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Discovery Cove in Orlando, Florida

Discovery Cove in Orlando Florida Cabana

Discovery Cove in Orlando, Florida

Discovery Cove in Orlando, Florida provides a huge number of different attractions that are suitable for all people of all levels of physical fitness and ability. Because the park only allows in 1,300 people every day, it is possible for all visitors to have an experience that will be memorable.

The following attractions are available to those who purchase the Day Resort Package from Discovery Cove.


The Explorer's Aviary offers a tremendous amount of different types of birds that allow visitors to be surrounded by a wall of color and sound. There are no additional charges that are associated with this attraction, although food can be purchased to feed the birds.


The Grand Reef is a reef that is full of colorful, tropical fish and other sea life. Visitors will be provided with lockers for their clothing and snorkeling gear that will allow them to fully immerse themselves in the water and see everything there is. Sunscreen is even included.


This is a wading pond that allow people to come into close contact with sea otters, known for their playfulness, as well as marmosets who are both curious and brave enough to come up to the visitors.


Serenity Bay is a beautiful, freshwater pool that has been designated for swimming.


Wind-Away River is a tropical river that has a current that is strong enough to propel visitors along, giving them an up close view of waterfalls and underwater caverns. Guests will be equipped with snorkeling equipment so they can see the sea creatures below.


Every Day Resort Package includes a 30 minute swim with dolphins in a small bay. A trainer will accompany a small group of guests, assist as they first meet the dolphins, and help them take a dorsal fin tow ride. Children between the ages of 6 and 12 will need a paying adult with them.


Access to this attraction is included with a Day Resort Package, although there is a small, extra fee that will need to be paid. This is essentially an underwater walking tour of the ocean floor. Visitors wearing diving helmets and short wet suits can climb down a ladder and reach the floor of the reef. They will be able to come close to sharks and other sea creatures from behind a huge panoramic window that spans 21 feet. Schools of fish and manta rays can come even closer, with visitors even being able to touch them. There is a short orientation before this program.


Every Day Resort Package includes free access to SeaWorld and Aquatica, which is SeaWorld's water park. For an extra fee, access to Busch Gardens Tampa can be added.


Every guest will receive a free breakfast and lunch, both freshly prepared, from the park whenever they desire. Free snacks and drinks are available throughout the day.

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  1. Rosie

    Wow, all I’ve heard about Orlando, I didn’t know anything like this existed. especially limiting the number of people – to make it a quality experience. This is something I would love to experience!

  2. Nice places it seems very interesting to visit. I would love to have an experience with this places. Thanks for sharing

  3. robin rue

    I have been wanting to go there for SO long. I hope to get there someday soon with the kids.

  4. I have never been to Florida, but I have heard so many fantastic things from everyone I know who has gone! These photos are gorgeous and just call to the soul!

  5. Jonna

    This looks like so much fun! I think my husband and I need to start planning our next trip!!

  6. I have wanted to go there for forever!  We are trying to save our pennies so that we can go! It looks like such a wonderful place! 

  7. A friend of mine brought her daughter there and they loved it. I would love to bring my family there. I would love to swim with dolphins.

  8. This looks like the ideal vacation location! Something for everyone! I know my kids would love any sea adventure, no doubt!

  9. What a lovely place to visit. I love Florida and can’t wait to take my kids to Kissimmee when they are older.

  10. Claudia Krusch

    I have some of my favorite memories with my Son at Discovery Cove in Orlando, Florida. I would recommend it to anyone who will be in the area. We had so much fun I can not wait to go back.

  11. Discovery Cove in Orlando, Florida look like a great place to spend the day with the kids. I will have to check it out this summer. We are planning on being in the area for a few weeks.

  12. Amy Desrosiers

    There are so many gorgeous things to see and do in Orlando. I would love to check this place out!

  13. I have wanted to go to Discovery Cove in Florida forever. It’s like #2 on my bucket list, only underneath Australia and Australia Zoo. I love stingrays and being able to swim with them would be amazing.

  14. Sherry

    I would love to experience Discovery Cove. It looks like a fantastic place to visit with the family.

  15. Last year one of my writers were able to take their granddaughter to Discovery Cove and Sea World on a press trip. Her granddaughter loved swimming with the dolphins and a year later still talks about it.

  16. Lisa Collins

    There are dolphins! I must plan a trip and visit soon!

  17. That all looks like so much fun. I would love to visit if I get the chance.

  18. Discover Cove sounds like the best family adventure ever. I know you had me sold at Otters! They are one of my favorite animals.

  19. I would love to go here for vacation! The activities sound so fun!! Perfect for the family!

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