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BOB Books: Sight Words from Scholastic

From the #1 bestselling learn-to-read program come two brand-new sets focused on learning and practicing Sight Words.

Sight Words are words that are recognized by sight rather than sounded out, in order to achieve reading fluency. They are the most frequently used words in the English language, and are often unable to be read phonetically (“was”, “are”, and “out” are examples).

Bob Books Sight Words feature the top Sight Words in two sets – one for kindergarten and one for first grade – in order to allow parents and children to read, learn, and practice easily and enjoyably.

Each Sight Words box includes 10 original books, 30 flashcards, and a parent guide.  Soon your child will be saying “I read the whole book!”


To enter, share your best tip for getting your child to study or learn. Leave the recipe in the comments below as your first, mandatory entry. Two winners will receive: a Bob Books lunchbox plus copies of Bob Books Sight Words: Kindergarten and Bob Books Sight Words: First Grade.


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GIVEAWAY ENDS August 31, 2010 at 11:59 pm EST and is open to US only, item shipped free to winner.

DISCLOSURE: Scholastic sent me the BOB Books Sight Words to check out with my family.

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  1. Tara E.

    To get my daughter to remember her hmwk or study for a test, we made a reward chart. She adds stickers each time she completes her task and gets a reward when a row is filled! Thanks for the giveaway! Tara E.

  2. I think the best way (and most fun way) to get a child to study is to make a game out of it! For each right answer they get, offer them a “treat”. It will make them want to get every question right, in turn making them study harder! 🙂

  3. April Vereb

    I’m a follower!

  4. Elizabeth

    I have found the best, simple way is to play school with a chalkboard. I’m the teacher, my son is the student, and he LOVES it. It was a great way to prep him for kindergarten.

  5. You know, not really meaning to brag (okay, yes I am), but our son doesn’t mind learning. In fact, he rather enjoys it. He does workbooks and puzzles for fun. We don’t at all hint that this is abnormal because we don’t want to discourage it. However, when he has needed to do homework in the past, we make sure it gets done before the tv ever comes on.

  6. McKim

    We got each of our kids their own library card and went to the library every week. They loved checking out their own books.

  7. Melissa M.

    Because my kids are 6 and 4 we don’t “study”. But we make sure learning is fun – many times it doesn’t even feel like learning! I also let them choose the books they are interested in at the Library so that they want to read.

  8. Danielle Waldo

    My childrens school sends home a lesson planner so we as parents know exactly what our children are studying or homework needed. Math fun we use coins or M&M candys depends on our childs age since we have differnt ages. Science we plan an activity for family day around it. Example if they studying magnets we go to Insights museum to help out. The point is get creative and have an open communication with your children.
    waitressdani (at) hotmail (dot) com

  9. Shannon

    Have a quiet place to study

  10. Jessica

    I look for learning books/resources that incorporate other things I know they enjoy. My nephew doesn’t mind learning adding or subtracting when it’s cars and trucks and my niece likes reading and learning words when its about puppies and kittens.

  11. Linda White

    Just make it an after supper before bedtime routine to do homework and read!

  12. JDaniel4's Mom

    We have set place to read and do work. He sits at his table and chair for work and the couch for books.

  13. vicky

    Having a special needs son,homework is a challenge in our home. I have learned that for my son if I make it fun then he is more willing to sit still for a little while. We write words in pudding! this is his favorite. We have a game that his teacher taught us from last year where you swat the word with a fly swatter. My son also associates drawings with words so we draw alot

  14. Elizabeth N.

    We like to encourage them to read things in “real life” – not just books. This includes menus, signs, maps, etc. I think it helps them understand how helpful reading is and increases their sight words by using words they see all the time anyway!

  15. Sunnie

    I like to read, so I read to my girls a lot.

  16. Steph

    I am lucky that my kids 5 & 6, both like learning. Hopefully that will not change as they get older. I always try and make it fun with DVDs and learning games. Last but not least, when times get tough, I break out my goodie bag. I have small toys and treats to reward good work and a big prize, like a Leapster game, to reward good work monthly. It gives them something to work towards.

  17. Sue

    Everywhere we go, my 4 year old asks me to read the signs to him. He’s picking up on them – like EXIT and STOP and OPEN. Little things add up. Thanks for the giveaway.

    s.mickelson at gmail dot com

  18. Natalie U.

    I’ve never had a problem, just takes patience and encouragement..taking the time out to help them with their homework and a little reward like a treat can go a long way

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  21. deanna bundy

    Finding whatever motivates my children has been the key for us. For my youngest now going to ChuckeCheese gets him to do his studies. Whatever drives your child!

  22. kimberly

    make it like a fun game, not ‘work’

  23. kimberly

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  27. Suzanne Denys

    I follow The Divine Miss Mommy on Facebook.

  28. Cynthia C

    I think the best tip is to read to children. They learn so much and its a great bonding experience.

  29. Cynthia C

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  31. Cynthia C

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  33. We set aside special reading/educational times each day.
    .-= Aleksandra´s last blog ..Weekend of Yummy Treats =-.

  34. Well, I’m not a parent, but I am a teacher (I’d love those books for my classroom!). If you have a child that has a difficult time studying, try doing homework for 10 or 15 minute intervals at a time… alternate between work and a preferred activity (ex: 10 min. work, 10 min. video game, 10 min. work, etc)
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  37. My best tip is to make a game out of it. Keep in mind the child’s interests and try to get them excited about learning.
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  38. Haley

    my tip is to make learning fun, i include lots of trips to museums and try to incorporate learning at the park, grocery store, as many places as I can. That way its just normal life and not a chore.

  39. Jill L

    Whenever I can, I try to introduce learning opportunities into things that are actually fun or in everyday activities. It doesn’t feel so much like learning that way. We still read to our 6th grader at bedtime and he continues to love being read to and reading. It’s great.

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  44. christa marteny

    one trick we still use is using time it the car for learning .if you watch tv rent viedos that are educational from lib. books we only read in the car books on tape

  45. Secret Burkheiser

    My daughter gets stars on a graph for working in her workbook and gets a prize when she gets a set number of stars. We also play learning games, they keep her attention longer.

  46. Karen Gonyea

    We learn alot by playing card games 🙂

    ktgonyea at

  47. Kerrie Mayans

    We make it a game to see who can get more flashcards right and to challenge the kids from day to day. This encourages them to learn their spelling words, math facts and sight words for reading.

  48. Kerrie Mayans

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  51. We read about everything….
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  52. ashley

    make it fun! join in the learning process with the child and be interested yourself. praise is great motivation.

  53. ashley

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