8 Tips to Build Confidence
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8 Tips to Build Confidence

Being confident and feeling confident all of the time are not necessarily things that come easy for everyone. I know that I haven't always been a confident person or rather I have gone through times in my life when I haven't felt as confident that I do right now.  I struggle with confidence issues as I am certain that many people do.
I am always looking for ways to boost my confidence and I have put myself 100% in charge of boosting the confidence of my kids on a daily basis. I am confident that I am raising confident kids. Below are some of the things that my kids and I do to boost our confidence.

1. Smile and laugh. 

Do something every single day that makes you smile and/or laugh. Smiling breaks tension and eases stress. Did you know that the short term benefits of laughter include: stimulating organs in your body, stress relief and soothing tension. The long term benefits include: improving your immune system, pain relief, increase personal satisfaction and mood improvement.
With all of those health benefits, how could you not smile and laugh?

2. Think and act positive.

“Positive thinking means having the resourcefulness and ability to stay positive even in times of difficulty and crisis.” It doesn't even have to be in a difficult or during a crisis. You can think and act positive all of the time to boost your confidence.

3. Be kind and generous.

Being kind and generous doesn't mean that you have to spend lots of money. You can buy a cup of coffee for the car behind you at Starbucks or help someone by returning their cart at the grocery store. Practice kindness every day and be generous whenever you can.

4. Practice good hygiene, take pride in your appearance and stand tall.

Standing tall is something that helps you feel better about the body that you have as does grooming and dressing nicely. You would be surprised at the confidence you can feel by doing all three.

5. Practice gratitude and record what makes you thankful.

Years ago I started keeping a gratitude journal. It was a very trying time in our lives and I needed to remind myself that I had lots to be thankful for. I have my children carry on the same practice every year with our advent calendar. They write down something that they are thankful for and I put that along with a few pieces of chocolate into every day of our calendar. We read them each night after dinner and talk about what we are thankful for. My family loves this!

6. Feed your mind.

One of the things that boosts my confidence is when I feed my mind. I read the latest best selling business book or I might play around on the Lumosity app on my phone. I am sort of passively learning a foreign language so I listen to CD's in my car or study on the app on my iPad.

7. Let go of fear and trust your instincts.

See that cliff below? Every day in my business life I jump off of it by taking a chance on something new. That is the life of an entrepreneur and while it something that I am not always eager to do, I still force myself and trust my instincts. Letting go of fear is what I am proudest of every day when it comes to my business.

8. Take a chance.

This is the biggest thing that you can do to boost your confidence. Jump off of that cliff above or try a new flavor of coffee. A chance doesn't have to be huge or life changing. Taking a chance just means stepping out of your comfort zone. There is nothing wrong with changing your comfort zone every once in a while.

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24 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. Those are all awesome tips. I think trying to be positive in general can really go a long way and it definitely rubs off on others.

  2. I teach my kids confidence by talking to them and by leading by example. It is such an important life skill to learn.

  3. April

    I particularly love #5! I enjoy displaying my kids artwork and projects. I reward them when I catch them behaving well or going above and beyond. Confidence is soooo important!

  4. Christina

    I can’t thank you enough for this article. Teaching confidence is so important and I feel that it is not realized the major impact it has on a child’s life.

  5. What great tips for more confidence! My kids seems to have it in spades. It’s me that needs to work on it!

  6. Grooming is a big thing. It’s not just about being clean, but how you fix yourself up, too. If you don’t feel you are at your best that is going to come through in your confidence.

  7. I TRY to always think positive. IT seems to help when I do that!

  8. Those are great tips to build confidence. I hope my encouraging my kids helps them be more confident.

  9. Pam

    Dressing nice and standing tall definitely gives me a confidence boost. Nothing saps your confidence like slouching around!

  10. Love all of your tips especially “take a chance” which is a big thing we believe in. If we don’t take a chance then we could miss out on great learning opportunities! Thanks again for sharing!

  11. Kim

    Great tips. Building confidence is not always easy in our youth, it is important to let them know they deserve it.

  12. Very good tips – building confidence is so important. Makes a world of difference in a persons life.

  13. Veronica

    Great tips on confidence building. It is so important to have confidence in all aspects of life

  14. Smiling is such a wonderful thing to do, as you pointed out. A smile makes other people happy. These are excellent suggestions for building confidence.

  15. Really Great tips! I have actually been curious about Invisalign for a long time. I have a slight gap and I am still seeking options to close it…one day!

  16. For some reason Number Four works wonders for me. The rest do too but if I’m missing number four I feel really blah and down.

  17. Being confident and feeling confident is something that I have struggled with for the better part of my life. I certainly do try to work on it though, because I know how important it is!

  18. Amy

    Yes, grooming does build confidence! Wearing makeup does too!

  19. I love starting my day with a positive message. Sets me in the right mood to tackle the day!

  20. These are great ideas. Confidence is key! I kind of want Invisalign for myself! 😉

  21. I teach my kids that it’s important to be educated and looks will follow. Smart is pretty!

  22. Tracey

    I so wish this was around when I had braces! Love the message behind this post.

  23. Fantastic Tips. Great to have a positive attitude.

  24. Those are great tips, I have always lived my life in positive mode, bringing your children up that way as well reaps rewards when they become adults. The universe gives back positive results to you, I truly believe this.

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