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Family Travels with the Sony VAIO Tap 20


Sony Vaio Tap 20

I participated in this Sony/Intel sponsored post with Burst Media, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

We are avid travelers in this family. We hop in the car, we get on a plane, we have even taken trains because we just love to get out and see the world.

We have traveled extensively around the East Coast, a lot in Florida, especially. We have also traveled in Europe as well.

This summer we just took our first road trip. We all hopped in the car to go see my grandmother. Sony asked me to take my VAIO Tap 20 along and while at first, I thought that it might be a little too large, it was actually perfect for my children during the 6 hour car ride.

 Huntly and Vaio Tap 20

Kids and Vaio Tap 20

Kids and Vaio Tap 20 3

What makes the Sony VAIO Tap 20 perfect for travel is the easy, unplugged portability. My kids could keep drawing from the office right to the car with this battery-powered All-in-One PC. In the car, the 20-inch touch screen is converted to lie flat making it easy for all three kids to play.

You can tell from the pictures, that there is crisp, clear imagery plus wide angle panel enable viewing at many angles.

 Kids and Vaio Tap 20 4 Kids and Vaio Tap 20 2

The Tap 20 can also move easily around your house. With a removable battery, users can easily move it from room to room in the house; for example, it can lay flat on a coffee table for the whole family to play games on the large screen or can stand upright and use it as a fully functioning desktop PC with the wireless keyboard and mouse.

It really is very portable and very easy to use. My six year old was the one who picked it up first. She is trying to claim it as her own but we all share the computer and in many rooms of the house. I am obsessed with the portability and I love that I can take my Tap 20 anywhere!

Sony Vaio Tap 20_family_paint-580-90MORE ON THE SONY VAIO TAP 20 ALL-IN-ONE PC

20” touchscreen display.

The VAIO Tap 20 features exceptional picture quality and a capacitive touchscreen. The 20” 1600 x 900 touchscreen LCD is equipped with IPS (in-plane switching) technology so you can enjoy a crisp image from any viewing angle. Backed by Sony TV technology, the Mobile BRAVIA® Engine 2 adds sharpness filters and noise reduction to display rich, beautiful content on your VAIO Tap.

Built-in battery.

Equipped with a built-in battery, for cord-free convenience, the VAIO Tap 20 easily moves from home office to couch for the enjoyment of all. Simply pick it up and carry it room to room without having to worry about shutting down and re-booting. Perfect for when you want to bring the VAIO Tap to the garage to watch a how-to clip on car repair or when you need it in the kitchen to follow your favorite on-line recipe.

Multi-position PC.

The multi-position stand lets you tilt the VAIO Tap to achieve the ideal angle for any activity. From an upright position, just push down gently on the PC until the position is perfect for you. Lay it flat to play board games or prop it up to read. You can even hold it in your lap while sitting on the sofa while surfing the web.


Want a VAIO Tap 20 of your very own?

Sony and Intel are giving away a VAIO Tap 20 to one very lucky winner.  To enter, just tweet your favorite Sony VAIO Tap 20 feature using the #TryVAIOTap20 and #SonyVAIO hashtag for a chance to win!

Click here for a complete list of terms and conditions.


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I participated in this Sony/Intel sponsored post with Burst Media, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Love the really big screen – great for kids to see and not squint. Thanks for your observations.

  2. I want one!….Period. This has so many features and would be great on car rides like you said which we take a lot of!

  3. This product does show innovative approach to technology. I would love to have one.

  4. I don’t have a Sony laptop but have read great things about them. It looks really nice!

  5. Man that is a huge tablet(?)! I think I might even be able to read on it.

  6. Wow look how BIG it is!! That is awesome! My girls would love that!

  7. OK that thing is awesome! I love that the screen is so big that multiple kids can be looking at it at the same time. I want one. 🙂

  8. Keiunta Dixon

    This looks like a great product.

  9. Liberty Boblett

    Wow! I am going to have to put this on my Christmas Wish List! 🙂 I know my kids would love it as well!

  10. Holy cow that thing is huge!! That would be great to watch movies on the go, though!

  11. This is so cool! My kids would have loved that. I’m thinking Christmas for my nieces!

  12. I love how BIG it is!! I want one 🙂

  13. Maureen @ Wisconsin Mommy

    Is that as big as it looks? Can’t let my kiddo see this or he will be wanting one NOW!!

  14. Oh I love that! It looks like a really great portable device!

  15. Wow that’s amazing! It really keeps the kids engaged and has some very cool features

  16. My kids would love this, the 20in screen is enough to keep them engage.

  17. Wow. It’s very large, which would actually be great for me. Since I’ve ummm turned 40, my eyes aren’t quite what they were before.

  18. I need something like this on our 14-16 hour trip. My kids would flip!

  19. I want one! That looks really nice! We could really use another laptop with all three kids in school.

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