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Chrysler Town & Country Minivan – First Look {VIDEO}

We spent a little over a week with the new Chrysler Town & Country minivan. Here is a first look at the car with my lovely assistant and daughter, Annabella.

Check out the video to what we loved as soon as we saw it:

Stay tuned for a full review next week. Get the full information here:

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  1. Dawn

    This looks great. We are car shopping right now and will definitely drive one this week.

  2. Leigh

    I have never been a big minivan person but this looks very luxurious. I might need to reconsider.

  3. JMFC

    THis is the husband – we loved this minivan a lot. Very nice on the inside and the outside.

  4. Henry H, {Writer}

    I will share this with my wife.

    Never knew that they made them this nice…

  5. Kate Brooks

    You have a fabulous assistant but I am sure that you already knew that. The van looks very nice.

  6. Elaine L. {But Why Mommy}

    Cool. Can’t wait to read your review!!

  7. NancyB

    This is what I drive already but mine is a few years old. So very nice to see the updates. This is most definitely a minivan worth driving. Looking forward to your review of it. I will check back later this week.

    Thanks Stacie

  8. Jen B

    I drove a T & C for years and loved it. I might have to check them out again.

  9. TTB

    Your daughter is a cutie and should make some more videos. I love how nice the interior of the car is and luxurious it looks. Looks more like a luxury car rather than a minivan. Nice work, Chrysler.

  10. Nice! We will be starting to look for a new vehicle soon and I don’t yet know if we want another minivan or if we’re looking for an SUV. My daughter loved the flip down tvs!

  11. We have a town & country … which I appreciate with three kids but this one is way cooler. We didn’t get the DVD extras or leather but now I’m wishing we had.

    • Stacie

      I have a Ford Flex and added the DVD player after I bought it. I saved up gift cards for several months and paid for them with something like 15 gift cards. LOL. The DVD player has saved my sanity on several road trips so far.

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