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6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Trip to Las Vegas


6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Trip to Las Vegas


Las Vegas is one of the world’s top tourist cities, and for good reason. From its sprawling resorts centered around incredible casinos to its stunning shows and unbeatable nightlife, there’s so much to offer on your Trip to Las Vegas.

Of course that doesn’t mean that every Vegas vacation will go off without a hitch. In fact, without plenty of planning and research, it’s easy to make a misstep.

With that in mind, here are some tips that will guarantee that a good time is had by all who attend your visit to Sin City.


6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Trip to Las Vegas


Choose the right hotel

Vegas is absolutely swimming in top notch hotels, and this in itself can be an issue because with so much choice, it’s easy to get dazzled and overlook what actually matters.


Most importantly, it’s important to match your accommodation to your budget; don’t go overboard with a pricey room and end up with no spending money.


One way of doing this is by looking for deals at underrated hotels on the Strip, which is the main thoroughfare you’ll have seen in movies and TV shows. That way, you can get the authentic Vegas experience, without paying through the nose.


Avoid peak hours at LAS airport if you can


Because of how busy it can get, choosing a flight that arrives at LAS airport outside of the peak periods is important.

This usually means opting for an afternoon arrival of between 12pm and 6pm, as outside of this window you’ll have to put up with lengthy queues, and potential delays once you have disembarked from your plane.


Gamble responsibly


Ok, so it might not be the most fun thing to consider, but if you’re planning to gamble during your trip to Vegas, you have to think of it as an expense, and budget accordingly.


This is the way to make sure you don’t get caught up in the excitement after a small win, and end up following it up with loss after loss, as is so often the case.


Responsible gambling is necessary even if you think that you have got a handle on your impulses. Only bet cash that you’re comfortable losing, because chances are that’s precisely how things will turn out.


Book show tickets beforehand


If you know that you want to catch a show while you’re in town, then advanced booking is advised. While some performances will have tickets available on the day, there’s no guarantee that the top acts won’t be sold out.


Furthermore, the sooner you book, the better the seats you’ll be able to secure. So you won’t have to squash up miles from the stage, but can watch your favorite pop star, magician or comedian up close.


Be aware of the weather


The interiors of every Las Vegas building may be icy cool thanks to aircon, but if you’re visiting in the summer months, the desert climate will be a real risk factor.


Chiefly, don’t expect to be able to walk from place to place, because even in the shade the temperatures can be unbearable. You’ll either need to find enclosed walkways which link many hotels, or jump in a cab, even for short journeys.


Check for free events and attractions


Not everything costs cash to enjoy when you’re in Las Vegas, and in fact if you simply wander through the public areas of the major resorts, you’ll find all sorts of attractions that you can enjoy free of charge.­


From aquariums and animal enclosures to art galleries and shopping malls, making the most of a Vegas getaway doesn’t have to break the bank.­­­

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