Amazon Prime Instant Video: Creative Galaxy for Kids

Amazon Prime Instant Video: Creative Galaxy for Kids


We recently had the opportunity to watch Creative Galaxy for Kids by Amazon Prime Instant Video.

After watching Annedroids (which they absolutely LOVED) they were excited to check out another Amazon series. Creative Galaxy is fun and innovative series about art. I love how they inspire creative thinking through crafts, music and dance. My youngest child loves it and she especially loves the character Arty although she does like Epiphany as well.


Creative Galaxy, produced by Out of the Blue Enterprises with Angela Santomero (Blue’s Clues, Super Why!) serving as Creator and Executive Producer, is a make-along, create-along, interactive art adventure series for preschoolers. Characters Arty and Epiphany travel around the galaxy to solve problems with art, inspiring creative thinking through crafts, music and dance. To give kids and parents the real-life tools they need to re-create Arty’s experience, a live-action piece at the end of each animated episode will take viewers through the craft project that Arty showcased in the galaxy. This series is designed to support a child’s natural inclination to use their imaginations, make and create. Art make life joyful. Everywhere one goes art is evident. And the skills utilized and learned through making art are vast and useful. In every episode, our characters will use “fix it with art” to model the pervasiveness and importance of art as a resource for life for their home viewers.

Amazon Studios Creative Galaxy 1The series helps kids at home feel as if they are making art along with Arty, through its interactive story format. As “helper artists”, the kids at home will “create” alongside Arty, empowering them as “makers” in a media format. The series helps make children and adults aware that people literally find themselves immersed in art most of the time: Parks use sculptures to add interest and to inform people; posters on walls give information and motivation; the clothes we wear are designed; music plays on the radio to keep your energy levels up; dance has meaning and tells stories. Whether we think of our world as art or not – it is!

Amazon Studios Creative Galaxy 4


My daughter really enjoys the Creative Galaxy series. I like that it is 30 minutes and solves problems using art. The episode with Arty being grumpy and visiting an art gallery was wonderful. This actually caused my daughter to ask me to visit a gallery with her.

The show encourages kids to fix it with art and growing up as the daughter of an art therapist, I can truly appreciate the healing qualities of art and all of the special things that art can do for people.

Creative Galaxy encourages children to use their imagination and to explore all possibilities through art.


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  1. ellen beck

    Thats pretty nifty that it is interactive I dont thnk I have ever seen an interactive show. I also like that it uses art a medium kids are comfortabe with when they might not be with other plus it isnt math or anything ‘schoolish’ although oof course it is because of problem solving.

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