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Back-to-School Shopping with Target

Back-to-School Shopping with TargetBack-to-School Shopping with Target

I am one of those strange people who have a love affair with school supplies. I have loved them since I was a kid. Like seriously. I would stack up and organize all of my school supplies so that I could look at them in my room. LOL. Today my kids seem just as obsessed with school supplies as I am. They love shopping for them and want to start back-to-school shopping a full month before school starts. They make lists and look at before going into the store so that they know exactly what they want. This year we are Back-to-School Shopping with Target.

Back-to-School Shopping with Target

The backtoschool shopping season in full swing and I can say that I have been to Target at least three times per week for the last month in order to get everyone ready for the back to school season. Today we are sharing our Back-to-School Shopping with Target must-have items to make certain that your kids are ready to head back to school with confidence. My kids are definitely confident with their fabulous school supply choices.

Back-to-School Shopping with TargetWith exclusive supplies from brands that kids and parents love, Target makes it easier than ever to shop for back-to-school with season long prices. You will find all of the quality products that your child needs to be successful this school year.

Back-to-School Shopping with Target

Target’s top items for backtoschool include:

  • New exclusive Puma and Skechers backpacks and lunch kits
  • Embark Backpacks and lunch kits that come with a 1-year product guarantee
  • Target partnered with Bethany Mota on a new collection so students can personalize their school supplies with fun stickers and accessories. DIY collection with fun notebooks and stickers designed by YouTube star Bethany Mota

Back-to-School Shopping with Target

Back-to-School Shopping with Target

Get all of the colors and all of the supplies at Target

Your child will love the unexpected school supplies in the new fashion impulse section in stores this back-to-school season at Target! Kids can head to class with their favorite movie characters on everything from pencil pouches and notebooks to backpacks and lunch kits. School supply lists often ask for items in certain colors so Target is offering easy-to-find essentials in a variety of colors. Every year my kids have had requirements for certain colors of folders and notebooks. This is a great way for a kid to keep track of their classes with supplies in various colors.

Target makes it easy for kids to stay organized in style with on-trend, personalized planners and they have coloring books that are coming back to school in a new way with fun notebooks that help kids channel their creativity.

Back-to-School Shopping with Target

Backpacks and lunchbags from Target

Target loves to offer a backpack with something for everyone! Moms will love the value of a gift with purchase, while kids will love getting a toy with these adorable Barbie and Hotwheels backpacks. This year, Target is offering Exclusive Skechers backpacks are fashion-forward and help complete the back-to-school look for kids of all ages. Does your child love Frozen or TMNT or other super heroes? They are all available at Target.
Back-to-School Shopping with TargetMoms can find coordinating backpacks, lunch kits and FUNtainers in this season’s latest colors and patterns that will certainly become your kid's favorite. Kids can jam out to their favorite music on the bus (without bothering the driver) with headphone backpacks! Bento lunch kits make it easy for parents to package up their kid’s lunch while keeping items fresh and separated. No matter what they take for lunch, Target has a container to put it in.

Back-to-School Shopping with TargetGo back to school in Target Style

Clothes are always at the top of my list for back-to-school shopping because my kids don't listen to me. I tell them to stop growing but inevitably every single year, they do it again. The Cat & Jack Target brand is one of my absolute faves!! Everything coordinates and looks great together making it super easy to shop for back-to-school fashions.

Back-to-School Shopping with Target

Grand Locker Design at Target

This is the first year that my daughter has had a locker at school and this is so exciting for both of us because her locker is completely decked out in Target essentials including wallpaper, lights, a disco ball and lots of other fun items in that black/gold color scheme. With stylish decorations, like this chandelier light and fringe curtains, students can create a locker that matches their personality.

Back-to-School Shopping with TargetYoobi by Pharrell Williams

Yoobi x i am OTHER line of school supplies created by Pharrell Williams are about the coolest thing ever! That which makes you different, makes you special. The Yoobi x i am OTHER collection was created to inspire kids and give them the confidence to celebrate their uniqueness. Back-to-School Shopping with Target Yoobi Pharrell Williams

Don’t just go back to school, GIVE back to school: For every Yoobi item purchased at Target, a Yoobi item will be donated to a classroom in need, right here in the U.S. This is such a fun, fresh line that you just have to check it out!

Back-to-School Shopping with TargetTeachers and Target

Teachers can get ready for school at Target this year with decorations to brighten up their space and supplies for a successful school year ahead. They have a great selection available for teachers to fully outfit their classrooms in style with everything they need for a great year. We hope that you enjoyed our Back-to-School Shopping with Target post.

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  1. Nice. You can always get major swag at Target on the cheap. I have 5 kids, so you know… I’m all about the savings. LOL

  2. We just finished up at Target on Thursday. The little boys love going to the ” red circle with a dot in it store”.

  3. I am Target almost everyday and we’ve purchased about 80% of my daughter’s school supplies there. I’m loving the Cat & Jack line and even bought a few outfits and dresses for her there.

  4. Kathy

    I love shopping at Target. They always have such great items. I got some of my girls school supplies there and some clothes too.

  5. I love shopping at Target. They have a lot of pretty stuff at such affordable prices. Going shopping there today, actually. 🙂

  6. Ann Bacciaglia

    Target is one of my favorite stores to shop at. They have everything you need for back to school at the best prices.

  7. Target is by far my favorite store to shop at. With coupons and cartwheel we were able to save a ton on school supplies!

  8. These are so fun – I’m loving those stickers especially :)! Makes me wish I was going back to school!

  9. Pam

    Target has so many great things! I always get sucked in and buy so much stuff there.

  10. I’ve been shopping at Target since I was a little kid. We’d spend hours looking around at everything and shopping. I remember going straight to the stationary aisle. Target is perfect for back to school shopping, I can get all the school supplies I need, back packs and clothing for the kids and it’s all affordable. I am really digging these designs on the school supplies. The kids will be very stylish this year.

  11. I can never get enough Target and from clothing to cleaning supplies, they always seem to have just what we need. We accomplished all of our back to school supply shopping there this year too.

  12. I love shopping at Target! I could spend hours in there looking at all of their items.

  13. Those are some awesome looking school supplies! They will be the coolest kids on campus 🙂

  14. Target sound like the perfect place to shop for clothes and supplies this year. Pharell’s line of supplies sounds really cool!

  15. I love that Target has everything you need for back to school shopping! These items are really cool! Great thing that there are a lot of colors and styles to choose from.

  16. We love going to target to get the big ticket items for back to school shopping as we can always get them at a reduced price at target. And as your post demonstrates their selection is AMAZING!

  17. Target is my absolute favorite! They truly have everything in one spot! 

  18. Target takes all my money. I want those composition books for myself!

  19. I love Target! I’m past the back to school shopping stage now, but I love to shop the office supplies for me. 🙂

  20. Jeanine

    So many great things. I’m so sad Target left Canada a while back. Would love to have done all my back to school shopping there this year!

  21. kristi

    We are actually heading to Target to finish school shopping today. School starts next week… so nothing like last minute!

  22. You can always rely on target for cute items especially when it comes to accessories and notebooks! These are awesome and kids will really be excited for school when they see these!

  23. Nikki Wayne

    Target has lot of great selections. I wish they can ship in our country with a cheaper shipping rate.

  24. OUr kids just got their school supplies at Target. They had great styles and prices for everything from lunchboxes to folder and crayons.

  25. Target has some amazing options and are always on the ball with stuff. I don’t get to shop their often enough!

  26. Rosey

    Target is a great place to go for back to school. It’s a one-stop shop that is for sure. Great prices too. 🙂

  27. I did every bit of my back to school shopping at Target. School supplies, clothes, shoes, everything all in one place! I spent $521 on two kids! 

  28. Robin Rue

    Target is one of our main places to shop when it comes to back to school. They have so many options to really personalize my kids stuff. That back pack is adorable!

  29. Target has such a great selection of school supplies and well just about everything else. I love that I can save money using my Cartwheel App also.

  30. Im at Target everyday. I love all the sales and my son loves the food court. Target rocks and sells high quality stuff at a low rate

  31. I love Target but I don’t shop there very often. It is a bit further from our house and I find that they are a bit more expensive. However, they do keep their stores cleaner than most Walmart stores.

  32. Nicole Etolen

    Wow, that backpack looks really nice on her. I also shop at target and there are so many nice stuff.

  33. I have a serious obsession with shopping at Target!! I love how easy they make back to school shopping for us parents.

  34. Just another reason Target rocks! I love that you can take care of all your bts needs in one spot.

  35. I love target! I use to shop their for everything when we had one in our city. They always have awesome swag for back to school items!

  36. My daughter is a teacher so she had a whole classroom to do back to school shopping for. We found a few great deals on classroom supplies at Target.

  37. I love love love shopping at Target. We did most of our back to school shopping there this time.

  38. Kendall

    I have always done back to school shopping at Target! They have the best selections of supplies and they actually make it rather fun. I can’t believe it’s BTS time already!

  39. We went to Target a week before our children went back to schol . We shopped for some supplies.

  40. I love checking out Back to School deals at Target… We shopped for some BTS supplies last month

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