Boho Chic Necklaces from ModCloth

Boho Chic Necklaces from ModCloth

Boho Chic Necklaces

Boho Chic Necklaces from ModCloth

Nice Feather We're Having Necklace in Silver – $14.99

Come sun, showers, and everything in between, this feathered necklace brightens your day! Festooned with delicate, engraved charms, this brass accessory inspires a luminous and lovely look.

Boho Chic Necklaces from ModCloth

Leafing Town Necklace – $24.99

When packing for a weekend getaway, choose your accessories wisely – you can get the most use out of very versatile items like this linked gold leaf necklace, as featured in People Style Watch! Seven textured, gold brushed leaves will grace your neckline when you pair this piece with the nature-inspired outfits you love. Use its lobster claw clasp to attach it around your neck in varying lengths depending on what type of top you're donning. Adore this necklace throughout all four seasons!

Boho Chic Necklaces from ModCloth

Signed, Sealed, and Quivered Necklace in Silver – $19.99

When dressing up an outfit, you aim for on-target accessories such as this clever bow-and-arrow necklace! One chain of this metallic silver adornment suspends a horizontal bow, while the other holds a vertical arrow at the ready – bulls eye!

Boho Chic Necklaces from ModCloth

Ele-fancy Necklace – $19.99

This elegant elephant necklace sports a style that you'll never forget! A sturdy, brass-colored chain holds a pretty pachyderm pendant adorned with multicolored details around the eyes and forehead. The purple, green, yellow, orange, and white accents compliment anything you pull out of your closet. Wear it with a simple long T-shirt, dark blazer, leggings, and sassy boots, and you'll be stomping all over town with true magnetism!

Boho Chic Necklaces from ModCloth

Taken with Tomes Necklace – $14.99

If the novel in your hands isn't evidence enough, this bibliophile-inspired pendant is sure to prove your wordy adoration. Lending booklover new meaning, this charm is set in brassy-gold and reads Literature is my boyfriend in sienna script beneath a clear dome. Dangling from a ball chain, this piece proclaims your one true love – reading!

Boho Chic Necklaces from ModCloth

Eye of Elegance Necklace – $19.99

When you grace your garments with this exquisite necklace, you know that all eyes will be on you wherever you should roam. That's because this pretty piece, featuring an elaborate oval pendant webbed with gold and punctuated with turquoise orbs on a long gold chain, possesses a worldly charm that's all but impossible to resist. Perfect any ensemble, whether it's a casual combo like jeans and a tee or your going-out LBD, by adding this ornate necklace and watch as it lends your look instant interest.

Boho Chic Necklaces from ModCloth

No Place Like Roam Necklace – $29.99

Nothing beats the freedom of the open road – and this ModCloth-exclusive bib necklace helps you keep that sentiment close to home. A hexagonal array of map-adorned baubles meets a sturdy golden chain on this vintage-inspired statement piece – guiding you to stylish discoveries!

Boho Chic Necklaces from ModCloth

Ursa Major League Necklace in Gold – $9.99

Knock your look out of the park and into the stratosphere with this cosmos-inspired necklace. Featuring a dainty Big Dipper constellation in shimmering gold, this ModCloth-exclusive accessory is a stylish grand slam in any universe.

Boho Chic Necklaces from ModCloth

Spin Me Right ‘Round Time Necklace – $14.99

Glimpse into the fashionable future with this quirky silver necklace. Featuring a fully functional perpetual calendar pendant, this unique piece spins around to show calendar dates up until the year 2060!

Boho Chic Necklaces from ModCloth

Hits the Mark Necklace in Silver – $9.99

Hit a stylish bulls-eye by sporting this long, antique-silver necklace – featuring a duo of ornately carved arrows that aim for charming, boho-chic success!

Boho Chic Necklaces from ModCloth

Simply Spirited Necklace – $14.99

Refresh your look with a bit of boho-inspired charm, provided by this pendant necklace. The faux turquoise stone at the end of this gold accessory looks festive and fun the whole day through!

Boho Chic Necklaces from ModCloth

Beadworks Like a Charm Necklace – $14.99

When it comes to styling fabulous ensembles, this tiered necklace is your best kept chic-ret!' Count on this gold trinkets beaded touches and mint faux gemstone to make every look a bit more marvelous.

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  1. M.Clark

    This is a great selection of neck;aces. I like the Leafing Town Necklace, very nice. Thank you for sharing this review.

  2. Rosie

    I love the necklaces, I never thought of getting any from modcloth! I have to check them out! I would have a couple of practice sessions with someone, actually saying what you plan to, and prob if you are going to cry, you’ll do it then, practice til you don’t. If your boss is much older than you, he’ll probably be pretty pragmatic about it, realizing you aren’t going to hole up your job future there.

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