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ARIA Hotel in Las Vegas – Dining & Nightlife

ARIA Dining #HowWeVegas

We just spent a few days in Las Vegas, Nevada. Were back this time to share more of our ARIA dining experience complete with pictures. We had some absolutely delicious food and some amazing cocktails!ARIA Dining #HowWeVegas 2 ARIA Dining #HowWeVegas 3 ARIA Dining #HowWeVegas 4 ARIA Dining #HowWeVegas 5 ARIA Dining #HowWeVegas 12 ARIA Dining #HowWeVegas 11 ARIA Dining #HowWeVegas 10 ARIA Dining #HowWeVegas 9 ARIA Dining #HowWeVegas 8 ARIA Dining #HowWeVegas 7 ARIA Dining #HowWeVegas 6 ARIA Dining #HowWeVegas 14 ARIA Dining #HowWeVegas 15 ARIA Dining #HowWeVegas 16 ARIA Dining #HowWeVegas 17 ARIA Dining #HowWeVegas 18 ARIA Dining #HowWeVegas 19


When staying at the ARIA Hotel in Las Vegas, there are a variety of different dining options to choose from, 16 to be exact. These restaurants include a number of cuisines and are open at different times during the day. For instance, Blossom, Lemongrass and Bar Masa provide menus are focused around Asian cuisines. Blossom specializes in Chinese chicken, beef, noodles and soup, while Lemongrass is geared more towards Thai dishes, such as curry and tapay.

If you're searching for a restaurant with a European cuisine, the Julian Serrano and Strio restaurants are the two available options. The Julian Serrano restaurant consists of a Spanish cuisine that includes beef, tapas and paella, while Strio is strictly an Italian restaurant with seafood, meat and pasta dishes on their menu. Jean Georges Steakhouse, The Buffet and The Sage restaurant are the three American ones, each of which includes American seafood and beef dishes as their main entrees. If you're looking to dine on Mexican food, Javier's includes many different steak, chicken and seafood dishes on their menu, all with a Mexican flair and taste.

There are also a few cafes that visitors will find when visiting the ARIA Hotel. For instance, the Ana Cafe and The Roasted Bean are two of the primary cafes in the area, while the standard Starbucks can also be found in the hotel. In-Room Dining and Tetsu focus mainly on offering seafood dishes to customers. For additional options, the Five 50 is simply a restaurant where visitors can go to dine on pizza, while Jean Philippe is an eatery that has a menu consisting mostly of chocolates, pastries and other desserts.

ARIA Dining #HowWeVegas 17 ARIA Dining #HowWeVegas 18 ARIA Dining #HowWeVegas 19 ARIA Dining #HowWeVegas 26 ARIA Dining #HowWeVegas 25 ARIA Dining #HowWeVegas 24 ARIA Dining #HowWeVegas 30 ARIA Dining #HowWeVegas 29 ARIA Dining #HowWeVegas 28 ARIA Dining #HowWeVegas 27 ARIA Dining and Cocktails 1 #HowWeVegas ARIA Dining and Cocktails 2 #HowWeVegas ARIA Dining and Cocktails 3 #HowWeVegas ARIA Dining and Cocktails 4 #HowWeVegas ARIA Dining and Cocktails 5 #HowWeVegas


Aside from the restaurant and dining options at the ARIA hotel, a few bars and lounges can also be found at the hotel. A number of these bars and lounges are open 24 hours a day, including the High Limit Lounge, Baccarat Lounge, Sports Bar, Lift Bar and Alibi Cocktail Lounge. Each of these bars and lounges offer something different to visitors. While some include gambling as the main attraction, such as the Baccarat Lounge, others focus on sports or drinking, such as the Sports Bar and Alibi Cocktail Lounge.

A Pool Bar and Lobby Bar are also open throughout much of the day, while some of the restaurants mentioned earlier, such as Bar Masa, Javier's, Strio, Lemongrass, Sage, Julian Serrano and Jean Georges are just as much bars as they are restaurants. Outside of this, there are two specialty lounges that are available to all visitors. The Gold Lounge was created specifically by the Cirque du Soleil, while The Deuce Lounge is one that focuses on drinking and watching sports. When visiting the ARIA Hotel, guests will have the option of choosing from all of the aforementioned restaurants and nightlife options.

ARIA Pink Cotton Candy Cocktail #HowWeVegas YUMARIA Dining and Cocktails #HowWeVegas ARIA Dining #HowWeVegas 23 ARIA Dining #HowWeVegas 21 ARIA Dining #HowWeVegas 20


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  1. Yum! Everything looks so good! I haven’t been to Vegas yet but it looks like I really need to go even if it is just for the food 🙂

  2. Looks like a fabulous time! glad you were able to enjoy it and share.

  3. Val

    Looks like Las Vegas has a great entertainment and night life to enjoy! Loving the photos!

  4. Pam

    Wow, all of that food looks really good. My husband went to Las Vegas years ago and has been wanting to go back.

  5. Jeanine

    Wow that food looks incredible! It all looks so amazing! I’ve never been to Vegas but I have heard great things about Aria hotel before, this looks great!

  6. I am born and raised here in Las Vegas, but still have yet to visit the Aria. I love how my city has become a truly culinary destination.

  7. Wow everything looks so fancy! We’re going to Vegas again in 2 years and I’ll have to check this out! It looks delish!

  8. My husband has been to Vegas and is always telling me I need to come with him, especially for the food. I can see why now. Everything looks so good. I don’t even know what I’d eat first. Yum!

  9. I just drooled all over my laptop! 🙂 The food looks absolutely delicious! It’s been a long time since I visited Vegas.

  10. Kristi

    You really took some great photos. Now if only I could smell and taste it through my screen! Looks like I know where to eat when we head to vegas next.

  11. They have some amazing presentation for each of those dishes, yum! It must have been fun trying them.

  12. That food looks fabulous. I am so hungry right now.

  13. Sarah Bailey

    I have always wanted to visit Vegas! Such great food 🙂

  14. Robin Ruehrwein

    As a foodie! All of that grabbed my attention as to just go to Vegas for the food, but I would love to experience the night life there in all ways!

  15. Those pizzas look divine! A lot better than what we had for dinner last night!

  16. A delicious meal out makes any trip a wonderful experience. I’ll have to stop by the ARIA next time I visit Vegas. It looks awesome!

  17. parpar de real

    These are all looks delicious and tasty it really makes me hungry.

  18. Nicole Escat

    I like to see Vegas too! Hope that there are many kid-friendly establishment in Las Vegas. The foods look yummy.

  19. This is absolutely one of the yummiest sides of Vegas I’ve seen. You really made it difficult for us to choose which food to ask for!

  20. Crystal

    I’m skipping the gambling my next trip to Vegas, and eating my way through town. The food all looks so impressive. Almost to pretty to eat…almost!

  21. Ryan Escat

    Your post makes me hungry. I want to eat all those food, I hope I can see Vegas too.

  22. Oh wow looks and sounds so wonderful! I’ll have to keep this post in mind the next time I visit the Vegas area!

  23. Rosey

    A picture is worth a thousand words. Vegas really does know how to do food!

  24. Janell Poulette

    Wow! This all looks too pretty to eat. I am sure it was very delicious.

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