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DIY Spring Throw and Bolster Pillows

DIY Spring Throw and Bolster Pillows #WaverlyInspirations #InaWaverlyWorldThis DIY Spring Throw and Bolster Pillows #WaverlyInspirations #InaWaverlyWorld post is brought to you in partnership with Waverly Inspirations and its parent company, Iconix. I have been compensated for my time. All opinions and ideas are my own. Read our full disclosure policy here.

DIY Spring Throw and Bolster Pillows #WaverlyInspirations #InaWaverlyWorld

Spring is almost here and I am excited to share these adorable pillows with you in some of favorite spring colors. I am especially fond of the bolster pillow and because it is on the smaller side, you can definitely travel with it or use it in other places around your home.


  • Waverly Fabric from Walmart
  • Square Throw Pillows to Recover or Pillow Forms
  • 1 standard pillow (available at walmart)
  • masking tape
  • White thread
  • Sewing Machine


Press your fabric to remove all creases. Follow directions below for each pillow.


  1. Measure fabric for your square or rectangle pillows.
  2. Measure your pillow, and add 1″ on the top and bottom and for the balance of the fabric you double the size of your pillow and add 6″. This allows for a 1″ seam allowance.
  3. For example: My pillow was 15″. My final piece of fabric is 17″ x 36″. (15+1+1 = 17 and 15+15+6=36)
  4. Fold the short ends of your fabric 1″ and then press. Fold again and press to create the hem. Bring the 2 folded ends together and overlap them as shown. Pin the top and bottom of the pillow pattern to hold it in place.
  5. Stitch the top and bottom of the fabric. Turn the fabric right side out and you'll have a pillow form! Open the pocket and slide your throw pillow into the form.


  1. To make a round lumbar pillow, roll a standard pillow up and tape with masking tape. Wrap the masking tape all the way around the pillow to secure it.
  2. Measure and cut your fabric to 20″ x 26″. Fold the short ends of the fabric in 1″ and press. Fold in again and press to create a hem. Bring the 2 hems together and overlap slightly. Pin the top and bottom and stitch.
  3. Turn the fabric right side out and stuff your pillow inside. Now, this is a rectangle cover for a round pillow. Just tuck the ends of the rectangles into the ends of the pillow and it follows the round pillow shape.


  1. For this 15″ pillow, cut a piece of floral fabric 16″ x 17″ and a solid piece of fabric 20″ x 17″. Piece the two pieces of fabric together so it measures 17″ x 36″ with a 1″ seam allowance where the two fabrics intersect. Pin two pieces of fabric together and press.
  2. Stitch the area where the 2 fabrics intersect and fold the short ends of your fabric 1″ and then press. Fold again and press to create the hem. Bring the 2 folded ends together and overlap them as shown.
  3. Pin the top and bottom of the pillow pattern to hold it in place.
  4. Stitch the top and bottom of the fabric. Turn the fabric right side out and you'll have a pillow form! Open the pocket and slide your throw pillow into the form.

We hope that you love these DIY Spring Throw and Bolster Pillows #WaverlyInspirations #InaWaverlyWorld


The Waverly Inspirations collection takes its design direction from its rich archives of American design and updates these patterns for today’s consumer. Whether you are a beginner sewer or crafter, or an experienced one, Waverly Inspirations has something for everyone. From fabric to ribbon, from craft paint to home décor. Waverly Inspirations can help you with all of your decorating needs.


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  1. Ann

    I have a thing for pillows. Those are beautiful and look easy enough to make. I will definitely be following your instructions. Thanks!

  2. Amy Desrosiers

    I love the fabric colors you chose here. They are so refreshing an make me crave spring!

  3. Oh I bet this was a really fun project. The fabric patterns and colors were so cute! I’m loving the new accents!

  4. TColeman

    These are so ridiculously cute. I would love to make some of these to liven up the house for Spring.

  5. lisa

    I love those patterns and colors. I actually think my non-crafty self could make these too!

  6. I love these! They’re so bright and colourful!

  7. Ann Bacciaglia

    I never thought to just cover the pillows I already have. I am looking to freshen up the look of my living room. for spring.

  8. These turned out so nice. I will have to get some floral material to make mine for my bedroom. I think I will go with a solid color for the living room.

  9. Kathy

    Those turned out really nice. I love the colors you chose. I’ll have to make some of these too. They’ll go great in our living room.

  10. These are so cute! I love the prints. Just perfect for Spring! 😀

  11. I never knew you could use regular pillows folded to make a great bolster pillow. I am a big fan of covering older pillows and chairs with new fabric to make it like new.

  12. They look amazing! Love the colors! I wish I could sew!! 

  13. You are so talented. I will admit to a certain skill with color but when it comes to sewing I left everything I learned in in Home Ec behind. Yes, I am THAT old….

  14. Tracey

    These add such a fun pop of colour and I love that they are easy to make (for the non-crafty people like me1). I will have to try this DIY out.

  15. Robin rue

    What a fun project! I love how colorful the pillows are.

  16. Those pillows are so pretty! I love using throw pillows like this to change up a room. And I love how easy they are to make!

  17. Those look nice. You did a great job on these. They seem like they’re easy to make, which is always a plus.

  18. Pam

    Those pillow covers are perfect for spring. And what a clever hack to make a lumbar pillow, too.

  19. I love how pillows soften up a room and make furniture more welcoming. I love the fun spring colors your chose for your pillows!

  20. I love these! They are so springy and look so easy to make. I’m now planning to go get material and start my spring pillows!

  21. You did such a good job here!
    Such lively colors – your pictures are great.

  22. Jeanine

    These are really cute! What a great idea. I LOVE doing my own DIY decor and this would be perfect for our backyard!

  23. Brianne

    What great DIY! I love making throw pillows for each season!

  24. I really adore these prints and colors! So refreshing and adorable!

  25. Love this idea to add a pop of color to a room or patio furniture. Great job!

  26. I really love these patterns, very spring time! This is such a great idea too, i need to freshen up my couch with these!

  27. I adore the colors of the fabrics that you used! So adorable!

  28. Very fun colors too! It reminds me of spring. I wonder if I can get some water resistant fabric for this!

  29. Pam

    We’ve made several throw pillows but not the round ones. It looks simple the way you show it. 

  30. I wish I were better with a sewing machine. I fail at them. However, my sister is a whiz and I LOVE these. I will be asking her to make something for me soon 😉

  31. These are so bright and cheery. I have my sewing machine out all the time and have the perfect fabric for these.

  32. Ahhhh! I LOVE these! They add the perfect touch for spring!

  33. I love how something as simple as a pillow cover change can change a whole room!! Great post!!

  34. Cat

    Love the spring inspiration! Such a great way to decorate the living room and bring some Spring decor in without having to change too much around. 

  35. I love the colors and patterns. The tutorial looks very easy. I would love to try my hands at this.

  36. You made these look so easy to make! I love throw pillows they brighten up a space and make it feel more homey. Hopefully I’ll remember my sewing skills from Home Ec and be able to make them look half way decent!

  37. I used to do a lot of home decor sewing. My favorite fabrics are by Waverly. So many pretty options.

  38. I wish that I had the time to learn how to sew. These pillows are adorable and perfect for spring. I wish that I had a porch swing. It would be perfect to chill on the porch this summer.

  39. What a great way to update a space! I love the bright colors. They are so pretty!

  40. Our Family World

    I love the floral piece! Would try this one once I find time.

  41. My Teen Guide

    These are perfect for teens to try as a project or even for personal use. Gives life to their bedroom.

  42. These are so cute! I love the fresh bold colors. I can’t wait until spring fully comes and I can open up the house!

  43. Victoria Heckstall

    This is creative and the fact that the seat is green, it is really like a flower that blossoms in the midst of greenery. Well done.

  44. I have a bedding set and curtains in the same pattern as the yellow fabric except mine is grey and white not yellow, I love swapping out pillows and accessories seasonally.

  45. Omg how cute are these pillows!!! Perfect for spring time!!!

  46. Very bright and cozy. Really adds a pop of color to your room. Makes me want to bring out my sewing equipment.

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