Adorable Halloween Costumes for Girls from Gymboree
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Adorable Halloween Costumes for Girls

Adorable Halloween Costumes for Girls


Unicorn Costume

Cotrio Unicorn Costume Dress Pageant Party Dresses Flower Evening Gowns Halloween Tutu Dress

Plush Unicorn Headband

Unicorn/Angel Wings

These pretty costume wings are handcrafted with real feathers and sturdy construction.


Dorothy Costume

Blue and White Gingam Dress with attached blouse and Blue Bow Hairband

Dorothy's Ruby Red Shoes

Just follow the Yellow Brick Road with these real glittered ruby red shoes.

Plush Basket with Toto

Popcandy Toto In Basket Deluxe Wizard Of Oz Costume Prop

Dragonfly Fairy

Pink Fairy Dress

Bling sequined bodice with flower bow on waist, tulle trailing dress

Dragonfly Fairy Headband

Easy to put on, comfortable to wear and won't get stuck in your hair

Dragonfly Fairy Wings

Children's Halloween Fancy Party Accessory Angel Fairy Dragonfly Pixie Wings

Dragonfly Fairy Magic Wand

Great Pretenders Pink And Silver Princess Wand

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