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Frigidaire Gallery Series Refrigerator is Helping My Family Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

Frigidaire LogoWe have lived in the city of Atlanta for several years now. I have always been concerned about what may in the water. For several years, we had Crystal Springs delivered. Then I just bought bottled water because it was a little cheaper.

Frigidaire Refrigerator Stainless Steel Gallery SeriesI am sure that you may be thinking, can't you just get a water filter? Well, of course but I could never guarantee that my children will actually use the filter and then we are back where we started.

So we have been drinking bottled water for years now. A few months ago, right after our new refrigerator arrived, I noticed something about the water filter. There is actually technology built into this refrigerator that tells you when to order a filter and when to change your filter. It is a red, yellow and green system which is perfect.

Our old refrigerator had the manual thing where it would tell you what month you put the filter in. I could never remember anything about. If it was every three months, every six months or what. It was a pain and eventually we just stopped using it.

But the new fridge? This smart technology lets me know all of the time that we are drinking filtered water. We gave up the bottled water and are only using our refrigerator. Even the kids love it and drink the water.

Did you know that Frigidaire Gallery Counter-Depth Refrigerator has the Best in Class Ice & Water Filtration as compared to other consumer refrigeration water filtration systems? I didn't but I know now.

Can you imagine how many water bottles we have saved from the landfill this year? This is one way that the Frigidaire Gallery Counter-Depth Refrigerator is helping my family reduce our carbon footprint.

Frigidaire Test Drive ButtonI am a Frigidaire Test Drive Mom and a long time Frigidaire customer.

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