Boho Chic Necklaces from ModCloth

Boho Chic Necklaces from ModCloth

Boho Chic Necklaces

Two the Point Necklace
This silver and gold necklace proclaims its cool flair with fabulous simplicity. A duo of weighty pendants – sleekly angled and polished – add modern appeal to any outfit. Enough said!

Leafing Town Necklace

When packing for a weekend getaway, choose your accessories wisely – you can get the most use out of very versatile items like this linked gold leaf necklace, as featured in People Style Watch! Seven textured, gold brushed leaves will grace your neckline when you pair this piece with the nature-inspired outfits you love. Use its lobster claw clasp to attach it around your neck in varying lengths depending on what type of top you're donning. Adore this necklace throughout all four seasons!

Come A-Rockin' Pendant Necklace in Grey
When this pendant necklace comes beckoning, there's no backing away! Featuring an angular, grey stone pendant accented by golden triangle details, this edgy accessory is stylishly here to stay.

Lighthearted Layers Necklace
An open attitude toward accessorizing is exactly what led you to this layered necklace – a ModCloth exclusive! The aqua beads, dotted chain, and chevron pendant that comprise this tiered beauty prompt feelings of bliss and buoyancy, because they make finishing off your outfit an absolute breeze.

Elegant Elements Necklace
Entrust your ensemble with the three layers of this golden necklace! Bestowing your look with a terrific trifecta in the form of beads, a frond charm, and a teal faux-stone pendant, this piece proves that great things really do come in threes.

Chevron My Way Over Pendant Necklace
As you jet out the door to your next occasion, grab this angular necklace for panache in a flash! Featuring a pendant of emerald, silver, gold, and bronze chevron stripes strung together by lightweight gold chains, this alluring add-on boasts an edgy flair.

No Place Like Roam Necklace

Nothing beats the freedom of the open road – and this ModCloth-exclusive bib necklace helps you keep that sentiment close to home. A hexagonal array of map-adorned baubles meets a sturdy golden chain on this vintage-inspired statement piece – guiding you to stylish discoveries!

Angular Aspirations Necklace
If you've been hoping for the just-right geometric necklace to incorporate into your looks, then, here! Have this one! With an adjustable, golden curb chain and pieces of wood and resin pieced together into a quirky pendant, this ModCloth-exclusive accessory is a daring dream come true.

Spin Me Right ‘Round Time Necklace

Glimpse into the fashionable future with this quirky silver necklace. Featuring a fully functional perpetual calendar pendant, this unique piece spins around to show calendar dates up until the year 2060!

Luxe and Wanderlust Necklace
Blaze a beautiful trail wherever you roam by accessorizing with this gold necklace! A bar-shaped pendant etched with the motto, “Go your own way,” hangs from the dainty chain of this piece, and you’re happy to take its advice!

Sass, Queen Necklace
Once you slide this fringed necklace atop your ensemble, all that's left to do is werk, honey! Golden semi circles hold the colorful threads of this statement-making piece in place, so you can up the attitude while your accessorized aesthetic stays intact. Slay, babe!

Change of Scenery Necklace
Slip on this sweet gold necklace – which dangles a snow-topped mountain range pendant from a delicate cable chain – and let your imagination climb up to the highest heights.

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  1. M.Clark

    This is a great selection of neck;aces. I like the Leafing Town Necklace, very nice. Thank you for sharing this review.

  2. Rosie

    I love the necklaces, I never thought of getting any from modcloth! I have to check them out! I would have a couple of practice sessions with someone, actually saying what you plan to, and prob if you are going to cry, you’ll do it then, practice til you don’t. If your boss is much older than you, he’ll probably be pretty pragmatic about it, realizing you aren’t going to hole up your job future there.

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