Fresh Interior Design Ideas for your Modern Home
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Fresh Interior Design Ideas for Your Modern Home

Fresh Interior Design Ideas for Your Modern Home

Our homes reflect our personality, and for many, interior decor and style are part of their identity. There is now a variety of interior design and do-it-yourself ideas on the internet and TV, and more than ever, magazines and newspapers are focusing on the noble art of home interior design. There are different tastes and consequently different styles. It can therefore not be said that there is only one modern minimalist style. We hope that you are inspired by this Fresh Interior Design Ideas for Your Modern Home post. 

Fresh Interior Design Ideas for Your Modern Home

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Fresh Interior Design Ideas for Your Modern Home

From simple wood and glass to multiple vibrant colors, modern interior design is something that can take on many different forms throughout its life cycle. In the text below we offer ideas for those who do not have the energy to research interiors but still want the home to have a modern and tasteful expression.

Using Your Wall Space

  • Personalized Frames: A home never feels complete without an emphasis on the walls. Print your favorite family photo to puzzles and after you’re finished assembling it, frame it beautifully and allow the picture to decorate your walls. Not only does it create a homely feeling but it also gives a modern-looking touch to your space by diversifying your art collection.
  • Replacing old frames: When you are in a home that feels out of date, you often see paintings and pictures that are different in style and motifs. In addition, they often have different picture frames – wood, gold, and plastic in a varied mix. It can be quite cozy for certain people, but if you want to achieve a modern look in the home, you should think about which paintings should be hung up. Make sure that the colors and shapes are in harmony with the other paintings in the room, and stick to one type of frame.
Fresh Interior Design Ideas for your Modern Home

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Present A Character With Chairs

When choosing furniture for your home, you should start by finding the right chairs. Whether it's about sitting comfortably at the dinner table or sitting back with your favorite book, there is nothing more rewarding than finding the right chair to create the perfect modern home. One great idea would be the circle chair, designed by Danish furniture designer Hans J. Wegner, as an excellent piece of furniture that is both elegant and modern. It is one of Wegner's most characteristic works and fulfills the function of comfort but also flexibility. Despite its size, the chair is light and therefore easy to move around.

15 DIY Rugs

Add Texture And Color With Rugs

One of the most effective ways you can mix a modern look with coziness is to use rugs. With the right style, size, and placement, they give your room a real boost. Below are tips for those who feel unsure of how to decorate with rugs.

  • Color: Your rug can play an important role in the rest of your interior design. If you want it to stay in the background and not have a central role, choose a color that is neutral and blends in with your interior.
  • Pattern: If you have a lot of patterns in your interior (wallpaper, curtains, sofas, pillows, etc.), a single-colored rug can be the finishing touch that ties everything together. On the other hand, if you do not have as much pattern and color, you can of course choose a multicolored and/or patterned rug. It then plays a more eye-catching role in the home.
  • Form: Square, round, or rectangular are the most common shapes. A basic rule is to follow the shape of the room and choose a carpet accordingly. But it is also nice to break up a very square room with a rounder shape to “spread the energy” a bit.
  • Size: A rug that lies under a dining table should be large enough that it is possible to pull out the chairs without getting stuck on the edge of the rug. In a living room, the “basic rule” is that the furniture should fit with at least the front pair of legs and a little more on the carpet. 
Fresh Interior Design Ideas for your Modern Home

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Let There Be Light – Windows

Windows are not just intended to let light enter the room – they can be styled to become a nice interior detail as well. Read below how you can use your windows to enhance the modern appearance of your home.

  • Contrasts: In the same way, when it comes to ordinary interior design in general, it is important to create contrasts to get a modern look. Contrasts in material, height, and color, give a balance, and harmony in the interior.
  • Balance / Proportions: To get a window that does not feel sketchy, messy, or out of balance, it is necessary to work with the proportions. The larger the window the larger the objects that can be placed.
  • Lighting: There is no such thing as too much lighting and of course, the windows are no exception. It looks ultra-modern when placing a table lamp near the window or if the window has a nice hanging lamp. It gives a lovely impression and provides an extra light source, especially during autumn and winter days.
  • Curtains: It is not always possible to have curtains by a window, but if you can, it will provide an incredibly nice lift. The curtains give softness and a modern and cozy feeling to the room while framing the window.
Fresh Interior Design Ideas for your Modern Home

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Pay Attention To Details

  • Green plants: As with everything else in home decor, one should think about keeping flowers uniform in color and style. No matter what style you prefer, it is always a good idea to liven up the home with flowers and greenery. On one hand, it is good for the indoor environment and the air, and on the other hand, it is healthy for your soul to be surrounded by nature. But if you just buy different flowers, and mix different types of pots, vases, and colors, you can risk that it will not look tasteful. Green plants, which usually do not need much care, planted in modern pots in a similar style, are therefore a safe bet.
  • All items have a function: To decorate, give color and life to objects is quite the task. But for a modern expression, all objects that stand out should have a function or a clear purpose. Items and appliances, that are not used often, should be removed when not in use. Otherwise, you could risk too many colors and shapes jumbled together. Apart from the fact that it looks messy, it means that you cannot see a style or an expression in the interior. Today, many appliances and objects, such as TVs or kitchen appliances, are available in different designs – all to fit into the interior.
  • Mirrors: Something that helps in the creation of your modern home decor and in opening up all types of rooms are mirrors. In addition to making the room feel bigger, they also come in incredibly beautiful and stylish looks. Choose mirrors that match the rest of the home's decor or get one with a completely different style.

If you are looking for a word that can describe what modern home decor is, then stylish would describe it well. Stylish is everything but boring and copied decor. It is a carefully balanced style with clean lines, a neutral color palette, and personal details. To spice things up, you can start by changing the pictures on your walls, reorganizing your rugs and curtains, and adding some fresh energy with beautiful green plants. The article can give you some other ideas on how to lift your modern home while staying true to your taste. We hope that this Fresh Interior Design Ideas for your Modern Home post inspires you. 

Fresh Interior Design Ideas for your Modern Home

Photo by Sammsara Luxury Modern Home on Pexels

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