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7 Foods You Need to Try in 2021

7 Foods You Need to Try in 2021 Dishes to eat in 20217 Foods You Need to Try in 2021

2020 was a rough year for everyone. I think that most people would confess that one of the things they miss the most is the ability to travel, go on adventures, and explore new cultures. Luckily, you can still get a taste of that freedom by eating new dishes. There are a lot of dishes that people shy away from because they seem unappealing or different to what they’re used to, and that scares people. But 2021 is the year to try new things! If you don’t like it, you don’t need to eat it again, as simple as that. But we’d recommend you at least give these a shot before you knock them. We hope that you love these 7 Dishes You Need to Try in 2021. 

7 Foods You Need to Try in 2021

Ribeye steak

You’re probably thinking that this list is supposed to be adventurous, and now we’re starting with something as simple as a steak. But, trust us, this isn’t your normal cut of steak. Many people find their ideal cut of steak early in their lives and stick to it, either because they really enjoy it or because they view all steaks as equal. But this is a steak like no other. With most steaks, you need to pick between flavor and tenderness – ribeye gives you both. You haven’t had steak until you’ve had whole ribeye


Most people would never think of ordering kimchi in a restaurant, because the main ingredient is usually cabbage, and very few people actually like cabbage. But kimchi is so much more than just cabbage. There are a lot of fermented vegetables that go into kimchi, but what really makes this dish pop is the flavor. So many spices and seasonings go into kimchi and it’s an explosion of flavor in your mouth. If you like spicy food, or food with unique, flavorful tastes, you should definitely give kimchi a shot. 


Sushi seems to elicit very extreme responses in people – either you love it or you hate it. But the funny thing is that most people who hate sushi haven’t actually tried it. We get why – raw fish doesn’t sound very appealing. But combine that raw fish with sushi rice and avocado, and roll all of that into a neat sushi roll, and you’ve got magic. Sushi is a very light, refreshing meal, although you can get more extravagant sushi platters at certain restaurants. If the traditional sushi roll doesn’t do it for you, you can always try a sushi salad instead.


Most people enjoy cheese . . . in moderation. Like on pizza, or in a pasta sauce. But give them a big pot of melted cheese and they’re likely to very politely decline. Yet, sometimes the simplest things in life can taste the best. Like bread and cheese. Bread and cheese make a pretty average combo on most days. But crispy pieces of bread, dunked in strong, melted cheese (often complemented with a splash of wine)? Now we’re getting to the good stuff. And hey, if that’s not your style, you can always go for the less traditional chocolate and fruit fondue. It still counts, right?


Ask most people if they’d ever eat snails, and they’ll respond with a very firm “no”. That being said, snails are actually a popular dish all across the world, not just in France. Some people even eat the snails from their garden! Luckily, we’re not saying you need to go that far (unless you want to, of course), but try ordering snails at a restaurant next time you can’t pick a starter. They’ll taste like whatever sauce they’re made in – usually garlicky and cheesy. Go on, be adventurous.


Most people will never willingly order a vegetarian dish, unless they are vegetarian. But our 7 Dishes You Need to Try in 2021 has to have a vegetarian option. And everyone should hop on the falafel train – meat eaters included! Falafels can be a great substitute for meatballs or patties, and they are quite filling, even without meat. This is because falafels are made out of either chickpeas or beans, both of which are high in protein. Plus, they taste great and there are so many options when it comes to eating them!


If you’re someone who likes having a few different levels to a single dish, you’re sure to love biryani. Think your Sunday lunch of meat and rice, but better. Biryani consists of rice, meat, and vegetables, and some people even add some eggs. You can add whatever you want, to be honest. What sets biryani aside from other meat and egg dishes is the spices used. These give a very unique flavor to biryani. It’s also a quick, filling dinner that can be whipped up at home with the help of a recipe.

We hope that you are inspired by these 7 Foods You Need to Try in 2021. Happy eating!

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