Dee's Hats Louisville's Derby Hat Headquarters
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Dee’s Hats Louisville’s Derby Hat Headquarters 14 Hands Wine

Dee's Hats Louisville's Derby Hat HeadquartersDee's Hats Louisville's Derby Hat Headquarters

When attending Oaks Day and the Kentucky Derby, one must have a fabulous hat to compliment your outfit. There is one hat store in Louisville that stands out above all others in regards to selection and pricing – Dee’s Hats. This year, Dee’s sold over 2,000 custom designed in store hats and over 700 online.

Since this was my first Derby, I went with the theory – Go big or go home! When we arrived to pick up our hats the day before Derby, women were literally lined up at the door waiting for opening time to either pick up their hats they had designed or to pick from the numerous décor options to have them created on the eve of the big day.

Dee's Hats Louisville's Derby Hat HeadquartersDee's Hats Louisville's Derby Hat Headquarters Dee's Hats Louisville's Derby Hat Headquarters

From Dee's Hats:

Kentucky Derby hats are a tradition dating back over 100 years. Dee’s hasn’t been around quite that long, but we’ve made our share of hats. In recent years we’ve expanded our offerings to include more designer hats, fascinators, 1000’s of yards of ribbon and trim, extra staff, a feather bar, and over 1000 unadorned hats for Dee’s designers to create a perfect Oaks or Derby hat for you.

Kentucky Derby hat season starts in January every year when our buyers head to Manhattan to find the latest styles and colors to bring back to the store. The season ends with you wearing a Dee’s creation on a sunny day in May. Ok, we can’t guarantee a sunny day, but we can promise you a fabulous custom-designed hat guaranteed to wow your friends!

We ship our hats to you anywhere in the U.S.A. Contact Anna at to start the conversation!

Dee's Hats Louisville's Derby Hat Headquarters Dee's Hats Louisville's Derby Hat Headquarters Dee's Hats Louisville's Derby Hat HeadquartersNext year, you can order your own custom designed Derby Hat or choose from popular designs online and have them shipped to your door by visiting their site:

Dee's Hats Louisville's Derby Hat Headquarters

Josh Duhamel LOVED my hat!

Check out Dee's Hats on Facebook.

14 Hands Horses Dee's Hats Louisville's Derby Hat Headquarters14 Hands Winery graciously hosted us as their guest at the 2016 Kentucky Derby. This once in a lifetime experience was absolutely amazing! We are so thankful.

14 Hands Logo Dee's Hats Louisville's Derby Hat HeadquartersGet social with 14 Hands Winery

To learn more about 14 Hands you can visit them on Facebook | Twitter | Youtube so you never miss the latest updates.

Autumn Murray - Lead Travel Writer for Divine Lifestyle and Founder of Simply Amazing Living

Autumn Murray

Autumn Murray is the Lead Travel Writer for Divine Lifestyle and the Founder of Simply Amazing Living Online Lifestyle Magazine.
Click here for more of her articles:  Simply Amazing Living

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29 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. Pam

    I have always wondered where people got their fancy Derby hats. Your hat is so neat.

  2. I would go to the Derby just for the hat wearing! This is so fun! What a great place and I love this hat and outfit.

  3. Wow. I love the hats. And I love that I know someone from this world that has actually gone to the Kentucky Derby.

  4. Those hats re all so colorful and festive! I have heard about them for years and have often thought it would be fascinating to see them in person.

  5. Looks like a great line of hats, loving all of your photos. Looks like a grand time!

  6. I have always wanted to go to the Derby just so I could wear a fancy hat like this! Your whole outfit is so cute!

  7. Oh how cool. They have such an amazing variety of Derby hats. I like the one you wore!

  8. All I can say is “What a gorgeous hat!” My mom used to design hats for her friends and family. Dee certainly has a lot of talent, and you have a lot of taste. Good choice for a festive day.

  9. Jeanine

    I love the big fancy hats I think they are always so neat to look at and see how big and crazy they’ll be. This is really neat! I love that theres a specific place to go to get some!

  10. Ryan Escat

    Nice post, my wife will be delighted to see those hats. She is a fashion blogger.

  11. Nicole Escat

    Wow, all of these hats look gorgeous! My favorite is the black one with pink! I also love your last picture, the huge rose.

  12. My mom used to be in the red hat society.
    So, I know she would appreciate this article.

  13. My sister won a hat contest this year during a Derby Party. I was so impressed with her. Next year, I need to up my game. Looks like just the place to do it!

  14. OK, that has got to be the coolest thing ever! I would love to see them making the hats!

  15. It looks like they have a great selection of hats that would be perfect for the Derby. I love the variety of colors.

  16. That is crazy. What creativity it takes to make so many different hats. There is surely something for everyone.

  17. Ann Bacciaglia

    I have always loved the hat fashion at the Derby. I would love to go and try a bunch of these beautiful hats on.

  18. Those are some absolutely gorgeous hats! While I was aiming to visit the place for real, I think I’ll dive in and visit the website. Hope I can have one soon, perfect for my beach sessions.

  19. Marzie

    Love the millinery ethos of “go big, or go home!” So much fun and your hat was just smashing with your dress. Did they design it to go with the dress or was it luck?

    • Autumn

      Thank you Marzie! It was pure luck.
      I didn’t know it at the time, but they did a close up of my hat on the news on Oaks Day. A few people stopped me to tell me they saw it on tv!

  20. Oh my! Your hat is so pretty! I would want to go to the Kentucky Derby simply so I can wear a hat as pretty as yours.

  21. ellen beck

    You look quite striking in your hat! I have never been to the Derby, but have watched it plenty. I love the Southern charm, and the hats are part of it. Some are tasteful, some so huge I dont know how they wear them, but all are unique. It is a fun tradition, and a great alternative to a parasol which they are kind of replacing.
    It looks like you had a fine time!

  22. Rosie

    I love hats, my mom always wore hats. I also make them, but haven’t made any Kentucky Derby style. I love this hat and dress together!

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