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Paying for and Picking up My Kmart Layaway

Using layaway this holiday season for my gift buying, really could not have been easier. I do so love shopping online and I especially love that layaway let me take advantage of all of those amazing Black Friday sales on

One of the best parts about layaway besides taking advantage of the amazing sale prices was really the ease of being able to make payments online. Gone are the days of traipsing to your local store with your contract in hand all to make a payment.

Everything is available online although paying in the store is still an option as well. I did everything from the comfort of my own home:

Just choose Make a Payment from the main screen of layaway on the Kmart website. From there, you will need your contract information that was sent to you via email:

Once you are logged in, you are brought to the Contract Manager layaway screen like below which tells you exactly where you are at in the layaway process (how many payments you have made, etc):

They also tell you how much you have due at this time. Although please note that you definitely can make more than the payment due. I did each time so that I could pay my layaway off quicker.

The next time I went in to pay, I wanted to pay off the entire balance and schedule a pick up:

Again, I started at the main layaway screen on

I was able to make my last payment and schedule a time that was convenient for me to pick up my items. Although the system suggested a date, I picked one a few days later and then also chose what time of day I wanted to arrive.

Shopping layaway really could not be easier. I was able to get everything for my kids on their wishlist and at great sale prices. I was also able to shop online while we were on a family vacation (cruise) and put the items on layaway that my children had on their Christmas wish lists (thankfully they do not read my blog yet).

Payments were simple and all from home. The only time I went into the store was to pick up my items on my schedule. The entire experience was a breeze and I will definitely do it again.

In fact, I am considering putting a new television on layaway in time for the Super Bowl. Our old television in our living room is on its last legs so we need to get something soon.

Layaway is available all year round and really helps when it comes to budgeting. If you read my first post, then you know that there are so many benefits to layaway.

What are you waiting for? GO SHOP!



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DISCLOSURE: I am compensated ambassador for the Kmart layaway program.

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