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Download the CelebYou App today


Win Prizes in the #HowWeHalloween Challenge - Download the #CelebYou App today

Win Prizes in the #HowWeHalloween Challenge – Download the CelebYou App today

Halloween looks a little different this year. Across the world, those who celebrate Halloween will have to configure a completely different holiday this year. There won't be trick-or-treaters in most cities so if you want to celebrate, you might need to reconfigure things just a bit. That's what we did. We took our Halloween virtual and shared it with you guys below and on the CelebYou Talent Challenge App. We hope that you are ready to download the #CelebYou App today. Read on for more info.



What is the CelebYou App?

CelebYou provides unique and exciting real world experiences for everyone and anyone that loves the arts, entertainment, athletics, design and more. This celebrity-hosted, influencer-supported App that gives consumers an opportunity to participate in fun and exciting competition-based challenges. Participants become eligible to win once-in-a-lifetime experiences and life-changing opportunities. It's kind of like a singing contest app meets all wrapped up in fun talent challenges offering Amazon gift card prizes for top videos. Look for a fun talent challenge for charity coming soon!

Download the CelebYou App for FREE to upload videos and enter challenges TODAY!

Join the CelebYou Challenges

There are several types of challenges that you can join in order win prizes. You just have to make a video. It's that easy!

Enter to WIN in the CelebYou #HowWeHalloween Halloween Challenge 

We are thrilled to share the CelebYou app with you guys and even more excited to share this fun, Halloween challenge. The CelebYou #HowWeHalloween Challenge invites YOU to share how they Halloween. That's right! Anyone can enter the CelebYou Halloween Challenge AND it's FREE. There is absolutely no cost to enter and you can win one of the following prizes:

  • $500 for 1st Place
  • $250 for 2nd Place
  • $100 for 3rd Place
  • $50 for Honorable Mention (two winners)

How to Enter

  1. Download the CelebYou Talent Challenge App from the App Store or on Google Play. Click on the Halloween Challenge.
  2. Produce your own video showing how you celebrate Halloween.
  3. Upload the video.
  4. Ask friends & family to vote for your video. Top videos can win Amazon gift cards (1st Place: $500; 2nd Place $250; 3rd Place $100; 2 Honorable Mention Winners who will each get $50)
  5. Submit as many videos as you want! Each one counts as an entry. Good luck!

Boo Your Neighbors

Download our FREE Printable We've Been Booed Halloween cards to share with friends and neighbors. FREE You've Been Booed Printable

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  1. Ben

    This sounds like a cool contest. I mean, even if you never win, you still have a lot of fun just entering. Very awesome.

  2. Shilpa Bindlish

    These are some crazy prizes. I am certainly gonna check this app and will try participating.

  3. Ooooppps… NOT a huge fan of Hallowwen (I know I know…. booooo….) Although my kids will be out and about:)

  4. Kevin Brotac

    I love Halloween! Thank you very much for sharing these contest, I am downloading this app rght now!

  5. This is the first time I am hearing about this app and it seems to be very interesting. Will definitely check this out.

  6. My teens have mentioned this app but I had no idea it had challenges and prizes. I’ll be downloading it for sure!

  7. That sounds like a cool app. I might have to check it out.

  8. Thanks for introducing and sharing both the app and the challenge! That sounds interesting in the Halloween season. Definitely I would take a try.

  9. I love Halloween. It’s one of my favourite holidays. I’m not sure what its going to look like here, it’s never been very big in Australia. I’ll have to look into Celebyou app. I’ve never heard of it but a potential prize for Halloween sounds like a good time to me.

  10. Ann

    Its the first time I am hearing about this app, but it ssure seems good! Happy Halloween! 🙂

  11. Gervin Khan

    Oh! This sounds interesting and exciting! It looks really fun and it’s perfect for the upcoming season!

  12. Veronika Sykorova

    Oh wow this is the first time I’m hearing aobut this! Downloading the app right now!

  13. Celebyou app seems like a good app for fitness. I will download it for sure. I’ll read more about it.

  14. I had never heard of this app before. This is really cool. The prizes are crazy awesome.

  15. i didnt even know there was such a cool app! i for sure will be downloading it

  16. This app sounds fantastic! Looking forward to upload my Halloween party 👌😁

  17. Natalie

    This sounds interesting and so exciting. I’m downloading the app right now. Thanks for this!

  18. I will definitely be entering to win some of these amazing prizes! The celebu app sounds like so much fun!

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  20. Ohhh….this is easy enough to do! I hope I win the 500 dollars.

  21. This sounds like fun. I will have to check it out and join in the fun

  22. Ryan Escat

    This sounds so fun! I don’t know if my cousin in U.S. knows about this. I will still share this to her anyways.

  23. This is a really fun contest! I love the Halloween spirit, and the prize is great.

  24. I have to do this! My family loves Halloween, so this is the perfect contest for us.

  25. This is a great way to show off your creativity and maybe win. I have been thinking how to celebrate and this is a perfect way to get the whole family involved.

  26. Halloween and all the holidays this year will be looking so much different for many of us. This is a great idea to turn a day into a celebration. So much fun.

  27. This is such a fun idea! I will definitely check out this app and try to win.

  28. Kathy

    I’m going to have to look in to this app. I sure do love Halloween. I think this is a wonderful idea.

  29. Sherry

    This sounds like such a fun challenge and such great prizes. It will be interesting to see how everyone else is celebrating Halloween this year.

  30. Monica Simpson

    Sounds like a fun contest. I also have been wanting to “boo” our neighbors!

  31. Ryan Escat

    This competition is so exciting,I wish I was living there so that I can also join. Sad😭

  32. Stefani

    I haven’t heard of this app yet. Will have to check it out.

  33. This seems like a fun activity. It is always nice to find new ways to have fun on the phone.

  34. So many apps at this point in life. This seems to be cool and fun.

  35. Erin

    I love Halloween and this looks like fun! I’ll have to look into this app and try it!!

  36. Natalie

    These are really impressive prizes. Thank you so much for sharing. I will definitely check this up!

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