CloudPets™ Help Parents Connect with Kids

CloudPets Help Parents Connect with Kids

CloudPets™ Help Parents Connect with Kids #CloudPetsTracking PixelThis is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CloudPets™.

I travel a lot for business and I really hate leaving my family because I miss them so much. We are very close family and we talk every day while I am gone. Now I can

CloudPets™ help parents connect with their kids when they’re on the go and why they are great for military families, grandparents in different states or parents who travel. I just left on a week long business trip and I was so excited to record a message for my kid on their CloudPets™ animal. message would have helped your child. Or talk about how you WILL use it for future transitional moments.

What I love about CloudPets™ is that they are a high quality product. They are so easy to use and they are very soft. In addition, technology wise, it is very easy to use. This is also the perfect thing for military families to use during deployment. Just hearing a loved ones voice is such a wonderful feeling.

CloudPets™ Help Parents Connect with Kids #CloudPetsABOUT CLOUDPETS™

Service members deployed away from their children face a painful struggle—they long for meaningful interactions with their children and have to deal with knowing their kids are struggling with the same longing. CloudPets™ allow kids and their military parents to connect in meaningful ways. Growing up in a military family, I had a father who traveled a lot on business. He frequently went out of the country and it wasn't always easy to get phone calls.

CloudPets™ are also great for parents who might be juggling work commitments while staying in meaningful communication with the kids. This can be tough as the day is often broken up with thoughts of their welfare and the desire to check in and see how they are doing. I am always thinking about my kids especially when I am away. This lifestyle can also leave kids feeling disconnected and lonely. CloudPets help parents connect with their kids when they’re on the go.

CloudPets™ Help Parents Connect with Kids #CloudPets

FaceTime is okay, but you can’t hug a phone. CloudPets combines mobile messaging app technology with a cuddly toy that allows people to give and receive “hugs” from afar via personal messages. They are cuddly and soft which makes them perfect for kids to hug.

Studies show that up to 70% of children develop healthy, stress-easing attachments to what psychologists call “transitional objects” (toys, blankets), which benefit their emotional development—especially if parents work late, travel, or are deployed. CloudPets can provide a tangible connection to parents through the transitional object.

CloudPets™ Help Parents Connect with Kids #CloudPets


Did you know that CloudPets™ protect kids’ safety and privacy? They don't have the same privacy issues that other toys have because parents manage a security gate where they approve/reject all incoming messages. In addition,  no messages can be sent to, or received from, a CloudPet except from a device within 30 feet. However, messages can be sent to profiles (and then to a CloudPet) from anywhere in the world, allowing friends and families to communicate with kids safely from afar.

With CloudPets™ I know that my children can safely listen to my messages or even leave me messages and all of this is in a cuddly package. My youngest is so excited about CloudPets™ that she wants to buy one for her best friend.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CloudPets™.


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