Earn Cash Back from Restaurants with Free Groupon+ Deals
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Earn Cash Back from Restaurants with Free Groupon+ Deals

Earn Cash Back from Restaurants with Free Groupon+ Deals #GrouponPlusThis Earn Cash Back from Restaurants with Free Groupon+ Deals #GrouponPlus post is sponsored in collaboration with Groupon and Fourstarzz Media. All opinions are my own and honest.

Earn Cash Back from Restaurants with Free Groupon+ Deals #GrouponPlus

I am big fan of saving money no matter where I go or where I am shopping. I work hard for my money so that when I spend it, I want to make absolutely certain that I maximizing my spending by spending as little as possible and getting great deals. As an avid shopper, I tend to be always aware when there are new ways to save and earn money. We hope that you enjoy this Earn Cash Back from Restaurants with Free Groupon+ Deals #GrouponPlus post.

For years, I have been a Groupon lover. From the moment they first came out, I have long been a fan of Groupon and have saved thousands of dollars. I bought the majority of my Christmas presents through Groupon and whenever I travel, I look for deals to try out new places. I am really excited to share another great reason to use Groupon. That reason is Groupon+ and this new feature lets you earn cash back from all of your favorite participating restaurants.

Meet Groupon+

Groupon+ is a new and easy way to earn cash back at participating local restaurants. Simply use your eligible Visa or Mastercard (mine was already in my account) and then, claim your Groupon+ deal and it will automatically be linked to your account. Next pay at the restaurant with your linked Mastercard or Visa and you will automatically earn cash back on your credit card statement for the deal that you claimed. The charge MUST be processed as a credit card to qualify for the cash back deal. As an added bonus, Groupon+ deals are free to claim and super easy to use. You can use a Groupon+ deal instantly and then continue to use the deal as many times as you want until it expires.

Where to Eat First with Groupon+

We are excited to use the deal first at Original Chow Baby where a few nights ago for dinner. We love this restaurant and have been there many times so getting 5% back on top of that is a deal! I go shopping at the mall a few times each year. Every single time I shop, I HAVE to get a cinnamon sugar pretzel from Auntie Anne's. I love them and with Groupon+ I can get 20% cash back on my next trip. One of my kids favorite after school treats is frozen yogurt and since I can get 20% Cash Back at Yogli Mogli, we will definitely be stopping by soon. Not only are the cheeseburgers amazing, you can also get 25% Cash Back At Cheeseburger Bobby’s right near our house. They also have this delicious, creamy custard that is worthy of a visit on its own. There are a lot of local restaurant choices that I can wait to try out as well.

Earn Cash Back from Restaurants with Free Groupon+ Deals #GrouponPlusHow to Use Groupon+ 

Claim deals for free

Any deal that you claim through Groupon+ is free. Groupon will not charge your credit card when claiming Groupon+ deals.

Earn Cash Back from Restaurants with Free Groupon+ Deals #GrouponPlusVoucherless

With the voucherless Groupon+ system, there is nothing to print or bring to the restaurant. In fact, there is no need to even show your phone or mention the deal. You earn cash back through your Groupon account with your registered credit card which appears on your next statement. It's easy to earn, with no hassle.

Earn savings on your total bill

No matter what you spend at the restaurant, your cash back percentage in the exact same because you earn savings on your total bill. Spend $10 or $100, you earn up to 30% automatic cash back. Head to Groupon+ to see what your favorite restaurant is offering.Earn Cash Back from Restaurants with Free Groupon+ Deals #GrouponPlus

Savings EVERY time you visit

Anytime you want to use your Groupon+ deal again, just visit the restaurant. No need to reclaim the same deal since it is already in your Groupon account.

A recent Groupon survey shared that nearly 80% of people would use a discount on a date. I know that I would and have used Groupon for many events. I absolutely love how easy Groupon+ is to use. I was able to find many restaurants near me and added them within minutes so we could then decide on where we were going to have dinner. I have to admit that the more cash back I was offered, the more appealing the restaurant.

So what are you waiting for? Get your Groupon+ deals today!! We hope that you enjoyed this Earn Cash Back from Restaurants with Free Groupon+ Deals #GrouponPlus post.

Earn Cash Back from Restaurants with Free Groupon+ Deals #GrouponPlusGet social with Groupon

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  1. I probably do not take advantage of Groupon as much as I should. They have some great deals.

  2. Oh wow I had no idea that Groupon offered things like cashback I really don’t check it out enough as I am sure I could be earning more from it.

  3. Ok that is nifty! I like this new concept from Groupon. I had kind of given up on using them (had too many deals expire and never use). I will try this out since we eat out a lot.

  4. Jennifer Van Huss

    Wow! That is an amazing deal! I love shopping or dining at places that offer you incentives to come back (in this case free money!) It makes it feel worth it spending my money there!

  5. lisalisa

    OMGoodness, I love Groupon, I just used them last night to grab some movie ticket deals. You can find so many great deals on their site!

  6. I have never used Groupon but it is so great to get deals on things you would eat or buy anyway. I wil look into these deals for when I go to the mall near me.

  7. Tim B

    Wow not just a discount but cash back too?! This is a really great deal!

  8. We don’t eat out a ton but I always love finding new ways to stretch my dollar. I will have to check it out and start using Groupon deals.

  9. There is certainly a Groupon deal for everything! This is exactly why I always check them out. I recommend Groupon to friends and I never leave home to shop without looking for deals first. I am happy that there are restaurant deals too. What a way to save money and have a great time with family.

  10. Kristi

    I love finding food deals on Groupon, it’s gets out and about trying some new places and foods.

  11. Whoa. I have never heard of Groupon+ before. I love Groupon – bought bunches of them as Christmas gifts because it’s such fun to give the gift of an experience and I save so much money with them.

  12. Amy

    I think this Groupon concept is really cool. I have always loved checking out their site for deals.

  13. Wow. That is one easy way to earn cash back! No more lugging coupons around! I have to try Groupon deals too. Now that we have some family visiting, I can treat them to a nice dinner at the restaurant and still get so much savings back. Yay!

  14. I’ve seen these offers on Groupon, but I wasn’t really sure how they worked. I’ll be trying one soon.

  15. I love using Groupon to find deals on new restaurants to try! I have saved so much money by doing this

  16. Katrina Ellen

    Any sort of cash back is a great blessing. I love to earn when I am already planning to eat out anyways. Groupon has always been amazing for this.

  17. We have used Groupon in the past to dine in a restaurant here and we saved 50% off from it. It sure was a great deal. Gotta love Groupon!

  18. I used to use Groupon a lot when we lived in California. Sadly they don’t do much here in Iowa. Hopefully Groupon+ will be better!

  19. I had no idea that you can get cashback with Groupon. That is extremely exciting because I use Groupon quite a bit and I would love to get some cash back.

  20. I never knew Groupon could be so useful! I will definitely be looking into getting this app.

  21. I didn’t know you could get cash back from Groupon!! I’ve bought gift certificates for restaurants and got great deals. I’m going to have to pay closer attention to the deals now!

  22. Sinisa

    I love groupon but rarely use it. This new way seems more user friendly and more interesting, I think I will use Groupon more in the future now.

  23. I already loved Groupon, but now I love it even more! This is absolutely brilliant. I’m going to have to check to see what Groupon+ restaurants are in my area. That’s an easy-peasy way to save some extra money!

  24. Oh my gosh. I have neglected my Groupon app and didn’t know anything about the plus version. I need to get on board and start taking advantage of all the savings. We eat out way to often!

  25. This is super cool, I had no clue this was even an option. We end out more than I’d like to admit, so this could come in handy.

  26. I love using Groupon for deals. It’s great that you can now get cash back.

  27. I have used Groupon a few times and totally love it! I love that there is the cash back option now too. What an amazing incentive to use it more often.

  28. Does this still work now July 2020?? Thanks.

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