrate his success at work or when he finally gets home after a long day.

3D printing pen

This lets them create their toys, jewelry, and other objects.

Portable Projector

Turn any wall into a screen for movie nights or gaming sessions.

AGRIMONY Sushi Shaped Socks

AGRIMONY Sushi Shaped Socks

AGRIMONY Sushi Shaped Socks

These AGRIMONY Sushi Shaped Socks make for a fantastic gift for anyone who loves sushi. The socks come in a unique sushi box packaging and make for a delightful surprise when opened. The socks themselves are made of high-quality combed cotton and feature embroidered designs of salmon, cucumber, and porphyra. The socks are made of 80% cotton, 15% polyester, and 5% spandex, and are crafted using advanced 200 Knitting Technology.

Musical Instruments

If they're interested in music, a guitar, ukulele, keyboard, or even a beginner drum set could be a great way to encourage their passion.

DIY Kits

Jewelry making, slime making, pottery painting, or even a 3D printing pen can spark their creativity.

Art Supplies

A nice set of paints, brushes, sketchbooks, or even a digital drawing tablet for budding artists.


A great way to get them moving and having fun.

Board game or card game

Fun for family game nights or hanging out with friends.

Sports equipment

A new basketball, soccer ball, or tennis racket for their favorite sport.

LOGROTATE Moon Lamp Colors LED Night Light D Printing Moon Light with Stand & Remote:Touch Control and USB Rechargeable Moon Light Lamp for Kids Friends Lover Birthday Gifts (Diameter INCH)

LOGROTATE Moon Lamp LED Night Light

LED Rechargeable Moonlamp with Touch Control 

The LOGROTATE LED Moon Lamp is a 4.8-inch lamp that comes with a stand and a remote/touch control. It has 16 colors and is USB rechargeable. The moon lamp is made with 3D printing technology and has a realistic full moon shape. Its surface is very close to the lunar moon, making it novelty and charming. You can create a peaceful environment in your room with the bright moon light and enter a blissful slumber. The lamp has 16 colors RGB and can flash, fade, or strobe, which makes it dreamlike and creative decorative lights. You can also adjust the brightness to turn this moon lamp into a soft night light.


A comfortable and stylish outfit for their next workout or adventure.

Comfy clothes and accessories

A new pair of sneakers, a trendy backpack, or a cozy hoodie can help them feel confident and stylish.

Room decor

Posters, fairy lights, or a beanbag chair can help them personalize their space.

Journal or notebook

A place for them to write down their thoughts, dreams, and goals.

Cozy blanket or slippers

Perfect for snuggling up on the couch with a good book or movie.

Isaacalyx Stegosaurus inch Dino Chicken Nugget Plush Soft Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets Pillow for Birthday Gifts Dinosaur Theme Party Decorations (Stegosaurus Small)

Dino Chicken Nugget Plush Pillow

Dino Chicken Nugget Plush Pillow

This Dino Chicken Nugget Plush Pillow looks just like the actual thing with 3 different styles to choose from, Tyran rex, Stegosaurus, and Brontosaurus. Buy the combination of different dinosaurs into each different dino nugget pillow plush. Each chicken dinosaur pillow both large and small hands can fit the size. our dino nugget pillow plush to be your hug friend! The combination of dinosaur and chicken nuggets with a brown plush exterior makes it look cute in shape and each one is designed in the shape of a dinosaur. Children who like dinosaurs will be keen on this dinosaur nugget plush.

Beginner Coding Kit

A beginner coding kit is a great way to get your children interested in coding and to push that STEM learning. 

Weighted blanket

Can provide comfort and help them relax before bedtime.

POPCO Silicone Microwave Popcorn Popper with Handles | Popcorn Maker | Collapsible Popcorn Bowl | BPA Free and Dishwasher Safe | Colors Available

POPCO Silicone Microwave Popcorn Popper with Handles

POPCO Silicone Microwave Popcorn Popper with Handles

The POPCO Silicone Microwave Popcorn Popper with Handles is a popcorn maker that comes with a collapsible popcorn bowl. It is BPA-free, dishwasher safe and available in 15 different colors. Unlike glass popcorn poppers that can be fragile, cause burns and shatter if dropped, this silicone Popco popcorn popper bowl comes with a lid and built-in handles. The bowl is designed to evenly spread heat, ensuring that you get delicious popcorn with very few, if any unpopped kernels. This makes it a perfect choice for kids and families as it is made with heat-resistant, non-breakable, and food-grade silicone. Popco has a space-saving collapsible design with a height of only 2.3 inches when collapsed, making it easy to store. It can be washed easily by hand or in a dishwasher.

Subscription to a streaming service

Give them access to their favorite movies, shows, and music.

Comfy reading nook

Create a cozy reading space with pillows, blankets, and good lighting.

Balance Board

The Grade is a really fun balance board from Fluidstance. Here's what we know: many kids don't move enough. The Grade keeps them moving even when they are gaming, watching tv, or just hanging out. They’re a great way for kids to expend extra energy (which can seem boundless) and avoid long bouts of inactivity and are a must-have for those particularly wiggly and fidgety kids who have trouble staying still. Just step on the board, and the subtle motion underfoot keeps them balanced and moving.

Water Bottle

S’well Stainless Steel Water Opal Bottle Marble. For the eco-friendly kids on your list, S'well bottles are green. They are designed to keep beverages cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. These bottles are made from premium grade, 18/8 stainless steel that’s non-toxic, non-leaching, and BPA-free. A 17oz bottle is perfectly sized to keep your kids hydrated all day long, from school to practice to homework.

Jorbest Burritos Tortilla Wrap Blanket for Adults and Kids Double Sided Funny Food Blanket Novelty Funny Gifts for Women Men Teen GSM Soft Flannel Taco Blanket inches Yellow

Jorbest Double Sided Waffle Blanket

Jorbest Double Sided Waffle Blanket

This Jorbest Double Sided Waffle Blanket is 60 Inches in Diameter With a Cozy Single-layer Design. Flannel Fabric With Realistic Waffle Pattern Uses Eco-friendly Dyes That Provides Fade Resistance. Using the safest printing technology and the latest sewing technology, these waffle blankets are made of high-quality 285 grams ultra-soft flannel. 


This set of wheels is sure to make the commute to school or practice much easier and a heck of a lot more fun! The Micro white scooter is way cooler than the bus or walking. The adjustable scooter is super smooth and easy to operate. The steering on the White is responsive and precise, helpful when maneuvering on crowded campuses, or on busy city sidewalks. I love the two-way kickstand and patented folding mechanism.


Kids all love music, the taste may differ from our own, and that's where these Beats Solo3 Wireless headphones come in. This is your perfect everyday headphone, it even has 40 hours of battery life. With Fast Fuel, a 5-minute charge gives three hours of playback.

Sports Lovers Memorabilia

Take a piece of history with you wherever you go with a personalized sports memorabilia gift. Get something signed or commemorating their favorite NFL Player or a jersey from their favorite major league pitcher. 

Tickets to a sporting event or concert

Seeing their favorite team or band live can be an unforgettable experience.

General Ideas That Are Always a Hit With Tweens

  • Creative kits: Think jewelry making, tie-dyeing, slime kits, or anything that lets them unleash their inner artist.
  • Tech gadgets: Wireless headphones, a portable speaker, a mini projector, or even a beginner coding kit can be exciting options.
  • Games and puzzles: Escape room board games, challenging jigsaw puzzles, or interactive brainteasers will keep them entertained for hours.
  • Room decor: String lights, quirky tapestries, a beanbag chair, or a neon sign can help them personalize their space.
  • Experiences: Tickets to a concert or sporting event, a pass to a trampoline park or amusement park, or a weekend camping trip can create lasting memories.
  • Books and magazines: Find something that matches their interests, whether it's graphic novels, fantasy fiction, or a subscription to a teen magazine.
  • Fashion and accessories: Trendy sneakers, a cool backpack, a personalized phone case, or age-appropriate makeup kits can be fun ways to express their style.

We hope that this Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids post inspires you. Happy shopping!

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  1. My oldest would love those Beats wireless headphones. He’s actually been hinting pretty hard about a pair for Christmas. These sound like great ones!

  2. One of my friends has a teenage son, and I would recommend the 4 in 1 Build N’ Fly Drone Kit by FlyBlocks. That looks like a lot of fun. There are some more cool things for that tween/teen!

  3. Annemarie LeBlanc

    Thanks for sharing these gift ideas. My kids are all grown now so probably if I would get them something from this list, it would be the headphones and the speakers. They love their music and this would give them hours of fun.

  4. I have two teens in my house and I never know what to get them. I know my daughter would love the mermaid pillow.

  5. ellen beck

    Teens are tough. As an Aunt to may, I cave and get gift cards :/

  6. All of my nieces and nephews are tweens so this is so helpful! I never thought of headphones or a drone, but this are awesome ideas for Christmas! Thanks!

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    These are all great gift ideas. I have one of those Swell bottles and I love it. It would be perfect for a teen to take to school.

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    These are all great gift ideas. My Son would love the Micro white scooter. I will have to add it to my shopping list for the holidays.

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    That opal marble water bottle is about the cutest thing I’ve seen. I love the unique design on it

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    Those sequin pillows are all the rage this year. I love that you have that mermaid one on the list!! My granddaughter and oldest daughter would love that, and they’re way apart in age (one is grown). 😉

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    My oldest hit 10 this year and she’s grown up so much! Total tween! I want to stay connected so anticipating what she likes is a huge help. Love these gift ideas so I can be the cool mom.

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    I love all of these items for tween and teen girls. And it doesnt involve a iphone for Christmas lol!

  17. Very nice gift suggestions, I can see my kids loving these when they see it under the tree! I’m pretty sure they’ll love me for it too.

  18. All of these are awesome and I’m sure any tween or teen would be happy to receive any of the items you shared! Love that they are also getting a chance to express themselves through these gifts.

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