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Fall Style: You and Your Glasses

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Fall is here and I am excited. Fall fashion is all about transitional pieces – short sleeves become longer, sweaters are added, boots come out of the closet and color choices changes. I just wore boots for the first time this fall today. I am excited this fall to partner with VSP Direct.

Did you know that affordable, stylish and trendy fashion frames from VSP Direct can help make Fall fashion pop? Check out these adorable glasses:

VSP Direct Bebe GlassesAre they fabulous? They make a great, bold statement and really stand out. I love glasses that do that! Your eyewear is a fashion item that you can get insurance for and we all know that the right frames can complete any look.


For me, fashion about comfort and style especially when it comes to the cooling temperatures in the fall. I love outfits that emcompass the changing leaves and earthtone colors all around.

Don't you think that these glasses completely tie up the whole outfit?

Fall Outfit for VSP
Fall Outfit for VSP by stacieinatlanta featuring a floral print tee


VSP Direct – the nation’s only not-for-profit vision care company – has spent the better part of a decade developing high-quality, affordable individual plans that are now available in every state. From VSP Direct, insurance benefits can be purchased directly to you, or as a gift to someone else with plans starting under $17 per month. VSP Direct individual insurance also gives you access to a large selection of frames from classic styles to trendy (including dozens of top brand names), so you can find one that fits your personality.

VSP Direct Coverage includes:

  • Covers the eye exam with a low co-payment
  • Provides allowance for glasses or contacts, fully covered lens options
  • Lowest out-of-pocket cost in vision care with a typical annual savings of $227
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • 30,000 providers in convenient locations makes VSP Direct the largest doctor network in the industry

Lenses, frames and designer glasses can cost hundreds of dollars. I don't really budget for new glasses so I tend to wait until the old ones fall apart. Now you can complete your fall look and “insure” that look with affordable individual vision care insurance from VSP Direct.

VSP Direct Pin it Promotion


Now you can enter the VSP Direct Facebook Pin It Promotion where you can enter to win a free year of vision care.

VSP Direct LogoThis is a sponsored post written by me on behalf VSP Direct.

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21 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. ellen beck

    I just got perscription glasses this yearr although nomally I resort to just readers. I have to admit they have some adorable glasses and I really like the outfit you put together up there!

  2. I have worn prescription glasses for years and I am always looking for new cute frames!

  3. I want those boots, and I have the skinny jeans and a similar sweater. But those boots, I LOVE them!

  4. I’m entered into the contest! Thanks for sharing! You paired those glasses with an adorable look!

  5. My hubby used to have VSP coverage but his employer changed that a few years ago. I wish we still had it. I hate dealing with the insurance company we have now!

  6. Glasses, these days, add that certain SASS to an outfit. I love the ones in your polyvore above.

  7. What a pretty image of the Fall trees. We have VSP through my husbands job for our family and have used it many of times.

  8. I love the glasses in the picture. They are so cute!

  9. Shauna

    I tell you, a good pair of glasses can make a man or woman, very sexy… ha! I wish I had so many choices back when I wore glasses

  10. I got lasik, so I don’t need glasses anymore. When I had glass, though, I always looked for unique frames.

  11. I don’t wear glasses, but sometimes I wish I did. I LOVE glasses just for the fashion statement. You can get so creative with frames!

  12. I love shopping for new glasses. I will need them next year I think and can’t wait to find a new frame!

  13. I would love to have vision insurance so I could get glasses more frequently! I’d love to have a bunch of pairs.

  14. I really love the idea of a not for profit vision care company. I’ve had glasses for most of my life, and the costs associated with glasses and eye exams is just astronomical.

  15. I’ve never understood why people are so put off by wearing glasses. I think glasses are really cool. And yes, they did bring that outfit together.

  16. I am always on the hunt for new glasses this time of year. October is when my prescription ends, so I am always looking to get new glasses. I really like all these–thinking I may switch up my frames this year for sure!

  17. I love those glasses! I have a pretty similar pair.

  18. I would love to change up my glasses. I love fall it is such a fun season to be able to pull out our favorite sweaters and boots.

  19. I love the glasses. Perfect for fall wardrobes.

  20. Those are cute glasses! Fall happens to be my favorite season!

  21. Those glasses are really cute (and those tall boots are absolutely rockin’). I have a prescription for reading glasses, but I really need to go and get it updated. I haven’t been to the eye doctor in a few years – eep!

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