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Disney Magical World Game & Nintendo 3DS Mickey Limited Edition

We are Disney lovers in this family. We always have been! We thrilled to test out the Limited Edition Mickey 3 DS and play the Disney Magical World Game on it.

My kids loved the game from the start and they took it everywhere on our NYC vacation. They still play it almost every day.


The Disney Magical World game is a single player, role-playing game that takes players into the kingdom of Castleton where the population includes 60 different popular Disney characters, along with everyday villagers. Appropriate for boys or girls aged 7 and up, gameplay begins by establishing the identity of an avatar. Players then enter into the kingdom, greeted by ambassadors Minnie and Mickey in the central plaza. It is immediately apparent that various areas of the colorful 3D land are numbered. Access requires completion of a task that provides a sticker reward and the chance to advance to other geographical locations and challenges. Tasks are assigned by the host of characters and are displayed in text-filled balloons.

While enmeshed in the Magical World adventure, players have the chance to function in a variety of activities that include operating a cafe, being a carpenter, a chef, an interior designer or a warrior. Join Disney characters while farming, fishing or fighting off ghosts. Players participate in tasks at will and may venture from one to another. The various activities are found in the character-based worlds that surround the plaza. Completing a task may mean stepping into the realm of Aladdin, Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella or other environments. In addition to stickers, the cafe business awards owners with coins and challenges provide the opportunity for collecting more than 1,000 different objects.

The collected coins and objects are required to make necessary upgrades, create things from scratch or for completing different missions. Items flash when a player approaches making it easy to determine what objects to collect. An inventory gradually builds and players may earn additional coins by selling excess objects. Quests might also be repeated for the chance to accumulate a particular item multiple times. Players are assigned a health rating that changes during each mission. Surviving a level without using up health bars rewards participants with more items.

The game auto-saves during play, which ensures that players never lose progress. Players may also save the game manually. Users also have the option of connecting with others wirelessly and visit virtual neighboring communities. The depth of the game in the form of activities and challenges provides entertainment for weeks or months. Periodically, Disney offers seasonal updates for purchase that enable users to add new worlds and characters plus clothing or objects.


The Nintendo 3DS XL Limited Edition handheld device commemorates Disney and Mickey Mouse in particular. Weighing less that two pounds and measuring 1.85inches L x 8.62 inches W x 5.24 inches H, the ivory-colored exterior boasts an array of gold and white Mickey heads. The next-generation gaming unit displays 3D visuals without requiring players to wear 3D glasses. Additionally, the device features the ability to capture 3D photographs or connect with others via Wi-Fi. The Nintendo 3DS is compatible with all standard 2D or 3D Nintendo games. Equipped with a 4GB SD card, users may store photographs, music or videos. The Nintendo 3DS does not come with any games, which are sold separately.

Items were provided for review purposes.

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  1. Great for the kids! 2 thumbs up for this post! Thanks, I learned something here …

  2. Very good game. I Personally Disney Fan and Mickey Mouse is my favorite. My son really love his games he is a die hard fan of Mickey Mouse. Thanks for sharing this Amazing Game.

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