4 Tips to Make it Through Allergy Season
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4 Tips to Make it Through Allergy Season

Sneezing After Sniffling? Angel Soft Facial Tissue Allergy Info

I shared with you last month how allergies affect me pretty much all year round. This month I thought that I would share some tips that I use every year to help get me through the worst of the season.

These tips are compiled from things that I have been told by various doctors over the years plus found what worked best for me.

Angel Soft Facial Tissue Allergy

Angel Soft Facial Tissue Allergy


1. Keep it indoors.

On high pollen days, I cannot go outdoors for very long. I become a dripping, sneezy mess. I have learned to stay inside.

2. Wash it all. 

During allergy season, I am extra vigilant about washing my hair every day, washing my hands many times throughout the day, washing clothes daily and even cleaning my face several times per day. Pollen can stay in your hair, on your hands or even on your clothes.

3. Cover up. 

When I do venture outside, I wear a hat and sunglasses to keep pollen out of my hair and eyes. I have occasionally worn a mask to work outside in the garden.

4. Learn all you can. 

Know what plants and trees are your triggers. Pay close attention to the weather and know when high pollen days are coming so you can prepare accordingly. Know what medicines and dosages of allergy medication work for you.


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Now one lucky reader will win an Angel Soft Facial Tissue Allergy Survival Kit $50 Value. To enter tell me who in your house suffers from allergies.

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87 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. Robin Wilson

    I think the blog comment question is from a different giveaway, but I have had the worst time with allergies this season! Runny eyes and nose all the time! I cannot walk outside for just a minute without them starting up!

  2. Lisa Brown

    I would use the gift card it to by shoes. As for the Angle Soft, I have never tired that brand and I am always using tissues for my allergies.

  3. Kim

    I think the question is outdated.. but fo rmothers day I went out to eat. We all have bad allergies!

  4. Denise Taylor-Dennis

    If I won a $100 Amazon gift card I would use it towards the iPad I’m saving for. Not sure if this is the right question.

  5. Beth Hill

    Not sure what we should answer but I have horrible allergies, runny nose and itchy eyes. I have never used Angel soft but will try it! If you want an amazon answer, I would probably buy jewelry!

  6. Alpa

    I have heard of Angel Soft brand tissues but never got a chance to try.

  7. steve weber

    I always have allergy issues and can use anything from Angel Soft.

  8. Anne

    With regard to allergies and Angel Soft, I’m glad to see they’re branching out into the facial tissue market. We go through a lot of tissues here–even our cat has been sneezing!

    • Anne

      In answer to your question, both my spouse and I have allergies, which is probably one of the big reasons we have such high tissue consumption in our house.

  9. I have terrible hayfever and this year has been the worst that I have ever suffered through.

  10. I suffer from allergies all year.

  11. Shell

    My allergies have been so bad this season!

  12. I gave my mom a scrapbook of a trip we took together….. in addition to tissues, I take a lot of zyrtec in allergy season!

  13. Facial Tissue is absolutely needed to help with allergies. I have them in every room.

  14. I could totally use some allergy relief and help. I used so many tissues today it’s crazy!

  15. Julie Lynn Bickham

    I need some body gel and lotions.

  16. Aw tis the season of a love affair with tissues. Allergies… we must break up now.

  17. Sherrie C.

    My allergies were bad this year. I actually avoided going outside for a while because of the terrible allergy symptoms I was experiencing. Non-stop sneezing, itchy and puffy watery eyes…the works! I’m so thankful the worst of it is over 🙂

  18. I’ve found that every May, the first week is when the tree pollen is high in my area and my allergies are out of control. I can’t go outside for days (this year, it was two weeks) and I have to be more diligent in taking my allergy meds.

  19. Wash it all – that’s my favorite. I’m queen of the washer, shampoo and water hose during Allergy season. Rinse it all away!

  20. Great tips! Thanks for sharing, we have a lot of pollen right now.

  21. Knowing your allergy triggers is very important! Great tips!

  22. I love that you’re giving away something that could help those who need it!! I bet the winner’s going to be mega happy to receive it too!

  23. I just sneezed and have tears streaming down my face from allergies JUST NOW. Woe is me. I need attentive tissue products for my tender face!

  24. I deal with allergies year round. I stock up on facial tissue!

  25. April

    Great tips. I never really thought about sunglasses protecting us from allergens, just from the sun. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Great tips! I have really had to pay attention to what triggers my kids. Grass is so bad for them!

  27. Tissues are a must! Without them you can’t survive allergy season. It’s good to know your triggers too, you’re right!

  28. Allergies stink! And they seem to be starting early and worse then usual this year.

  29. Tina W

    I have year-round allergies, and it is MISERY! We had huge windstorms here in So. Calif. last month which made my life a living hell. (the pine tree next door that blew over and has been slowly been cut into pieces over the last 3 weeks hasn’t been helping much either)

  30. Pam

    I am having some serious issues with allergies right now that we can’t seem to figure out what is causing it. I have been to the ER twice and now have an Epi Pen. I have never had a problem before in my 50 plus years.

  31. Starla B

    My Nana definitely suffers from allergies. She has a box of tissues EVERYWHERE she goes! :-/

  32. So glad I don’t have that issue! My sinuses are more than enough! LOL!

  33. Never heard of this brand.I have bad allergy problems when i am outside especailly around freshly cut grass sends me in to a sneezing fit.

  34. My daughter goes through the sniffles. Poor thing 🙁

  35. shaunie

    I am the . It could get really bad on some days .

  36. Kelly D

    I am the one who suffers from allergies the most.

  37. Heather Hayes Panjon

    Yes, My Family Suffers From Allergies, We Use Lot’s Of Tissue When Allergies Are In Full Force.

  38. My entire family suffers from allergies. Having a good tissue around is essential!

  39. My husband has allergies. Thanks for the tips.

  40. As I get older, it seems that allergies affect me more and more. My hubby is starting to get them too!

  41. Krissy

    My allergies during Spring/Fall are HORRIBLE! My eyes itch and I become the sneezing queen. Unfortunately my kids inherited it as well, and they are always sneezing and having itchy watery eyes. I’m ready for summer!

  42. Great tips, my hubby and one of my kids’ allergies just started acting up a bit.

  43. Mary Happymommy

    My son and I both have allergies.

  44. My allergies are so bad right now! I need to remember to stay indoore more. So hard with 2 kids that love sunshine!

  45. Lindsay

    All 3 of my boys…hubby, teenager, and 10 month old have allergies…its a miserable time in my house right now!

  46. veronica

    Funny that I wrote about treating allergies today I use and recommend essential oils. Thanks for sharing a great tissue

  47. Cynthia R

    All of a sudden this year allergies are killing me, I’ve been sneezing and blowing my nose solid for a month and a half all the time.

  48. My allergies have been so bad this season, I hope they ease up a bit. Until then, My purse is stocked with tissues for on the go!

  49. My entire family has been suffering this spring from allergies. Great tips. I tend to stay in during the worst part of the day and I watch the pollen count/index on the news.

  50. We’ve really been hit hard by allergies this year. I’ve always got tissues and allergy meds on hand – not to mention, waterproof mascara!

  51. The only symptom I get is itchy eyes- I want to scratch my eyes out!

  52. These are some great tips for keeping allergies at bay. I use raw, local honey for the outside allergies.

  53. Great tips! I don’t usually have allergies but lately my eyes have been terribly Itchy!

  54. My oldest son has allergies. thanks for all the tips!

  55. My husband and I suffer from allergies. We actually didn’t get them until about 2 years ago, which I thought was weird!

  56. We have to be very conscious about changing the filters in our home every three months. Otherwise my son’s allergies impact his asthma.

  57. I have the most allergies of all of us who live in this home but my husband and daughter also seem to be developing them. Like you, i like to stay indoors on high pollen days.

  58. Cindy

    My hubby and I both have allergies.

  59. Great tips. My daughter has really bad allergies, so I am going to try some of these.

  60. Bailey Dexter

    In our house myself and one of my kids & the cat suffers from allergies! Great review, look forward to reading more.

  61. debbie

    We all do to some degree. My middle son has allergies the worst. My husband is a close second.

  62. Just in the last few years I have started having bad allergies. Right now, in fact, I have some terrible post-nasal drip going on.

  63. We both have horrible allergies with my son. The last two years have been fantastic because the pollen is different here. But I guess we’re getting used to it since it’s starting to bother us.

  64. christine jessamine

    our oldest daughter and I suffer from allergies.

  65. Melissa S

    My son suffers from allergies and this year is worse than most. I feel so bad for him it is like he has a cold every day.

  66. I have ridiculous allergies. I have to do all of your suggestions to make it through spring and summer.

  67. Jennifer Tilson

    The entire family, all four of us, suffer from allergies.

  68. I’ve never tried Angel Soft facial tissues before. If their facial tissue is anything like their toilet paper it will be my new favorite.

  69. Betty

    My poor kids – both sides of the family have allergy issues. One is sensitive to dog and cat dander while the other has reactions to most perfumed products. We sniffle thru tree pollen in spring, grass in summer and the weeds in fall.

  70. Bot my youngest and I suffer from allergies. I was tested and discovered I am allergic to trees, dust, cats and dog dander. Sadly, there is massive construction in my neighborhood so I cant seem to escape the dust. I also have two Australian Shepherds who shed like crazy but I couldn’t image my life without them. They are totally my heart <3

  71. Dina

    One child and my husband have allergies. They need this kit! I love angel soft products anyway so I’m all for trying something new.

  72. Melanie S

    In my household we all suffer from allergies but my husband has it the worst. they make him miserable through the whole spring and early summer every year

  73. Christine M

    everyone does

  74. Tina McGraw

    If suffer the most with allergies

  75. brittany

    im the one in the house who has the allergies.

  76. Susan Christy

    My dog has the worst allergies, but she won’t use a tissue!

  77. Hailey Bond

    Oh my gosh, don’t even get me started on that because we all do!

  78. jeanette sheets

    oh lord my kidsand i have it severe we could defintley use this kit

  79. Stacey b

    My 7 year old has asthma and the allergies make it worse.

  80. June Lisle

    My husband and I both have allergies. Our noses are meant to be together.

  81. Alana Vester

    I’m the one that suffers from allergies in my house. Some days it’s awful!

  82. Crystal

    I seem to suffer the most. Always have a stockpile of tissues at the ready!

  83. Cori Westphal

    We don’t have allergies in our house, but we sure have our fair share of summer colds! We can always have tissues on hand!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  84. Gina Taylor

    My husband and myself have seasonal allergies. Normally in Spring, and fall.

  85. Katherine G From La La Land Mommy

    I love angel soft tissue. This is my usual brand. I usually find it at an affordable price.

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