Coffee Gummies layered bulletproof caffeine morning kick

Coffee Gummies

Coffee Gummies

But first coffee. Right? Could you use a little more caffeine in your life? Looking for coffee bean gummies? I know that I could and I am always looking for a little more caffeine because I seem to almost always need a little help staying awake. I have three kids so there's that but I also have some creative recipes like this one that people love. If you are searching for cold brew bears, espresso gummies, how-to-make coffee gummies, caffeine gummies, easy coffee gummies, or even coffee gummy bears, these coffee gummies with caffeine are just perfect. We hope that you are inspired by this Coffee Gummies recipe post. 

Coffee Gummies

Coffee Gummies

Coffee Gummies

Coffee Gummies

Plan to have all of your ingredients out as well as the silicone tray and whisk. To have the tilted layers and to brew nice coffee gummies, set your silicone tray in a bowl at an angle so that the liquid pours in and sets at an angle. Or feel free to just pour in flat. When making these I tend to make everything in 3 batches in a small sauce pot to heat on the stove, it gives the gummies a smooth texture and helps speed up the process. I also tend to start with the darkest coffee layer first and do the following:


Please note: The amounts of liquid will be divided between the layers, each layer has a breakdown before the steps.

Coffee Gummies

Vital Proteins Beef Gelatin and moldIngredientsCoffee GummiesDirections

Layer 1

2 tablespoons of gelatin, 4 tablespoons of really hot coffee, and 5 tablespoons of cold cream (divided)

  1. Quickly whisk together 2 tablespoons of gelatin with 2 tablespoons of cold cream, then start to heat.
  2. Just as quickly mix in 4 tablespoons of really hot coffee, and finish with 3 tablespoons of cold cream.
  3. Whisk until smooth and then pour into the molds as the first layer.
  4. Chill in the freezer until they set. You don’t want them to be solidly frozen cubes, but you want them cold enough that the new hot layer won't melt the one before it. This can take 5 to 25 minutes depending on the size of the gummies but tends to be pretty quick.

Silicon mold with the first layerLayer 2

2 tablespoons of gelatin, 2 tablespoons of really hot coffee & 2 tablespoons of really hot cream, and 5 tablespoons of cold cream (divided).

  1. Repeat layer 1 steps with 2 tablespoons of gelatin whisked into 2 tablespoons cold cream.
  2. Then heat and mix in 2 tablespoons hot coffee and 2 tablespoons hot creamer, again whisk until smooth, then add 3 more tablespoons cold creamer.
  3. Mix and pour on top of layer 1, then chill again.

Gelatin mold filled with layers

Coffee Gummies

Layer 3

2 tablespoons of gelatin, 4 tablespoons of really hot cream, and 5 tablespoons of cold cream (divided).

  1. Repeat layer 1 and 2 steps, this time using only cream, no coffee. 2 tablespoons gelatin with 2 tablespoons cold creamer then start to heat your ingredients and add 4 tablespoons hot creamer.
  2. Whisking constantly, add the final 3 tablespoons cold creamer and chill until set.

Comparison Between Store-Bought And Homemade CBD Gummies:

Whether you need coffee bean gummies, layered bulletproof coffee gummies or even coffee gummy bears, these coffee gummies will not disappoint. This will stay fresh for about 10 days but never tend to last that long in our house. We hope that this coffee gummies recipe post inspires you. Stay caffeinated friends!

Coffee GummiesCoffee Gummies

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