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Amwell Mobile Doctor to the rescue

Amwell Mobile Doctor to the rescue #getwellwithamwell #momsloveamwellCompensation was provided by Amwell via Momtrends. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Amwell or Momtrends.

Amwell Mobile Doctor to the rescue

Sometimes we simply just do not have time to be sick, being sick takes away from time that you could be using to work, or get things done that you need to in your everyday life. As a busy mother of three kids, I want our time together to be spent enjoying each other rather than being stuck at a doctor's office. Typically going to see a doctor takes a lot of time because you need to make an appointment, sit in the waiting room for a long time, and then go through the entire process of your appointment. It's not easy and frankly it pretty much takes an entire day to see a doctor these days. We hope that you find this Amwell Mobile Doctor to the rescue post useful.

About Amwell Mobile Doctor

There is a solution that lets you connect with a board certified doctor or physician to help you with non-emergency medical needs such as minor illnesses, injuries, dietary needs, and filling your prescriptions. Amwell is open and available to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are able to diagnose things, discuss any symptoms and even fill prescriptions to treat any illnesses that you may have all through the screen of your computer or mobile device. I especially love this because it's the same level of care that I would expect from our regular doctor.Amwell Mobile Doctor to the rescue #getwellwithamwell #momsloveamwell
When using Amwell you are able to get your health needs taken care of without having to take the time to go to the doctor's office which is such a timesaver. The doctors that work with Amwell are licensed, knowledgeable, and experienced physicians that will provide you with quality health care with no appointment needed and at any time that you may need it.
This picture below was on Mother's Day last year. We would have missed our brunch had I not gotten a prescription for my pink eye infection. I had never had it before, but I went through Amwell and my Amwell doctor diagnosed me giving me a prescription which cleared it up in just a few days. It was perfect. I was happy to take pictures that day without pink eyes.

Amwell Mobile Doctor to the rescue #getwellwithamwell #momsloveamwellHow to use Amwell Mobile Doctor

It is very simple to use the Amwell service, you simply choose what type of appointment you will need and choose the provider that you would like and then you are connected a board-certified physician in just a few moments. Not to mention you can also enter your insurance information to save money, just like any other walk-in doctor that you would visit.
Everything handled through Amwell is completely private and your information will not be released to anyone. You are able to interact with the doctor on your desktop computer or even through your mobile phone or smart device such as your iPad or tablet. Amwell is available in 46 states of the United States and they are the largest telehealth company in the nation.
If you're feeling a bit under the weather or you need to consult with a doctor for some reason but you just do not have the time to go to the doctor's office, connect with Amwell and get your health services satisfied while remaining comfortable in your own home. I would highly recommend trying out the Amwell Telehealth service for amazing health service while you hang out in your home.

Amwell Mobile Doctor to the rescue #getwellwithamwell #momsloveamwellOur experience with Amwell Mobile Doctor

We used Amwell late one night when my daughter was complaining about a pretty bad headache for several hours. We tried Tylenol but nothing seemed to work. The doctor was great because she asked all kinds of questions and finally determined that perhaps her headaches were allergy related. We then gave her some Benadryl and the headache was gone in less than a hour.
This was such an easy visit and we were thrilled with the level of service we received. The picture above is us the next night heading to an Oscars party. Thankfully we knew to give her Benadryl at the beginning of the evening so we had no issues.

Why do Mom's love Amwell?

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We lead busy lives. Amwell let's you take back control of your doctor experience. You see a doctor on your time and from the comfort of your home. It really couldn't be easier. What are you waiting for? We hope that you are inspired by this Amwell Mobile Doctor to the rescue #getwellwithamwell #momsloveamwell post. Thanks for reading!

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