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Disney Planes Movie Review

Disney Planes(Note to Readers: The Divine Miss Mommy was invited by Walt Disney Pictures to cover this special event and is covering all travel expenses. We are not otherwise compensated and our opinions remain our own.)


PLANES from Disney is very much a story of inspiration, a tale of ‘becoming more than who you were meant to be’ (that’s an actual line in the movie), the kind of film I want my children to see, no matter what their age.

I’m 40-something and loved every minute of the movie. I have no doubt all four of my kiddos, from 8 to 19, would enjoy it, too, girls and boys alike. It’s the kind of movie that has you leaving the theater searching your mind for all the goals you tucked away as just too hard to attempt. It’s my kind of movie.

PLANES revolves around Dusty, the cropduster, who dreams of being a world champion racer some day. His pals tell him how unrealistic, even dangerous, it is, but he feels he can beat the odds. He manages to convince an old WWII plane to help him train and the little cropduster soon evolves into a speed demon, without the demon part. In fact, there are times during races when he could win, but chooses to help other planes along the way instead.

Ultimately, those he helped end up giving him a hand as he continues on his marathon race. Another nice reminder for my kids, thank you very much Disney!

The movie incorporates a whimsical cast of characters who make the movie hysterical, from Teri Hatcher as the overly dramatic Dottie, to Val Kilmer and Anthony Edwards who are reunited as two fighter planes (yes, these are the same two we fell in love with in Top Gun!). The plot involves all kinds of twists and turns, literally and figuratively.

It’s romantic, silly, and, as I mentioned before, inspiring. In my opinion, it’s even better than CARS. And, in my opinion, a must-see with your family!





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