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Fancast – TV Watching Made Easy

The One2One Network recently asked me to check out and tell them what I thought on my blog.  Since I have a serious television addiction, I was happy to do it. Uh watch tv and tell you what I think? I am so in.

I have been a Comcast subscriber for years. I have never been happier since switching from satellite. There is a lot less downtime and great channels. I am addicted to television On Demand. I am a busy mother of three very active children and On Demand television allows me to catch up on missed shows. The only downside is that if I want to watch the House episode that I missed earlier this week, it is not available On Demand. That annoys me.

I was excited to see Comcast come out with Fancast. Fancast solves my television woes. From the Fancast website:

Fancast is THE top entertainment site dedicated to celebrating television. Fancast gives fans instant access to an extensive video collection of television shows, movies, trailers and clips, so they can tune-in, catch-up and critique their favorite television programming. Fancast also offers comprehensive editorial and blog coverage with in-depth recaps and analysis on what's hot and happening everyday in the world of television and entertainment.

Facts about Fancast:

* Fancast debuted in January 2008 and now has more than 10,000 hours of online video programming; with more than 60,000 videos available, including over 13,000 full-length shows

* Fancast is not only an agnostic online video site, aggregating tv content from more than 100 sources, but Fancast has more TV extras than any other site including: pictorials, blogs, listings, live chats and Q&A's with stars, and much more.

* Fancast is focused on being the premier place for TV viewing on the web.

I am addicted to Fancast after a few short weeks of checking it out. Fancast is fun. Check it out! They have full tv episodes, full movies plus news and gossip. And even better, it is all free! You don't need to go anywhere else.

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  1. I have heard of this just never checked it. I have seen it on TV advertised.

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