9 Tips to Help you Prepare for Inclement Weather

9 Tips to Help you Prepare for Inclement Weather

Snowstorm. City park of Novosibirsk, Siberia. December 2006

When it comes to the winter and holiday season, it is very easy to lose track of what is going on. When bad weather is on the horizon, there are a few things that you can do to be prepared for anything.

1. Stock up on rock salt

Rock salt is absolutely awesome when the ice comes calling and it is a vital part of your winter weather gear. Grab it up when you see it on sale and keep your home stocked. It will be used eventually.

2. Lay out the extra blankets

Warmth is important and a strong source of that when the power goes out will be your blankets. Find the warmest ones you have and keep them at the ready.

3. Have candles and matches at the ready

Needless to say, lights will be at a premium if the power goes out. If you have candles and plenty of matches, you will have light when and where you need it. Also put a few lighters in safe, strategic places as well.

4. Stock up on plenty of food that is not dependent on electricity

This is huge if you happen to lose power for several hours or days. Some good foods include Pork and Beans, Beanie Weenies, fruit, nuts, pudding, tuna fish and potted meat. There are countless other options out there as well, so go shopping with that emergency situation in mind and put it away.

5. Stock up on water sources

You will need water and some folks lose that when the power goes out. Grab up some bottled water and plenty of jugs if you have the area to store them in. This will be invaluable when the cold weather strikes.

6. Keep a shovel and plenty of tools in the garage

Shovels are very important because you may have to clear an area. Tools in general become very important when the power goes out and the snow starts to fall. Things have a tendency to get broken.

7. Have a good de-icer for the car

Either a good scraper, good formula to melt the ice or both are necessary.

8. Keep flashlights and plenty of batteries

Again with that light thing. The batteries also might come in handy to power a radio or something.

9. Always have an emergency plan

Talk about this with your family and have a plan of action that everyone knows about. Every member of your family should know what to do and when no matter where they are. They should also know what everyone else will be doing. This ensures that you all stay safe.

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  1. ellen beck

    This I know anout 🙂 Keep a shovel, clay kitty litter, and an emergency kit in your vehicle. Also always keep over a half tank of gas- it prevents cpndensation and if you get stuck you can start the car to stay warm – but always make sure the exhaust is clear of snow if you start the car!
    Can you tell I live up North? ha!

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