Dos and Donts of a Blogging Sponsored Post Influencer

Dos and Donts of a Blogging Sponsored Post

Dos and Donts of a Blogging Sponsored Post

Dos and Donts of a Blogging Sponsored PostDos and Donts of a Blogging Sponsored Post

Starting a blog can be scary. It’s a thrill and it can either sink or it can flop. Because the blogging world is all about connection, community and commitment I wanted to share some of my all time Do’s and Don’ts of what I’ve learned takes a real blog to stand out amongst the crowd. While there are probably a laundry of list things you should or shouldn’t do, to me, these are the ones that you can actually start applying to your blog this very minute! So what are waiting for? Let’s share a few Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to blogging! We hope that you enjoy these Dos and Donts of a Blogging Sponsored Post.

Dos and Donts of a Blogging Sponsored Post

Dos of a Blogging Sponsored Post

1. Do Understand The Industry

Look around you. Look at the blogs you’re loving and wanting to interact with. Figure out who those key players are when it comes to being successful. Also figure out who your competition is and begin to research who you want to partner up with as well!


2. Do Ask Questions

If you don’t put yourself out there and ask your questions, you’ll always be left wondering. Go ahead and get your questions asked! Don’t feel like you can’t reach out to brands just because your blog is new or you don’t have many followers! The worst anyone can say is no. So put yourself out there and ask a brand to sponsor you on something- or a friend to help with a part of HTML you are unsure of.


3. Do Learn SEO and Why It’s Essential To Blogging

I’ve gotten so many questions about what SEO is, how it’s beneficial to blogging and how in the world do you know what the write key words are to help boost your blog traffic? Google seems to really keep you on your toes when it comes to algorithms and if you don’t want to deal with the hussle and bussle yourself, then you should hire and expert. Who are you going to call? RankCrew ! This highly motivated team of experts knows everything and anything dealing with SEO, linkbacks, backlinks and more to provide you and your blog the best possible care! They offer 3 packages to take your website to the next level and singing up with them is free! The best part is that they offer 24/7, 365 days a week service so you don’t have to stress when things go wrong! With over 16 years experience, you know you and your website are in the best hands possible to helping get exposure and pageviews.


4. Do Promote

Not only is blogging about networking and connecting with others, but it’s also about promoting those bloggers work that you love!  What was the last great article you couldn’t help but swoon over? Or that hilarious video that blogger made with her and her three kids? Promote it and share about it on your social channels. Better yet- TELL THEM you are promoting it to let them know and chances are, they will want to do the same for you and your posts!

Dos and Donts of a Blogging Sponsored PostDonts of a Blogging Sponsored Post

1. Don’t Pretend To Be Someone Else

If  there is one thing that makes anyone successful, its being true to themselves. This can be scary of course, but everyone appreciates real, authentic individuals. So you may have to walk that scary line but putting yourself out there could always help or improve someone else who may be struggling with something you were able to accomplish!


2. Don't Worry About Followers

Look, everyone starts from 0. Those that have a million followers, don’t worry about that. Trust your work, trust what you are doing is inspiring, engaging and focus on your blog's value. The followers will come and go and those that are enjoying your work will stay, promote and be in your back corner every step of the way.


3. Don’t Try To Do It All

Believe me, I’ve failed at this so many times. With so many hats to wear you are going to make yourself sick with worry, frustration and above all, you won’t be putting your best foot forward. From the very beginning, set small incremental goals for yourself. Even if it’s something small like post twice this week and promote it on 3 social channels. Once you get the hang of that, keep going and add a few things at a time to not stress yourself out.


4. Don’t Give Up

We all have our great moments and our bad moments. It can feel like blogging might not be for you. I promise, don’t give up. Don’t throw away the towel just yet friend. Keep going. Keep up those late hours because you feel compelled to write, to share a story, a moment or a memory. It’ll impact someone. Maybe not today or tomorrow but it will help. Your story matters. Your blog matters. You matter. So keep moving forward.

We hope that you enjoyed these Dos and Donts of a Blogging Sponsored Post.

What are some Dos and Donts that you’ve noticed while blogging?

Dos and Donts of a Blogging Sponsored Post

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  1. These are some awesome and important tips! As bloggers, we have to grasp that at the end of the day, we are business people! Ethics are key and these tips point them out perfectly! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Good post. I agree with not overdoing it. Blogger burnout is real. We all should be supportive of each other. Blogging is hard work! Thanks for your tips.

  3. These are definitely some great tips when it comes to writing a sponsored post. I think that promoting is definitely important as is writing it in your own voice.

  4. I love this tips that you shared. I always have that problem where I think I can do it all when I just can’t. I am starting to learn to only take what I can handle and that has helped with the quality of my articles.

  5. These are all great tips for writing a sponsored post! I always have to double check myself and make sure my disclosure is prominent and my links are all no-follow!!

  6. All great tips! It is so important to make sure you read your post carefully for edits, grammar, typos, etc. High quality photos. And lots of social media!

  7. Adaleta

    This is so awesome! I have learned it is so important not to let mean or rude people get you down, focus on building yourself and supporting those who are kind!

  8. Such great tips! We only do sponsored posts of brands or products that we like. And promoting them in all our social media channels is important.

  9. Nicely done, love post and agree with you.
    As a matter of fact saved and share the post.
    Thanks for the great tips@

  10. Dogvills

    I remember that time when sponsored post offers were few and far between. I was about to give up blogging then. Good thing I stayed around a while longer. I guess you just have to get your name out there and soon offers will come pouring in.

  11. These are great tips for doing sponsored posts. It really is important to ensure that you edit your post accordingly.

  12. These are awesome tips and suggestions. I usually found the bloggers networks from other bloggers. Pay attention to those little badges, those are vital networks to utilise.

    Don’t be too good to give back to the newbies too. Remember you were once there.

    Also, use facebook groups to contect with like minded individuals and bloggers who support each other.

    Also, don’t get frustrated if you don’t make money out the gate. There is a learning curve and most businesses take 3 years to build. The great thing about a blog, there is low overhead but do invest in your business when make some money.

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