Breaking Up Is Hard To Do 

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do 

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do 

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do 

We all know what it's like to get to that tipping point in our romantic relationships where we recognize that we are past the point of no return and it's time to walk away (hopefully as amicably as possible). But why don't we ever talk about the importance of ending platonic and professional relationships? Breaking up is hard to do, but the same way we know the importance of self-care as busy working moms, we need to recognize the importance of canceling toxic relationships. Further, we need to learn how to do it compassionately and confidently. 

Don't Be A Ghost 

If you've ever dated online, or even just dated in general, you know the pain and sting of being ghosted by a potential match. Whether you're terminating your relationship with your hairstylist because they've messed your hair up for the last time; or severing ties with a friend that you just can't align with on a moral level anymore – these are human beings that deserve respect. So, don't ghost them. Provide some form of closure for them as to why the two of you won't be meeting up or chatting anymore – or why they can never, ever touch your hair again!

Choose Your Medium 

Depending on the closeness and type of relationship that you're ending, you need to determine how you want to end the relationship. If you're dropping your eyebrow girl or your bikini waxer, a simple text from will suffice. However, if this is a more serious relationship, you need to, at the very minimum, aim for a phone call, but in person is better. If the person you no longer want in your life is aggressive and you're not feeling up for or ready for that, you can always send an email. That way, if they do respond nastily, you can easily block them – and even better, get confirmation that you made the right decision in the first place!

Weigh The Decision 

Sure, as mentioned earlier, if this is just a breakup with someone that you pay for services, you may not need to weigh the decision that much. However, if they are someone you have been close with for quite some time, no matter how deep the divide is – you should consider all the things that will be lost with this person no longer being in your life. We live in a time where we see ourselves more divided from one another than we may ever have. Some of these divisions you can meet in the middle on; others may be verifiable deal breakers. Just make sure you're taking time to really weigh the decision and make sure it's the one that you know is right. Because if you follow through and then later change your mind and try to seek reconciliation, the other party may not be open to letting you back in. So, don't act impulsively when it comes to breaking things off with a close friend. 

Is Blood Thicker Than Water? 

Some people may find themselves at the “break up crossroads” with someone they are related to. No one can deny this is a majorly devastating situation to be in. So, it's worth talking things out with this person at all costs. You may even want to consult a therapist before breaking ties with a family member. Not because it's not warranted, but family is supposed to be forever – unfortunately, sometimes family members do unforgivable things. If you find yourself in this incredibly difficult situation, you have everyone's sympathy, but you must do what is best for you and your mental health

Give Yourself Grace 

After you've made your decision and followed through on your plans to break up with whoever the person is, make sure you give yourself time and grace to process and grieve the ending of the relationship. Just as in romantic relationships ending, you know you're making the right decision, but that doesn't always make it less heartbreaking or hard. So, take the time you need to process and then move forward. Don’t forget to take care of yourself while you’re at it – enjoy a new mani or brighten you skin with some at home peel pads. Maybe you'll be so relieved, and with such a weight off your shoulders, you won't need this time – which is normal too. But, if you do need the time and space to heal, give yourself grace. 

Breaking up is hard to do, but you're a strong and capable human being worthy of living a life without toxic energy and behavior from other people. So, if you find yourself in the position to cancel someone from your life, hopefully, you'll be implementing all the abovementioned. You've got this!

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