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DOVE® Whole Fruit Dipped in Dark Chocolate

Dove LogoNEWI have discussed this a ton on this blog…I love chocolate. I really, really love chocolate. I love dark chocolate and milk chocolate but dark a little more. I dream of dark chocolate. Sometimes. Seriously.

I also love trying new recipes with chocolate. We have gotten pretty experimental with chocolate in the kitchen. We have made our own chocolate candies to some of the best dark chocolate cake I have ever had. Yum.

I also like snacking on chocolate and chocolate covered fruit is my husband's favorite. We just tried DOVE® Whole Fruit Dipped in Dark Chocolate and OMG they are really good. We tried the blueberry and the cherry flavors but I mostly had the blueberry because my husband kept hiding the cherry (his favorite) on me.

DOVE Dark Chocolate Dipped Fruit


As the #1 solid dark chocolate on the market, the unique, silky-smooth taste of DOVE® Dark Chocolate lives up to people’s expectations of what chocolate should taste like. DOVE® Whole Fruit Dipped In Dark Chocolate has now combined the health and wellness benefits of dark chocolate with fruit. This is real fruit dipped in silky smooth DOVE® Dark Chocolate and it is delicious.

Always silky smooth on the tongue with a complex flavor, each DOVE Chocolate product starts with only the best cacao beans. Available in three varieties of real, whole fruit – cranberry, cherry and blueberry, DOVE® Fruit uses a delicious combination of real fruit dipped in silky smooth DOVE® Dark Chocolate.

DOVE® Whole Cranberries Dipped in Creamy Dove Dark Chocolate

A perfect pairing of real whole dried cranberries dipped in delicious creamy Dove dark chocolate to form an exceptional experience that is sure to excite your taste buds.

DOVE® Whole Cherries Dipped in Creamy Dove Dark Chocolate

A pairing of real whole dried blueberries dipped in DOVE® dark chocolate.

DOVE® Whole Blueberries Dipped in Creamy Dove Dark Chocolate

Delicious blueberries covered in DOVE® dark chocolate.

Dove with Ice Cream 4 


We wanted to get creative with our DOVE Chocolate but the fact is, we really wanted to savor it. So we took a handful of the DOVE® Dark Chocolate Blueberries and mixed them with vanilla ice cream. The results were fabulous. My entire family now loves this dessert.

Dove with Ice Cream 3


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Disclaimer: Compensation was provided by DOVE® Dark Chocolate via MomTrends. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Dove or Momtrends.

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30 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. ellen beck

    You know I am a nightowl.. and see these posts after midnight! I am loving the look of these I adore fruit and Dove chocolate, I would love to try any of these but the cherries in particular look wonderful.

  2. Julie Wood

    I am going to have to try the DOVE® Whole Cherries Dipped in Creamy Dove Dark Chocolate! They look delicious and healthy. I like Dove Chocolate and think that this is a good way to get the healthy benefits of fruit and chocolate.

  3. Robin Masshole Mommy

    Dove chocolate is so good, isn’t it? I love dipping different fruits into chocolate.

  4. I’ve tried these before at a home party. Such amazing chocolate goodness!

  5. I’d love to try these! Something different and fresh. Love the dark chocolate.

  6. That’s totally amazing! I can’t wait to give this a try in my ice cream! Yum!

  7. This sounds amazing. I love anything dipped in dark chocolate. I’ll have to snag some the next time I’m out.

  8. The cherry ones are SOOOOO GOOD! Anytime fruit is covered in chocolate it’s delicious. You had me at chocolate.

  9. I love Dove chocolates for a nice treat. I am am thrilled to see the new fruit variety.

  10. Catherine S

    These look really good. I love dark chocolate and fruit so I can’t wait to pick some up.

  11. As if it wasn’t enough to have Dove Chocolate, they had to make it even better? These sound amazing!

  12. Gosh those sound good right now. The cranberry chocolates are definitely drawing my attention.

  13. Oh I can’t talk right now. I am having a big craving.

  14. I’m a huge chocolate freaky but I haven’t ever tried chocolate with fruit. Looks so good! I would love to try this!

  15. What are you doing to me? I am trying to give up sugar. Now all I can think about is chocolate and fruit and ice cream 🙂


    I seriously do adore Dove chocolates. They are some of my favorites!

  16. Oh wow the chocolate covered blueberries would be a big hit in my house :).We do not have Dove chocolate here but the design reminds me of another brand so they maybe the same just using a different name over here.

  17. This sounds fantastic! I need to look for this at the store!!

  18. Yum, blueberries in chocolate sound amazing. I will definitely be looking for these when I go shopping.

  19. I saw these and they look so good. I want to try them for sure.

  20. ooo yum! I would love the chocolate and blueberry! Over ice cream would be perfect!

  21. Oh my! These look absolutely amazing! I want them all! The cranberry’s would probably be my fav.

  22. I will definitely be looking for these on my next shopping trip. They look delicious!

  23. Oh my goodess how dare Dove make these! I really want to try the blueberries covered in chocolate. Thanks for the tasty review.

  24. Dove makes such good chocolate. I would love to try these, for sure!

  25. I have wanted to try to Dove Chocolate with banana. It looks so tasty.

  26. Those look so yummy. Although I am not a big dark chocolate fan, I could munch on some

  27. I’m definitely going to try these! My youngest won’t eat blueberries, but I bet she would if they were covered in chocolate!

  28. That sounds, and looks delightful. I like a treat like this in the middle of the day.

  29. I love Dove chocolates. These Dove Whole Fruit Chocolate Dipped ones sound super yummy! I need to check these out.

  30. Bill McGovern

    Wow! I didn’t know these existed. I think we’ll try the Whole Blueberries Dipped in Dove Creamy Dark Chocolate.

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