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20 DIY Kitchen Open Shelving Projects

20 DIY Kitchen Open Shelving Projects20 DIY Kitchen Open Shelving Projects

The kitchen has been on our list for a redo from the second we moved in to this house. We have the original 1968 kitchen complete with an avocado green sink and vent hood. We are styling old school. Combine that with small, dark wood cabinet, double oven and vinyl floors, we have just about the perfect canvas for a new r. And since we all love to cook in this household, everyone has opinions on what we need but since I am the mother, I get to decide what we need when it comes to DIY and first it's better shelving because a few years ago, I bought some gorgeous plates but they don't actually fit into our old cabinets. Now they are in another room and we rarely use them which makes me sad. So we need definitely need better shelving to start. We hope that you love these 20 DIY Kitchen Open Shelving Projects.

20 DIY Kitchen Open Shelving Projects

  1. DIY Open Shelving from loveandrenovations.com
  2. Simple Open Kitchen Shelves from theshabbycreekcottage.com
  3. DIY Heavy Duty, Bracket-Free Floating Kitchen Shelves from houseupdated.com
  4. Easy To Build Kitchen Shelves from cherishedbliss.com
  5. Open Shelving Ideas from inmyownstyle.com
  6. Kitchen Floating Live-Edge Shelves from diyinpdx.com
  7. Late Summer Farmhouse Open Kitchen Shelves from worthingcourtblog.com
  8. Modern White Kitchen Open Shelves from abeautifulmess.com
  9. Finding The Perfect Open-Shelving from housebyhoff.com
  10. Farmhouse Kitchen Open Shelves from town-n-country-living.com20 DIY Kitchen Open Shelving Projects
  11. Sassafras Kitchen Shelving from saltbushavenue.com
  12. DIY Copper Shelves For The Kitchen from boxycolonial.com
  13. Using An Etagere Shelf For Kitchen Storage & Display from thehappyhousie.porch.com
  14. Open Shelving In The Kitchen from askannamoseley.com
  15. DIY Copper Pipe Shelf from heylilahey.com
  16. DIY Open Wood Shelving from jaimecostiglio.com
  17. Basic Open Kitchen Shelves from create-enjoy.com
  18. DIY Open Shelving from sincerelysarad.com
  19. Kitchen Floating Shelves from notjustahousewife.net
  20. Open Shelving From Reclaimed Wood from shescraftycrafty.com

We hope that you are inspired by these 20 DIY Kitchen Open Shelving Projects.

20 DIY Kitchen Open Shelving Projects

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