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Easter Around the World {INFOGRAPHIC} from Cost Plus World Market

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Easter is coming soon and I have some Easter baskets to fill. I also like to decorate a little and I need some additional decor for around my house. For all things decor, I always first head to Cost Plus World Market. I am pretty much in our local store every couple of weeks.

I find things there that no other store carries. The decor and many other items are unique and affordable. Shopping at Cost Plus World Market is really fun. I can even get my husband to go there without complaint and THAT is a big deal.


Want to know more about the most popular Easter candy or how much candy each country consumes each year? Check out the fun infographic below to learn all about Easter around the world. You will also find some fun ideas for your Easter baskets plus find out what the most popular items are in Easter baskets.

Cost Plus World Market Infographic


At Cost Plus, you will find a vast array of affordable items to fill Easter baskets or decor to brighten up your home. You can find baking, brunch and gift wrap items as well. Visit today to stock up for Easter.

This post was sponsored by Cost Plus World Market. 


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  1. I cannot stay away from the Cadbury Creme Eggs, Peeps, or chocolate bunnies! (And I’m pretty sure I eat the combined total pounds of candy represented in the infographic!) Very interesting how we share some of the same interests around the world.

  2. Veronica

    I love world market. It’s one of my favorite places to shop for my clients! Great stuff at great prices

  3. My kids did not get any of these candies this year! It’s funny though because they have sooo much too! These are some of my favorite choices.

  4. I am such nerd but I seriously love infographics. They always have the most interesting facts and tidbits. 700 million marshmallow peeps? YEP most of them are in my freezer as we speak. I love all of those Easter candies and can see why the numbers are so high.

  5. 700 MILLION peeps? That’s a ton!! And hard to believe!

  6. I love love love World Market. And wow that infographic provides some crazy facts. (WOW! People actually love PEEPS that much?)

  7. I love world market! Just wish that there was one closer to me.

  8. Holy cow – that is A TON of Peeps! I love World Market. I have purchased from them online before and I love them.

  9. I LOVE Cost Plus, it is one of my favorite stores! My kids always love to pick a treat there because of all their unique choices!

  10. This is one of my favorite places to shop. My Mom and I make a point of stopping in whenever we are in Atlanta.

  11. This year our star candy was lemonhead jelly beans and fun dips.

  12. I never realized that hot cross buns were that popular! I think I’ve only ever had one or two.

  13. Yum! Ghirardelli chocolate is so yummy! I had no idea Toblerone were so popular.

  14. This is a cool infographic! I love seeing how other countries celebrate holidays!

  15. 700 million PEEPS!! That is crazy. I do love a good cadbury egg 🙂

  16. Pam

    World Market has so many great gift ideas. I love to go there to shop for a variety of holidays. I love the info in the graphics. That was fun to read.

  17. Cool infographic! I would agree that Canadians definitely love their Cadbury Creme Eggs but I’ve never been a fan myself. I’d definitely like some of the grown up gifts! 😉

  18. I love World Mart. I like seeing what is popular around the world. That was neat.

  19. I can’t believe THAT many people love Peeps. I just don’t like those silly sugar puffs!

  20. Peeps are that popular? Love the flowers in the Philippines!

  21. World Market is my FAVORITE store. They have such awesome stuff. Cute infographic!

  22. Debra

    Who knew that people in Great Britain ate more chocolate than Americans at Easter. I love English Cadbury Eggs, they taste different than the ones here!

  23. Great infographic! The Easter candy is calling my name. Maybe I should have filled my baskets with alternate items!

  24. Wow! That is a lot of candy being consumed! I think I probably account for many of the Cadbury Eggs flying off the shelves 😉

  25. I figured peeps were super popular, they always sell out of them here. I love them myself LOL

  26. That is SO. MANY. PEEPS. I can’t even imagine that figure.

  27. I love the infographic! It’s cool to see how other parts of the world celebrate differently. I like the flowers idea!

  28. Cost plus is one of my favorites for one of the reasons you listed. I feel like I always discover something that I wouldn’t find everywhere else.

  29. 700 million peeps, wowza! I would be all for a basket filled with wine. 😉 Maybe a basket with wine AND peeps!!!

  30. How cool is this post. I really love infographics!

  31. I could use a grown up basket! These are some fun facts to dazzle at dinner next Easter. Really cool infographic!

  32. I like that infographic. Now I want some Cadbury Creme Eggs.

  33. I’m not crazy about Peeps, call me crazy. Cadbury Eggs on the other hand… yes please!

  34. I would’ve never thought that people in the UK consumed more candy than we do in the US. Judging by the Easter baskets that my kids got, there’s no way I could believe it. Lol

  35. Dina

    I love love love world market. I never thought to use them for my easter baskets. Great ideas.

  36. I can’t believe how many peeps are eaten! I do eat my fair share of them!

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