Cheer on Team USA with P&G Product Purchases Walmart Divine lifestyle

Cheer on Team USA with P&G Product Purchases Walmart

Cheer on Team USA with P&G Product Purchases Walmart #LetsPowerTheirDreams @SheSpeaksUpCheer on Team USA with P&G Product Purchases Walmart

My family is very excited that the Olympic Games are here. We LOVE the Olympics and really enjoy watching the majority of the sports. We also love learning about the individual athletes and their stories of coming to the Olympics.  We hope you Cheer on Team USA with P&G Product Purchases Walmart.

My family supports the Olympic Games by shopping for our favorite P&G brands at Walmart to support Team USA. We have been having so much fun watching the Olympic Games at home.

I love that my family sees these athletes are heroes and someone to emulate. My daughter plays volleyball almost every day of the week and she has been playing for years. She was so excited to watch beach volleyball in the Olympic Games because she loves Olympian April Ross.

Cheer on Team USA with P&G Product Purchases Walmart #LetsPowerTheirDreams @SheSpeaksUpOlympic Beach Volleyball & Aussie ® 3 Minute Miracle Smooth Treatment

Olympian April Ross is competing in beach volleyball and styling her hair with Aussie® 3 Minute Miracle Smooth Treatment just like we are. This Miracle Smooth Treatment is the best thing ever for my hair.

Features of Aussie® 3 Minute Miracle Smooth Treatment:

  • Gets your frizz under control in just 3 short minutes.
  • Is a deep moisturizing conditioner that smooths your wily locks, leaving you with soft, swoon-worthy hair.
  • Made with a touch of Olive Oil and Australian Ginseng.

Cheer on Team USA with P&G Product Purchases Walmart #LetsPowerTheirDreams @SheSpeaksUp Aussie Hair 3 minute miracle smoothAussie Hair products really fit within my family's lifestyle.  All of the girls in this house have long hair and we definitely need product for it. I have been using Aussie Hair products for years and I buy them for my daughters as well. Shopping at Walmart helps me stay within budget while supporting the Olympians at the same time.

P&G products are available at Walmart for an everyday low price. Let’s power their dreams. Buy the brands that support Team USA by shopping for P&G products at Walmart.

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Head to Walmart today and shop for your favorite P&G products to support the Olympics. Cheer on Team USA with P&G Product Purchases Walmart

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/P&G.

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  1. I love that P&G supports the Olympics like this!! I love Aussie hair products they do such a great job!!

  2. I love P&G products. And I am so loving the Olympics so far, I have watched them every night!

  3. I wait every leap year for the Olympics. I love the competition and watching athletes accomplish their dreams. I make it a habit to support brands that support Olympians. – Yolonda

  4. I am so going to miss the Olympics! Nice to see companies like P & G getting behind the athletes with such ardent fervor.

  5. Krystal

    I used to use that 3 minute miracle all the time when I was younger. I will have to give it a try again.

  6. We’ve been watching the Olympics and so good to know that P&G is supporting the Olympics. Would love to try that hair conditioner. I think my hair needs that.

  7. Kathy

    I love P&G products! They’re some of the only ones I’ll use. They have many wonderful products for my family.

  8. Jacqui Odell

    Just another great reason to love P&G! This reminds me I need to go shopping this weekend. Out of shampoo!

  9. Lots of great team this year! I haven’t tried any of the Aussie products but I want to.

  10. The irony of Aussie hair products supporting Team USA is pretty funny to me. I do like it when companies give back though.

  11. Emma Spellman

    I love Aussie. I have been using it for years and it makes my hair look great!

  12. I love the Aussie products especially their Sprunch line. My favorite thing about the Aussie products is their great smell.

  13. parpar de real

    I haven’t heard about this, but I’m sure my wife would love to try this products.

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