Choose the Perfect Sunglasses for Your Unique Face Type

How Do You Choose the Perfect Sunglasses for Your Unique Face Type?

How Do You Choose the Perfect Sunglasses for Your Unique Face Type?

A high-quality sunglass is more than a major accessory for summer. It can be the perfect protection for your eyes from harmful radiation. Also, sunglasses can help reduce fatigue and add much-needed harmony to your overall appearance. Top-quality sunglasses can also cover your face so that no one can easily recognize you. It’s possible to purchase any sunglasses you want, even if they don't suit your face type; however, you need a perfect match. Do you know where to start? If no, then don’t worry since this article acts as a guide. You only need to ensure that your sunglasses deliver their function and make you feel confident, as well as, cute when you wear them.

How Do You Choose the Perfect Sunglasses for Your Unique Face Type?

Determine Your Face Type

Before you can purchase your Prada sunglasses for sale, it’s important to determine your face type. Different ways can tell whether you’ve got a round, oval, or any other face type. While some individuals use measurement tapes, the hack and trick you'll find here is super easy, simple, and accurate. You only need a mirror and lipstick or one of these:

  • A washable marker
  • A piece of soap
  • A pencil

Once you have one of these things, position yourself at arm's length in front of your mirror. Try as much as possible not to allow your hand to stray as you trace your face’s outline on the surface of the mirror. Start from the chin and end with the hairline. After that, look at the resulting face shape. Try doing this from different angles. This is important since you may have a combination face.

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All face shapes are attractive. But sometimes, people want to accentuate their natural beauty. Go for sunglasses with dark frames if you want to lengthen your face. These sunglasses will narrow your face while at the same time bringing closer its contours to the oval shape. If you want to balance your face proportions, it’s advisable to pick a sunglass frame that features a greater width than the height.

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How to Measure Your Face Type

If you want to determine the shape of your face using this traditional technique, then you’re good to go, as long as you follow these simple steps:

Measure from cheekbone to cheekbone

Take a tape measure and place its end below your eye to find its top. Take measurements of the same point on the other side. Write down the number you’ll obtain.

Take measurements of your jawline

Find the ends of your jawbone by feeling below your ears. Take measurements from your jawbone’s end to the other end. This occurs around your face’s bottom part. Write down the figure.

Measure your face length

Take measurements from your hairline’s center straight down over your nose’s front toward your chin’s bottom. Keep note of that digit.

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Choose the Perfect Sunglasses for Your Face Type

Take a closer look at the measurements you’ve obtained and compare them to determine your faces shape. Let’s discover different sunglasses that suit the following types of face shapes.

  • Round: Go for sunglasses without curved features, highlighting sharp angular lines that elongate the face. These sunglasses make the face sharper and thinner. High-on-the-temple, colorful frames will be a perfect match for your round face. Square, rectangular, shield, and wrap-shaped glasses perfectly suit round faces.
  • Square: With approximately the same width and length, square-shaped faces have a broad forehead and a strong jawline. Oval-shaped or round sunglasses are ideal for individuals with square faces. Other styles that can work perfectly are round, butterflies, and aviators.
  • Oval: Individuals with oval faces can benefit from any type of sunglasses. From fashion to function, designer to sport, everything will work perfectly. Just make sure that you don’t get large frames since they can easily block those symmetrical features. Pick sunglasses that will cover your face from the cheekbones to the eyebrows.
  • Rectangle/Oblong: Also known as oblong, rectangular faces are narrow and long with fewer angles. Oversized sunglasses work perfectly for rectangular/oblong faces. Rectangular or wayfarer sunglasses and lenses with thick frames also work perfectly for long faces. Vintage-style frames with deep lenses are another great option since the bold lines and sharp angles give rectangular faces an edge, sharpening the soft features. Rectangular faces should sidestep small frames by all means.

The shape of your face doesn’t matter. You’ll always find a sunglass that blends smoothly with your face type as well as your unique needs. Be sure to purchase high-quality sunglasses to take your experience to the next level.

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