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Tips on Feeling Fresh


We are Cottonelle users in this household. We use the toilet paper and everyone in the house uses the wipes as well. We have both in every bathroom in the house.

They go together well and almost always have the two together. The wipes just give you such a fresh feeling every time you use them.

Feeling fresh and freshening up your home each Spring can totally change the vibe of your house plus even give you an extra boost of energy.

Tips on feeling fresh and freshening up your home for spring:

1. We replace all of our toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant and shampoo buying different scents of each for the Spring for something a little different. My kids love picking out new flavors of toothpaste.

2. Change up your air freshener. I buy fresh linen scent or even something a little tropical for the Spring. Changes the entire feel of my house.

3. Get out and start walking. Once the weather warms up, it is the perfect time to get outside and explore your neighborhood. My entire family loves to get moving and get active.

4. Change all of your linens. We go through the entire house and change the sheets on every bed plus wall all of the towels with a fresh scent fabric softener (can you tell I like scent?).

5. Get rid of old clothes. Nothing makes a closet feel roomier like packing away those bulky Winter clothes and/or getting ready of clothes that no longer fit. Donate to Goodwill or pack away for the next season.

6. Change your pillows. We change out the pillows and pillow cases on all of the pillows in our house for Spring. I bring out some lovely Spring colors to really freshen the place up and I love the look.

7. Change your towels. We also have great Spring colors for our towels and we bring them out every year.

8. Drink more water. One of the areas that I always seem to be lacking in is drinking water. Spring time is the perfect reminder for me to drink more water. I usually buy a new water bottle and fill up several at one time to keep them cold in the refrigerator.

9. Find fun foods. Go berry picking. Experiment with cucumber water. Grill out as much as you can. Spring is the time to try the things you normally wouldn’t.

Have fun!

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