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Cadillac SRX Review – Not Your Granddaddy’s Caddy

Our trip was all set. The family and I were heading to the Disney Social Media Mom's Conference. We had the tickets. We had the hotel room. We had grand plans to visit everything Disney.

But we didn't have a ride.

Let me rephrase that. We had a ride but we didn't have THE ride.

That is until Chevrolet offered us an amazing opportunity. They offered to let us drive a Cadillac SRX.

Chevy said: Drive one of our cars. See what you think. Let us know.

Now I want to explain a little bit about my Cadillac relationship with you. I know Cadillac. You know Cadillac. Most people have heard of Cadillac. Heck all of my grandparents own a Cadillac. My dad used to own a vintage Cadillac Eldorado convertible in Jennifer Blue. I only remember that because that is my sisters name. My dad drove that car for years. We were even in a movie (only released in Japan) driving around the Hilton Hawaiian Village in that car.

My experience with Cadillac, truthfully was that it was something that my elders drove. And by elders, I mean grandparents. Yeah my dad drove one but no one else in my entire life had driven a Cadillac besides grandparents.

Honestly, I never really gave Cadillac a chance. It is just a brand that I considered to be out of my age range. Until now.

A couple of guys came to our house to drop off a stunning, Cadillac SRX. This gleaming beauty sat in my driveway and I have to admit, that I was awestruck. It was pretty freakin' fabulous!!

I walked around it sort of like a lioness circling her prey. Then I got in. This is definitely not your granddaddy's Cadillac. This is car MADE for me. I was meant to drive a car like this one.

The car smelled like leather. I love the smell of new car in the morning!! The car handled incredibly well. It was easy to drive and very comfortable. In fact, I found myself going a little too fast on the highway at times but I quickly slowed down.

The cabin was quiet and very well equipped. I began a love affair with OnStar. Seriously. These people became my BFF's. I love them.

I am also someone that hates to drive long distances. I get bored and the XM Satellite radio was a constant source of entertainment. They had comedy channels, news, really anything that I could imagine, I could find on XM. I loved it!

For a luxury SUV, the Cadillac SRX is surprising affordable starting at only $33,830.

Some Cadillac Specs:

3.0L V6

Gas Mileage 18 City / 25 Highway – 21 gallon tank

StabiliTrak Electronic Stability Control System

XM Satellite Radio with 3 trial months

OnStar® with the Directions & Connections Plan for the first year (includes Turn-by-Turn Navigation)

Disclosure: Chevy offered me this car to drive for a week. They did not pay me, they did not ask for anything in return. All of the opinions are my own and my newly discovered love of Cadillac is why I may sound like an ad. I am a convert. I want an SRX. NOW!

Want to know what my husband thought about the Cadillac SRX? Click here to read Cadillac SRX – A Dad's View.

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  1. ellen

    Thats is darn good gas mileage for a crossover – Cadillac has made alot of improvements in that area! Sharp looking vehicle and yep, thats a ride!

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